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Monday, 23 September 2013


Series 4 of Downton Abbey started last night and it certainly didn't disappoint. All of our favourite characters were still there .....

..... apart from poor old Matthew of course, who perished in that tragic car accident .....

and O'Brien has gone off to Africa to be ladies maid to the Marchioness of Flintshire.

The fourth series centres heavily on the loss of Matthew Crawley and in particular Lady Mary's mourning.

In this new series, we will be seeing quite a few new characters ..... here are just some of them .....

Lord Gillingham, played by Tom Cullen, is dashing and charming and, having had similar experiences with his own inheritance, he gives Lady Mary advice on the Downton Estate. He is a family friend and becomes Lady Mary's latest suitor ..... Matthew WHO ?!!

Charles Blake, played by Julian Ovenden, is a handsome aristocrat and another of Lady Mary's new suitors ..... can he mend her broken heart ..... if it were me, I'd be after Lord Gillingham !!!!

Lady Shackleton, played by Dame Harriet Walker, is the friend, confidante and sparring partner of the Dowager Countess of Grantham { Maggie Smith }

Uncle Harold is played by Paul Giamatti. Harold Levinson is the loose cannon playboy brother of Lady Cora. He will arrive in the Christmas episode ..... lock up your daughters ..... and your sisters ..... and the servants !!!!

Jack Ross, played by Gary Carr, is a suave jazz singer at the heart of The Roaring Twenties scene ..... comparable to Stephen Poliakoff's 'Dancing on the Edge'.

Nigel Harman plays Green the Valet ..... a charismatic visiting valet ..... will he side with Bates { Hurrah !! } or with Thomas { Boo !! }

..... and, Virginia Woolf { played by Christina Carty } will make a guest appearance ..... no doubt inspiration for Edith.

I'm already looking forward to episode 2 next Sunday.

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  1. Love love Downton, cannot wait to see series 4... intriguing new characters ;) xoxo

  2. Hello Jackie

    You lucky girl to have an advantage over us North Americans who must wait till January before viewing.

    Thanks for telling and showing us the new stars of the show


  3. Oh yay . . . another season.
    I am addicted.

  4. I can't wait to watch it! Thanks for the sneak preview!! xxoo

  5. Can you believe I haven't seen this show yet? Everyone raves about it. I guess it's time to check it out on Roku!

    Oh, BTW, I am hosting a contest giveaway on my blog this week for a Jan Showers interior design book - her latest to be published next month! Stop by and enter!


  6. I can't wait . . . although I loved watching the Season 1&2 in a weekend viewing. It certainly made for an exciting television weekend . . . I will temper myself for this next season and watch from week to week. Thank you for giving a bit of review of the new Downton cast.

  7. Jackie, I was so sad with last season's deaths I swore I would not watch it again, but it received so many Emmy nominations last night I know I should go back and see them all over again. Sounds like things will continue to be interesting. xx's

  8. I am completely hooked. Last night was such a treat to have them back. Looking forward to Sunday evenings.

  9. Hi Jackie,
    I watched with bated breath last night, waiting for the magnificent to happen. Unfortunately, for me, it didn't. Lady Mary got on my pip. Utterly predictable. Hope it warms up a bit. Sorry :-(
    It won't stop me watching though :-)

  10. Enjoy it darling....have a nice week love Ria...x !

  11. I LOVE Downton Abbey...and I just read something I didn't know, yet! lol I can't wait for the next series!! :) xx

  12. I can't wait Jackie...we recorded it last night...the advertisements really spoil it for we'll be watching tonight...I'm a huge fan...thank you for the new character introductions :)
    Have a great week!

  13. Oh, I loooooooooove it, dear Jackie, thank you so much for posting this! To have a cup of tea, some chocolate cake and enjoy that great movie!!!!!! Have a wonderful week full of autumn sun and great moments,

    hugs Jade

  14. I'd be fighting you for Lord Gillingham..

  15. Hi Jackie,

    I have to admit I already saw this post this morning :-) There is something about Downton Abbey that is hard to resist!

    Lucky lucky you the new series has already started in the UK. Unfortunately we can only watch BBC1 and BBC2 :-(

    Those new characters look, especially the men, look very attractive. If I were Mary I would go for lord Gillingham as well, although the other man has very sweet eyes :-)

    Happy week!

    Madelief x

  16. Thanks Jackie for the line up of the new characters coming into this new series. Looking forward to some excitement for lady Mary.

  17. Thanks for the preview. I have to wait until January 6, 2014 unfortunately.

  18. Oh such good tidbits here! I'm so looking forward to the new season! It's taken me all year to get over Matthew , , ,

  19. although for me it really started and finished with series 1, I still watch it ......but only ever on Sunday evenings...... try watching it on a different night at your peril it does not travel to midweek well!!!

  20. I've been hearing so much about this series lately! I looks like something I would enjoy. I have to find out when it's on here!:) Thanks so much for your visit today! It is a little different for me and will be doing more!

    (sorry I have to put the link but I can't seem to get my icon to link to my blog)

  21. When is it getting to Maine?? I started watching reruns on PBS. Sounds interesting.
    I am a BATES gal and I hope Mary gets the Lord.
    Wish the last series would play now on the re-run, Hello PBS, are ya listening??PBS


  22. Silly me I have never watched this show...I know I am missing out! Hugs to you my friend.

  23. Dear Jackie, I must be - probably - the only one on earth who does not watch Downton Abbey :(....
    It started some time ago in German television, just watched it a few minutes and......not really "my cup of tea"...don't know why. But loved "Eaton Place"....long time ago - last century :)
    However - your post - at least - encouraged me to give it another try!

  24. Hi Jackie, just catching up...I know Downton on again, woo hoo!! However I did miss Matthew..

    Hugs Jane x

  25. I can't wait ! I love Harriet Walker and Tom Cullen does not hurt my eyes lol
    How nice to be back in the US and be able to watch Downton Abbey on the television instead of the computer :)
    besos, C

  26. Thank you for the update! I cannot wait to see it in the States. My sunday nights are off limits when the series in on. I have tried watching other similar type series on BBC/ public TV, but nothing compare to tees characters, their acting and the cinematography.xo Francine

  27. Thanks for what is a sneak peek for me in the States! I'm looking forward to this season, even though I thought Season 1 was by far the best.

    Thanks, too, Jackie, for your wonderful comments on my Brighton posts! I've got more to share, so stay tuned. I was truly astounded by the Royal Pavilion. It's absolutely incredible. I had no idea how much I would love Brighton! I could easily live there. xo Gigi

  28. Hi!!

    I just found your beautiful and funny (having the Mr. wear that to the corner store LOL) blog and will be following you. I live in Vancouver, BC and love to be where you are, even though Vancouver is a gorgeous place to live, but, I love the history of the buildings in Great Britain!! My parents are from Scotland and I guess it just in my blood.

    After Sunday night, all I want to say is give me 5 minutes with Mr. G's valet...5 minutes!!

    Enjoy the rest of the week!!!


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