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Saturday 30 May 2020

BACK to BACK ..........

We have had the most amazing weather for practically all of lockdown. Because of this, I wasn't going to stay in and clean, decorate or clear out my wardrobes ..... far better to be outside and tend to our garden .....

I think it was in the first week that I did my back in !!! Lower back pain that I often get when I do the first big tidy up of the garden in early Spring. I obviously use muscles that have been neglected over the Winter !

It was pretty painful so I thought my nice hot water bottle with the chunky knit cover would be very beneficial. I did place said water bottle down my knickers to get the maximum benefit of heat to the root of the problem !!!  After a couple of days of laying on the sofa with hot water bottle down my knickers, I needed to scratch my back and, when doing so, took bits of skin with it đŸ˜± ..... yes, burnt my back !

After a couple of weeks, my back gradually improved but, I'm not sure if it was doing Joe Wicks exercises for Seniors,  scraping the moss off of the drive or doing too much too soon but, I got sciatica !!!  I have only had sciatica once about forty years ago and remember it being painful but this was relentless. I flatter myself that I am very good with pain which, thank goodness, I very rarely get, but sciatica is horrible .... it's like the worse toothache but in the length of your leg. No painkillers touch it and you just want to chop your leg off ! I endured ten days of it and then, it suddenly got better.... ish. Just a dull ache in the morning now. 
Sorry, other peoples pain can be pretty boring can't it, and there are others far worse off.

I will leave you with a photograph of the rose growing over our side gate, a much cheerier subject. It's David Austin Mortimer Sackler. Roses have been amazing this year. 

image 1; via pinterest, image 2: via not on the high street, image 3: via 50 shades of lust, image 4: via me


Thursday 7 May 2020


Happy Birthday Harriet ..... one today !!!