Tuesday, 22 September 2020

EVEN STEVENS ..........

Having done a few posts about my Dad, I thought I should even the score with one about my Mum.      
Here she is in her ATS uniform. She learnt to drive in the ATS and drove before my Dad did and she knew much about the maintenance of a car too. 

During the war, my Mum and Dad wrote to each other everyday, sometimes twice. We have all the letters. The above photograph shows only about a months worth !!!! I have read some but it feels like a bit of an intrusion so I don't like to read them really although, there is a lot of social history amongst them which is interesting.

A photograph of my Dad in one of the bands he was in ! 
This is as much a test of using the new Blogger rather than a history of my Mum. I  found out today when doing a new post that I am now 
forced to use it !!! So far, I am working it out, apart from aligning the script !!! Any help with that will be gratefully received ! Haven't worked out how to preview either ..... when I click on Preview, it just goes to a picture of my header and nothing moves ..... I guess it will all become clear in time ! { can't seem to add labels either ! }
I also seem to have lost my JACKIE at the bottom of the page !  
In the meantime, until I find it again, please accept my trademark four kisses.




Saturday, 5 September 2020


This is my Dad's christening gown. He was born in 1917 so would have been 103, July just gone, but he died when he was 91.

I did think that this was a photograph of him at his christening but, it is a different dress. I remember being told that my grandmother entered him in a baby competition and I think this must be a photograph of him at said competition .... apparently he had chicken pox but they still entered him and he won !!! 

Here he is in RAF Summer/hot country gear ..... he went to South Africa, Iran/Iraq and Egypt among other places. He didn't talk about the war very much, like so many others.

I've been sorting out a pine chest and found my Dads flying instructions !!! ..... written on a tiny piece of paper !


all photographs via me


Monday, 10 August 2020

DISTRESSED ..........

I've been tarting up our bedrooms  .....

This is an original Victorian built in cupboard in one of our spare bedrooms. Back in the eighties, we stripped it and there it stayed but, as something to do in this pandemic, I decided to paint it and distress it ..... the door is a bit warped but that adds to it's charm { that's my excuse ! } One can hide a multitude of sins if you adopt the distressed look 😃

I do like that distressed look ..... I know some of you will think I'm mad but I really like that old, weathered look .....

..... I distressed the fireplace as well ..... Apollo watches over it !

I'll show you the other bedrooms soon ..... they really all could do with being painted again but this will do for the time being !
Also, I bought all new bedding for all of our four bedrooms ..... duvets, mattress and pillow protectors, and new pillows ..... it's something that never enters my head to buy ..... so, now its all nice and new for when people stay ..... how often do you buy new bedding ?

Has this situation that we all find ourselves in motivated you ?


all images via me


Sunday, 26 July 2020

LOOK AT THE SIZE OF MY ANNABELLE'S !!! { ooer missus !!! } ..........

I don't mean to brag but .....

Look at the size of my Hydrangea Aborescens Annabelle .....

..... and, Hydrangea Aborescens Sweet Annabelle .

and all without surgery ! 


all photographs via me


Friday, 17 July 2020

A GOOD HAIR DAY ..........

At last .....

..... highlights done .....

..... cut done .....

& all to conversation on various subjects  ..... sport, animals, music, BLM, food, films, Tiger King ..... not a titter about Covid-19 !!!


images via me


Sunday, 12 July 2020

NATURE STUDY ..........

OK, well, this was going to be a post done on the new Blogger ! I went into the new Blogger & realised that you click on the red circle with a cross for a new post ..... all good so far. The page loaded and all there was was the first line. .... TITLE .......... publish etc. Nothing to click on to make a post. I've googled it but ..... nothing ! There was a tutorial on YouTube so I know what I should be seeing ! Anyone out there know why I've got nothing ? Would be very grateful for advice. I just knew this would happen to me !!! Maybe my time in Blogland is up !!!

ANYWAY .....

Look what was having lunch in our garden .....

..... a beautiful, golden beetle gobbling up our flowers ! 

After seeing the above, I was going to rush out and collect hundreds and make my fortune but I think mine is a different species !

Nevermind, we will have to make our fortune some other way !
Isn't he pretty ?



Monday, 6 July 2020


I cleaned our bedroom today ..... not just a flick round with a duster but, pulling the bed and chest of drawers out and sweeping enough dust up to fill a small cushion !!! .....

..... and, washing everything including the floor and skirting boards and, I touched up the wardrobes. New bedlinen went on the bed and, I have also started to clear out my wardrobe although, I'm not very good at getting rid of clothes. I think that I emotionally hang on to things ..... I need to learn how to be ruthless.

I'm sorry but I haven't much to tell at the moment, much like everyone else. You probably don't want to hear about my cleaning activities ..... it bores me so it is probably boring you. Things are on the up though ..... hairdressers in just over a week and I'm taking my car in on Wednesday for oil change, brake fluid and new filter ... woo hoo ...... life just gets better and better !! ..... I'll take photographs ..... I bet you can't wait ?!!


images via me.