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Wednesday 26 June 2024

STUFF !!! ...........

BT shut me out of my emails a few weeks ago ....... I have been with BT for 50 years and have always had broadband and email with them. I rang them { and, surprisingly enough was first in the queue }. A very nice lady apologised and sorted it out. Then, it happened the next day, then the next and then the next ! Finally that was sorted. While I was onto her I said that I felt it was time to get rid of the landline. Then, looking at my bill, I was paying £25 a month for TNT Sports which we never use as all of the Sport is on our Sky Glass. She got rid of that. She then said that they have amalgamated with EE and would I like to have my mobile with them  .....I informed her that I was already with EE ..... she then proceeded to get my EE mobile bill down. Then I was told that BT will eventually only deal with businesses so I should go with EE for my Broadband and have their new ' all singing, all dancing ' new fibre broadband. OK, I said..........

A lovey Outreach man came and set it all up with my old BT broadband router and then, they sent me the above ! I connected it all up but they hadn't sent me a booster to put at the back of the house so, after yet another phone call, they sent me one. Throughout all of this process I must have been on the phone for over fifteen hours ! Nobody gave me an account number { as I am now with EE } or how I would pay so more hours on the phone. I received the booster and thought I just plugged it in like I did with the BT one ....... no, it all has to be paired. I like to think, for an old person, I'm not too bad with technology but, nobody tells you anything ! That was sorted but it kept dropping out { which NEVER happened with BT ! } More phone calls later it is all working { fingers crossed }. They also said it would be super fast ..... I have never had any problems with speed and this doesn't seem any faster ! Here's hoping I don't have to go through that again and waste nearly a whole day of my life on the phone ! 

On a lighter note, our son took our granddaughter to see Taylor Swift on the last night at Wembley. I don't know many Taylor Swift songs but, seeing some of the clips, the show looked amazing ...... I would have liked to have gone ..... I won't tell you how much our son paid for the tickets !!!!!!

One more thing ..... as some of you know, our son works in the music business ..... I think he was musical in the womb ! He likes all sorts of music from Classical to heavy metal. They all came to us on Fathers Day but he left around 5.00 pm as he was going to a gig in Islington with friends. Do you know who he went to see ? A Heavy Metal Band called ..... wait for it  .....

' Dying Fetus ' 




Saturday 13 April 2024


They say that bad things come in threes .....

First I found a dead one of these little creatures floating in our water butt ..... we seem to have loads more squirrels in the past few years ...... have you seen more ?

Then I decided to plant this clematis that I had just bought when, getting it gently out of the pot, I broke the prolific, growing stem off !!! .....

..... and then, to cap it all, we now need a new boiler 😱. When we had the new kitchen done, I asked the builder if we should have a new boiler as that would be a good time to do it. " No " he said. A year on, the boiler has had it and it's all a bit of an upheaval in our lovely new kitchen. All will be well though as it's only wood and a bit of paint to make it all good again. There goes a few more thousand out of the pot !!!
I don't think I will be putting a bet on the Grand National !!!  



Thursday 1 February 2024

73 TODAY 😱😱😱 ..........

Good Grief ..... how did I get this old ? 
73 is pretty old isn't it ? Actually, it's very old !
I know everyone says it but I am still about thirty inside !
Anyway, it is far better than the alternative 

I am going to get down with the kids and watch Saltburn ..... have any of you seen it ? I've seen so many clips that I feel as if I've watched it !

Anyway, Happy Birthday to me and I hope to see you here on my 74th { with a few posts in between }  !!!




Sunday 31 December 2023

WELCOME 2024 ..........


Wishing you all a wonderful year ahead. 



Thursday 21 December 2023

DECK THE HALLS ..........

Christmas decorations are completed. I have gone for a smaller tree this year ..... I have been doing the same thing for about 40 years so wanted something a bit different. I have also gone a bit minimalist and just have lights and candles on the tree ! A bit Scandi.  I might even go smaller next year ! 
Is this what we do, the older we get ? 

See the candles in the candle holders ? They are LED ! They were £28 for ten candles and you got 20 batteries as well { unfortunately, not Duracell Tom !!! } I mean, how good was that ? Plus, they came with a remote. You can have them constant or flickering, bright or not so bright and you can have them on a timer ..... all for twenty eight quid AND, I ordered them on the 17th of December thinking they probably wouldn't come before Christmas and they arrived on the 19th ! I was most impressed. Knowing my luck they will probably stop working tomorrow 🤣😂🤣 I have to say that I have always been a purist when it comes to trees and candles and love the real thing but, with grandchildren running around, real lit candles are a bit of a danger and these LED ones are pretty realistic and you can leave them and know you are not going to burn the house down ! 



Sunday 5 November 2023

HEY ..... I'M BACK ..........

Hi, I've been very absent haven't I ? My life has taken a bit of a turn as, after my husbands chest infection, he has deteriorated. I have to look after him and am a full time carer. I haven't been out since February so I'm having a bit of a time of it to put it mildly. I like to think that I am a very capable person and can cope with most things but, living with someone with dementia is very difficult. I am not going to go on about it and, we all have things to cope with but I just thought I would tell you what has been going on. I've been dealing with this for ten years now so it did start to take its toll a bit. I have been waiting for Social Services to sort out a Day Centre so that I can get out but I've been waiting six months for that and they are now telling me there are staff shortages ! They keep promising it will be soon but nothing comes of it. I wish they would just say there's a long waiting list so that I know where I stand. 
Anyway, enough of the doom and gloom, have you listened to the latest and last ever Beatles offering ? It has taken me back to my teenage years when my friends and I would record any new Beatles song on a reel to reel tape recorder and just keep rewinding it to learn all the lyrics !!! I think I know pretty much every lyric that they wrote ! 
I have listened to so much music and watched so many films and series over the last few months as I am stuck indoors. At least I am lucky that, in these days of modern technology, there is so much to entertain me but, as human beings, we are social animals and need our contact with our friends so I am hoping that Social Services will get their finger out and give me some help soon !!!!!
Here's hoping you all haven't deserted me and will leave me a comment for my mental health 🤣🤣🤣
I am still reading your blogs and will get back to commenting on a more regular basis soon.

Lots of love,



Wednesday 8 February 2023

KITCHEN CHAOS ..........

I think we are on the last lap...... or the penultimate last lap { I mustn't tempt fate or speak too soon ! } The kitchen guys are here. They will put most of it in then we have to wait ten days for the worktop and, the factory put the hole in the extractor hood in the wrong place so we will have to wait for that. I shall have to use bottled water and the microwave until then ! It's not really a problem and, another couple of weeks won't hurt. 
Sorry I've been AWOL commenting but, my husband is in hospital. He has a chest infection which resulted in psychosis, delusion and confusion which can take quite a while to recover from so life has taken a bit of a turn.