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Tuesday 27 February 2018


February is a funny old month ..... I've always liked it as it's my birthday month but most people don't like it at all. Christmas and New Year are long gone and Spring is still a long way off. 

We haven't done much lately .....

We had all of the trees cut in the garden ...... something we have done every February .....

Had Sunday lunch here last week ..... a lovely old fashioned pub that is packed to bursting for Sunday lunch giving a great atmosphere and they do a really good Sunday roast !!!

..... oh, and, I bought a new car !!! 

We are expecting the above over the next few days ..... that's our street when we last had heavy snow ..... time to hibernate for a while I think and do a few things around the house.


images 1 & 5: via me. image 2: via life death prizes, image 3: via the queens, image 4: via mini


Thursday 1 February 2018

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME !!! ..........

It's February 1st which means it's my birthday !!! Sixty seven years young ... way past my mid sixties which is a bit of a scary thought but, hey, time won't stand still so I'm embracing it ... trouble is, they seem to be coming round a bit too fast for my liking !!!

But, there are people to see, places to go and, I shall never be this young again !

What do I look like !!! I think that I was too long and lanky for a party dress and a silly bow in my hair !!!