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Thursday 7 April 2011


I am a shivering wreck.........the doctors are trying their hardest to get me back to something near to the woman that I once was !! I shall probably never be quite the same again and, they say that I shall probably never play the violin again......even though I couldn't play it before the computer trauma that I have been through !! haha.
Joking aside, I apologise for not visiting anyone for nearly a month. My computer threw a wobbly and I couldn't do anything and then, Blogger wouldn't let me load still isn't right now, but I did manage to load one photo.
Hopefully, I am nearly back on track and, with some R&R, I should be able to come off of the tablets within a year or two !! Hehe

PS..... the straight jacket comes off tomorrow. The nurse typed this for me !!

image - via squatlo-rant