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Wednesday 21 November 2012


OK, you're all locked in for Part One of our Roman holiday ............. yes, there will probably be a Part Two as I took quite a lot of photos !!!!

It has taken me a long while to sort out my photographs of Rome and, I was informed that I am currently using 100% of my 1GB quota for photographs, which meant that I couldn't load any photos !!!! After deleting some of my stored photos, I managed to upload this little lot.

I took this one of The Alps from my window seat in the plane  ............. it was about 7.00 a.m. in the morning and beautifully clear.

The Colosseum 

Piazza Navona

The ruins of Rome through the Arch of Constantine

That's me, covering up to visit The Vatican !!

Not particularly Italian but, a chandelier in a birdcage that deserved to be photographed I thought.

Ponte Sant'Angelo

The Vatican

Chariot on a dome of Altare della Patria

The church of Santa Maria in Aracoeli filled with crystal chandeliers

We even saw The Pope !!

More crystal chandeliers in the Church of Santa Maria

more ruins  ( ..... and there are more in Part Two !!!! )

..... more of The Vatican 

..... more of The Colosseum

Ooooooo ..... more ruins !! ( ..... alternatively in black and white !! )

The Trevi Fountain

..... and, finally .........a vista over Rome. 
Just think yourselves lucky that these were the only photos that I was allowed to upload !!!! ...... I now have to figure out what to do now. I know lots of you have had this photo problem, so what did you do ?!!!!! Do I have to bite the bullet and pay up ?
Answers in your comments would be appreciated.  


images ........ all mine !!


Tuesday 6 November 2012

BY INVITATION ..........

Our By Invitation subject this month is to highlight someones blog, be it a new blog, one that we have been following for a while or someone that we admire .....


I am in a bit of a dilemma ..... I really don't feel as if I could choose just one.

I love blogs about interiors .....

Music .....

Photography .....

Fashion .....

Books .....

 Cookery .....

Writing .....

 Travel .....

Humour ( of course !!)

Gardening .....

 ..... and even a touch of celebrity .....


..... they are all there on my sidebar so take your pick !!

Please go over to Marsha @ Splenderosa where you will find all of the other By Invitation links who have done this post properly !!!!! will find some really inspirational blogs that they have highlighted ......... I just can't do it ..... I don't want to leave anyone out !!

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