Tuesday, 1 January 2019

HAPPY, HAPPY 2019 ..........


We went to a wonderful NYE party last night ..... I was very restrained and only had a couple of glasses of Champagne so, even though we got in at 4.00 am, I feel fine this morning 
At the party were celebs, a brilliant magician, singers and a pianist who played all night.

You might remember the above from last years party ..... for those who don't, there was a caricaturist who did the above of my husband and I  ..... well, this year, Sassy Steve's Silhouettes was there and did .....

..... this of us this year ..... so good and much more flattering than last year !!! ha ha.

Wishing all of my readers the most wonderful, happy and healthy 2019 . Blogging has lost it's popularity over the last few years but, it is still my favourite social media site so, many, many thanks for all of your support and here's to continuing it in the year to come.


image 3: via soulstratum


Monday, 24 December 2018

GOD BLESS US, EVERYONE !!! ..........

 I think Father Christmas has left the North Pole !!!

To all of my blog readers, thank you so much for being there  

Enjoy the magic of Christmas.



Friday, 30 November 2018


We had to go up to The City yesterday to do some ' financey ' things and got blown all the way up Bishopsgate and into the Eastcheap offices of our financial advisor.

Even though Storm Diana was knocking me sideways, I still managed a few photographs, even though they are a bit wonky ! I am always taken with the massive new modern buildings which seem to be getting higher and higher, and the way the old buildings nestle against the new ..... 

..... I love this little church ... I think this is the one that got damaged by an IRA bomb, along with many other buildings, in 1993 ..... with The Gherkin towering above it.

Part of St Botolph's, also damaged in 1993 ..... with a new building next to it.

The Monument to The Great Fire of London 1666 .....

Look at the size of this one ....... when you look up at it, you nearly fall over .... well, I do !!!

We had a wonderful lunch in Giorgio, Ristorante Italiano in Leadenhall Market ..... I love Leadenhall Market and it looked even lovelier, dressed up for Christmas  ..... Christmas starts here.

Are you starting your Christmas preparations yet ?


All photographs via me


Tuesday, 27 November 2018

SOUP ANYONE ?!!! ..........

Every couple of weeks, I take a 90 year old lady shopping at the supermarket. She is as bright as a button but has arthritis, so moving is a bit of a problem so I rush around the supermarket and bring her shopping to the trolley.
On one of the shelves was this ... 

... fancy a bowl ? 


image 1: via fashionista, image 2: via me, image 3: via design scene


Sunday, 18 November 2018


I had an email from my blogging friend Elizabeth over at The Vintage Contessa telling me that she couldn't comment on my blog !!!

Although things aren't what they were in the blogging world { I used to get 100 comments in the old days but many have left blogging and gone on to other social media sites } but I did think that four comments was a bit low on my last couple of posts !!!!

I even started to think that I might give up my blog .....

..... atychiphobia was starting to set in !!!

I have checked everything on Blogger and all is as it should be, so I think it's Blogger's fault. 
There have been times that I haven't been able to comment and, when that happens to me, I either sign into Blogger again or I look for the blog that I want to comment on on Firefox, as it's usually with Safari that I have the problem. Firefox always seems to be fine. 

One of the nicest parts about blogging and the main reason that I blog and prefer it to any of the other social media sites, is the fact that we interact with such lovely people and can have a ' chat ' ... it is the modern way of having penfriends from all over the world ..... I like to think of my blogging commenter's as friends and it's always a little bit disappointing when we don't get any comments ..... I really have missed you guys over the last few posts but I'm pleased that it's only Blogger and not the fact that you have gone off  of me !!!
I've also noticed that it says  UNFOLLOW under my followers and not FOLLOW and I'm not sure how to fix that either !! 
Anyone who knows how to fix any of these problems, please let me know ... 
Perhaps anyone who reads this could just comment so I know that you can ... by the way, this isn't a way of getting lots of comments !!! haha !!!

LOOK ..... even Shakespeare likes my blog !!!

 Shame that he can't comment !!!


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Tuesday, 13 November 2018

HUGO ..........

Have any of you seen the film HUGO ? It was made in 2011 so it's not new, won Academy Awards and Baftas  and I'm obviously late to the party but I loved it ..... an historical adventure drama film directed and produced by Martin Scorsese. I won't go into a long review but it involves Georges Mélies'  A Trip To The Moon and a boy who lives and winds the clocks at Paris train station.

It is a charming film and the music is great as well.


video via youtube, image via google


Sunday, 11 November 2018

1918 - 2018 ..........

 video from YouTube