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Wednesday, 21 November 2012


OK, you're all locked in for Part One of our Roman holiday ............. yes, there will probably be a Part Two as I took quite a lot of photos !!!!

It has taken me a long while to sort out my photographs of Rome and, I was informed that I am currently using 100% of my 1GB quota for photographs, which meant that I couldn't load any photos !!!! After deleting some of my stored photos, I managed to upload this little lot.

I took this one of The Alps from my window seat in the plane  ............. it was about 7.00 a.m. in the morning and beautifully clear.

The Colosseum 

Piazza Navona

The ruins of Rome through the Arch of Constantine

That's me, covering up to visit The Vatican !!

Not particularly Italian but, a chandelier in a birdcage that deserved to be photographed I thought.

Ponte Sant'Angelo

The Vatican

Chariot on a dome of Altare della Patria

The church of Santa Maria in Aracoeli filled with crystal chandeliers

We even saw The Pope !!

More crystal chandeliers in the Church of Santa Maria

more ruins  ( ..... and there are more in Part Two !!!! )

..... more of The Vatican 

..... more of The Colosseum

Ooooooo ..... more ruins !! ( ..... alternatively in black and white !! )

The Trevi Fountain

..... and, finally .........a vista over Rome. 
Just think yourselves lucky that these were the only photos that I was allowed to upload !!!! ...... I now have to figure out what to do now. I know lots of you have had this photo problem, so what did you do ?!!!!! Do I have to bite the bullet and pay up ?
Answers in your comments would be appreciated.  


images ........ all mine !!



  1. It was worth going there just for the wonderful chandelier in a birdcage, and to bring me back an authentic panetonne. You did bring me back a panetonne, right?

  2. Loved your photographs Jac' fav is the last...what a vista. Hoping for the next installment xxx I guess you'll have to pay up :)

  3. To wake up to such beautiful dreamy photographs is a treat. You are very talented with the camera and you make me ache to jump on the plane and walk the streets of Rome.

  4. Gorgeous photos . . . Gorgeous visit . . . . Left me tingling and remembering my visit three years ago . . .
    I look forward to part two . . .I didn't see the pope . . .

  5. FABULOUS photos Jackie, I absolutely love Rome, it's my favourite Italian city.

    You got great shots of the Pope didn't you, wow?! I saw the last Pope but he was a tiny figure up on his balcony!

    Hope you had a great trip!! XX

  6. Beautiful photos! I can't even imagine how difficult it was to sort through and choose these few to share.

    So inspired by the images....can not wait to visit there.

  7. Benvenuta nella mia città
    Buon divertimento

  8. Spectacular photos Jackie! You better pay up...I we don't want to miss any of your wonderful pictures. My son Dan comes home for Thanksgiving today and I will be looking at photos from his trip too! makes me long for another trip to wonderful! Take care, Laura

  9. GLORIOUS! How beautiful, I felt like I was walking through Rome with you!

    Looking forward to Roman Holiday part two, where I half expect to see you on the back of a motor bike with Gregory Peck!

  10. Fabulous photographs, Jackie...I just ADORE this city ;-)

  11. Gorgeous photos, Jackie! Rome is such a fabulous city - I can't wait to go back there! Looking forward to your next installment!

  12. Wonderful photos of Rome, Jackie. A lovely place to be!!
    I was there 3 years ago..

  13. I've just come across your blog and what a find! I adore Rome, have stayed three times and I long to go back. I could happily live there. Thank you for bringing back some lovely memories with those georgous photographs, I can't wait to see Part 2, Janex

  14. Wow!!!! Wonderful photos, and you seem to have had a wonderful trip.

    Hope everything is just as it should be =).
    Miss u all a bit ;).

    Lots of love/

  15. Rome !! wowww...beautiful pictures!!!! from

  16. Hello Jackie

    You look perfectly dressed to meet the Holy Father. What an experience this must have been from flying over the Alps to seeing all the wonderful sights of Roma. I adore the shot of the colosseum with the light coming through the windows. The crystals in Santa Maria would lured one to linger

    Helen xx

  17. Beautiful! I must have been to a different Rome because my crappy photos don't look anything like yours. Envy.

  18. All those beautiful pics of Rome and I like the ones of you the most... Cool jewelry!
    I had the photo problem too... I went into google and deleted as much as I could many duplicates etc.
    I didn't understand what I was doing and how those double and triple pictures got in there but it cleared up some space for a little while but then if you go back into old posts the pics just have a question mark on them... So ???
    Not much help I'm afraid.

  19. I notice the Holy Mother and child sits at the LEFT hand side of the Holy Father! Nice pictures.

  20. Wonderful photos of a wonderful city.
    It looks like you had a fab time.
    Hope you have a lovely week,
    Liz x

  21. Thank you sooooo much, dear Jackie, for all the wonderful pictures of a wonderful must have been heavenly!!! Looooooooove that chandeliers ;)!!!! Have a great weekend,

    Hugs Jade

  22. amazing Roma... I think I love the trevi fountain best ;)

  23. Wonderful! The sight of those lovely architectures make me sigh. Would love to see the pope too, someday. :) Got my eye on your next posts.

  24. ooh how fabulous...... I loved Rome despite it marking the begining of the end for the relationship I was in.....need to go back and make it better!!

  25. What great shots Jackie ~ truly a trip I would love to take one day. I too had picture problems back in September and I tried to delete some stored photos but it did not do the trick! I bit the bullet and paid up ~ I think it is a little more than a cup of coffee a month (2.49 CAD) so I figured I could bankroll it ~ like an investment! Hope you pay up so we can see the rest of your photos. Have a great week-end. Hugs. xo

  26. Most fun I've had in quite a while. I love Rome more than anywhere I've been.

  27. the collaseum fountain photo is a delight
    a real delight

  28. Hi Jackie,

    I have just clicked through on your link from Tom's site, and am totally bowled over by the photographs. Fantastic. The view through the Arch of Constantine superb. Looking forward to Part 2. Jessica.

  29. Your photos look very professional. I am in the same boat with the free storage used up so I will need to pay now too. I don't think we have a choice. Your excellent photos need to be shared so please do consider it a good investment. I am hoping to go to Rome next year. Your post has sharpened that desire.

    A fun post would include what you wore on your trip. I love your style in the one photo.

  30. Hello Jackie, what stunning photographs, sorry darling you will have to pay the man we need to see more much more of 'em! They really are gorgeous, your're very talented Jackie, ha I know where that genius sonny of yours gets his artistic nature, ;))
    Woke up to your lovely comment this morning and straight into Rome.
    Cor! Those chandeliers are just magical. Anddd you saw the Pope trundling around in his little wagon, you must have been close in the crowd or you have a fantastically steady hand to take those with zoom? Bet your photos went more wobbly after with all that scumptious Italian wine!
    ;)) Love to you Jackie x

    Hugs Jane

  31. O Jackie what a nice pictures.
    I love Rome, it is a city of my heart.
    Hugs Gerda

  32. Ciao Jackie,
    Rome is so great and it is so overwhelming, love your pictures!!!
    Oh, sorry that you can'nt upload more pics... As I visit Rome in March with my mom, we didn't saw the Pope, but is bit of his "small" home!

  33. Ciao ciao Jackie, I'm soooo happy for your trip!!!! I adore Rome, it's magic! Your pictures are just perfect!
    Have a nice sunday my darling.
    P.S. me too, I love winter and his atmosphere!!!!

  34. Dear Jackie - Not sure whether you found the answer to your photo problem or not. I had the same thing happen to me. In case you are still wondering what to do it is necessary to reduce the pixel on your photos. This is very simply done as long as you reduce them to 800 pixels and below. Go into picmonkey a free site. Go into Edit a Photo you will then be asked to upload a photo from your computer - it will take you into basic edits. At the bottom of this is Resize - click on this and it will show your current photo size e.g. 2693 x 2725 change the higher figure to 800 or less and you can then use the photo on your blog without paying. Photos under 800 are free for as many photos as you want to upload, and the quality is not reduced on your blog. Ask me if you need more help. I have been doing this for nearly a year, and have had not problem with running out of space.

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