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Monday 28 September 2009

REFLECTIONS ...............

I think that, being a blogger, we should all be allowed a little bit of poetic licence and, as this post is all about mirrors, this first picture doesn't really fit in, but it IS the most brilliant photograph and I wanted to use it .................BUT, water reflects, doesn't it , so I'm letting it in !!!! I think that I must have at least one mirror in every room in my house, and it's not all about vanity, although I have been known to glance in them as I pass !!!! They are great for making rooms look bigger, but I just like them as they can be really pretty and a lovely addition to any room.

Isn't this a lovely little bathroom, but, that's not what we're talking about, is it ? I think that it's only lovely because of the mirrors. Take them away and it wouldn't look so good, would it ?

Now, you obviously couldn't live like this but there are a lovely selection of mirrors to choose from here. Which one would you choose out of this little lot ?

I don't normally choose photographs with people in them, but isn't this pretty ? I love the finish of the walls and the two little mirrored candle sconces.

Doesn't the mirror look good in this one, just propped up against the don't even have to get the drill out !!!!....and look at those dear little shoes on the table. Not too sure about the light fitting but, it actually seems to go.

Oh, what a gorgeous room. Another propped up mirror and, I love the empty frame, leaning against it....and what a great rocking horse and the lantern just fits in beautifully.

Here's another wonderful one. This room would be just as lovely without the Venetian mirror but, it just gives it some drama.

I just love the use of the over mantle as a, stop it, you lot...I can hear those naughty minds working !!!!

All this is, is an old mirrored cupboard, a few old bits and pieces on top of it and you've got something beautiful and at minimal cost............ Brilliant.

We probably all put pictures up the stairs but maybe not a collection of mirrors, but it works so well.

I really like this room as it's full of surprises and yet it remains very serene ..... look at those massive shells in the fireplace. Would you have done that ? I certainly wouldn't have thought of it , but it really is a focal point, and a nice one !!.......... and that beautiful pale, pale green works so well.

This photograph by Michael Eastman is showing us mirrors in an opulent setting which, forgive me if I'm wrong, but I don't think many of us live in a place like this !!!! If you do, could you email me...I'm due a holiday and could come and stay !!!!

You're spoilt for choice here. There are round ones, square ones, oval ones, ones with carving, etched ones, wooden ones ....I'll take one of each. !!!!

I have had this picture for ages, before I even started blogging and I think that it comes from a Scandanavian blog. I apologise for not crediting it, but if someone is reading this post and it belongs to them, please let me know. I had to show it as it is so beautiful and, as the Scandanavians do so well, it shows us what can be done with a few things that we have around our homes.

................... and finally, the mother of all things mirrored .....the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles.

I'll leave you with this wonderful photograph of opulence and indulgence and remember....mirrors aren't just for looking in.


Thursday 24 September 2009

THE SUN INN....Lunch at the Pub..........

I thought that another trip to an English pub was called for, so we are all going for a drink and a bite to eat at The Sun Inn......... a 16th Century pub in a village , 10 minutes from where I live.
A gloriously restored traditional white brick building, The Sun Inn is set on a picturesque village green, overlooking the magnificent Victorian Church of St. Thomas a Becket.
The Sun Inn, oozes charm and character, serving high quality regional British food and drink.
My husband and I used to go to this pub when we were in our 20's, many years ago !!!! It didn't look like this then !! It was one small bar and the only food were crisps (chips) and a dried up sandwich !!!!

The detail throughout is evident , from the vintage water jugs to the Sheffield steel cutlery and crates of fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables.

There is an assortment of fresh breads on the vintage sideboard.

A magnificent bay tree and antique pub mirror.

There are always fresh flowers, everywhere, throughout the pub and a lovely view of the church and village green from many of the windows.

More fresh flowers and original features to make your experience enjoyable.

This was my lobster I had on one of my visits to the pub and the fries are cooked in beef dripping and, I have to say, are the best chips (fries) I've ever had....on a par with French chips, cooked in goose/duck fat. See the old water jug ?

An original fireplace on which there are always fresh flowers in old jugs, books on local history, guide books and cookery books propped up everywhere for anyone to browse through while sipping a glass of wine or beer.

This is the table that we sat at last night. See the crate of apples. I think that the crates of fruit and vegetables are a unique touch that I haven't seen before.

Here's a lovely view through to the front of the pub.

Another crate, this time full of beetroot, parsnips, broccoli and potatoes. The chef comes out regularly to take the vegetables to cook with.

A view of the church from one of the dining tables.

The village green.

Another view in the main bar.

This was my main course on another visit....I do go to this pub VERY often !!!!
This was Cromer crab with pea was divine and isn't it pretty ?!!

More veggies !!!.......
On the back of each menu, there is a food map, showing the local farms and producers where the food has been sourced.From rare breed pigs to duck and geese. the ever evolving menu is governed by the seasons.

Diners have a choice of two superbly renovated dining rooms, both with antique mismatched wooden tables and chairs set on solid stone and bare wood floors, all amid dark and light green hues and exposed brickwork.

Carrots !!!!......don't they look great ?

I thought that this arrangement of raspberries, freesias and mint, was beautiful.

........... another old jug of flowers.........

The friends daughter got married here and, inside, it is one of the most beautiful churches and very atmospheric...... a beautiful church to be married in.

.......... please allow me to introduce you to Smudge, the pub owners dog........he is the sweetest dog and everyone wants to take him home....... the trouble is, this pub is always packed to the rafters and nearly everyone has a meal and Smudge gets so many tidbits given to him that he is getting dangerously fat, so the owner is forever telling her customers not to feed him !!!! I don't think that Smudge is very happy about this !! See how sad he looks.......

...... another part of one of the dining rooms .....

...... a lovely Victorian jug and bowl, one of my weaknesses when I'm at flea markets .....

........ a nice bit if 16th century exposed brickwork, books and a lovely '20's mirror.....

Well, that concludes your tour of The Sun Inn....I hope that you enjoyed a little look at a typical old British pub. They all have their own character and, I think that pubs are one of our really lovely traditions.

Monday 21 September 2009


This is the tale of a beautiful castle, with lovely interiors !! and a princess who lived there.Gather round, everybody and I will tell you a tale of a Princess.Are you all sitting comfortably ? Then I'll begin.
Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess. Last night, she had been out to a 'right old shindig' !!!!!!.

She had hung up her dress and had fallen into bed at a very late hour.

It was late when she awoke and she jumped out of bed. There were many chores to be done. She may be a princess, but in this day and age, one had to pull ones weight !!

She lingered a while at the open window and breathed in the wonderful fresh air. Then. she remembered. She had left one of her glass slippers at the rave !!!!!

This made her cross, as now she would have to go and get it, as they had been a present from her father, the King, and he would never forgive her, as they had cost a princely sum.
Louboutin didn't come cheap and the Royal Purse was suffering a bit because of the recession !!!!

She remembered now. She had lost it on the stairs as she ran for the taxi.

If she didn't find it she would turn into a white pumpkin and that would never do. Not much call for white pumpkins, nowadays, except for Halloween decorations and they were usually orange !!!!

She ran into the bathroom........

......... splashed her face with rose petal water........

..........finished her chores..........

............. locked her bedroom door........

................ hitched up her skirts...........

............ and ran down the castle staircase .......

She had a quick princess-like breakfast (never go without breakfast, even though you've lost a glass slipper !!!!)

She then ran through the kitchen.......

............... skirted round the dining room .........

............ along by the daybed in the sitting room ( no time for a read or a golden pear today).........

.................. through the lounge..........

....... passed the dress that was being made for her (Oh, how pretty she was going to look in that wonderful creation. Who cared about The Royal Purse.( Live now, pay later was her motto!! ) ......

............. through the Salon, where everyone was discussing the events of the night before, and what they might have got up to but couldn't remember !!!! ..........

She ran through the courtyard................

............... passed the washing line, full of the courts wonderful clothing ..........

.............. passed the pond where that frog turned into a prince, last summer.........

................. tip toed through the looking glass meadow , and there, on the wall,.......

was her slipper, looking like an abandoned can of lager....... no Fairy Godmother, no crystal coach and, more importantly, no handsome prince., and they all lived unhappily ever after !!!!