Monday, 29 June 2020


🎶 For we know it's right, it's in black & white, 
And it's all written down in his diary 🎶

Benny Hill

Some things haven"t changed much since 1664 !



Friday, 12 June 2020

AFTER the RAIN ..........

As much as I've loved the beautiful weather we've been having, it has been good to get some rain over the past few days, especially for us gardeners.

 ..... flowers look even prettier covered in raindrops ..... the above rose is St Swithuns ..... I bought it years ago as my husbands birthday is on St Swithuns day and it is the most beautiful rose ..... this year it has been at it's best ..... sometimes that means a plant is going to give up the ghost, let's hope not !

This is Penny Lane

Can't remember the name of the clematis off the top of my head .....

This rose is Desdemona ...... it has the most wonderful perfume .....

A question :
When you write your posts, do you prepare ? ..... I don't { as you may well have noticed !!! }  I just ramble on as if I'm talking ! 

During lockdown, I haven't been able to do much because of my back but, now its on the mend, I'm all over it. I cleaned out all of the bathroom cupboards yesterday ..... threw all of my make up and bottles of shampoo etc with hardly anything in them away ..... so liberating. I'm going to do the kitchen drawers today ..... who is this new Jackie I ask myself ?


images 1 - 8: via me, image 9: via pinterest


Saturday, 30 May 2020

BACK to BACK ..........

We have had the most amazing weather for practically all of lockdown. Because of this, I wasn't going to stay in and clean, decorate or clear out my wardrobes ..... far better to be outside and tend to our garden .....

I think it was in the first week that I did my back in !!! Lower back pain that I often get when I do the first big tidy up of the garden in early Spring. I obviously use muscles that have been neglected over the Winter !

It was pretty painful so I thought my nice hot water bottle with the chunky knit cover would be very beneficial. I did place said water bottle down my knickers to get the maximum benefit of heat to the root of the problem !!!  After a couple of days of laying on the sofa with hot water bottle down my knickers, I needed to scratch my back and, when doing so, took bits of skin with it 😱 ..... yes, burnt my back !

After a couple of weeks, my back gradually improved but, I'm not sure if it was doing Joe Wicks exercises for Seniors,  scraping the moss off of the drive or doing too much too soon but, I got sciatica !!!  I have only had sciatica once about forty years ago and remember it being painful but this was relentless. I flatter myself that I am very good with pain which, thank goodness, I very rarely get, but sciatica is horrible .... it's like the worse toothache but in the length of your leg. No painkillers touch it and you just want to chop your leg off ! I endured ten days of it and then, it suddenly got better.... ish. Just a dull ache in the morning now. 
Sorry, other peoples pain can be pretty boring can't it, and there are others far worse off.

I will leave you with a photograph of the rose growing over our side gate, a much cheerier subject. It's David Austin Mortimer Sackler. Roses have been amazing this year. 

image 1; via pinterest, image 2: via not on the high street, image 3: via 50 shades of lust, image 4: via me


Thursday, 7 May 2020


Happy Birthday Harriet ..... one today !!!



Tuesday, 31 March 2020

HOME ..........

The title of my blog is rather apt at the moment as we are all stuck in our homes. Here are a few images from around my home ..........

I'm going to make the above tonight for our dinner ..... salmon fillet, potatoes, capers and I'm adding broccoli and cauliflower ..... and some sort of dressing. It's called Salmon Hash !!!

images 1-4: via me, image 5: via pinterest


Friday, 21 February 2020

A DAY in the LIFE ..........

Some of my lovely blogging friends write posts about their day and have said how they like to hear about other people's days.  I've never written about a typical day in my life, unless I have been somewhere interesting, as I felt like my days are quite ordinary a lot of the time { as it is for most of us } but, thinking about it, I rather like reading about a typical day in your lives so, here goes ..........
This was a couple of days ago ..........

Got up !!!!!

Dressed in these biker boots, leggings, khaki top and black jacket and my 'as always' silver jewellery .....

Got in my mini { John Cooper Works model ! } and drove to the shops .....

There is a family friend of 93 that I visit regularly who hasn't been well ..... she's had that cough that goes on for weeks ! So, I did her shopping, made a tad more complicated as she has to have everything gluten free ! One thing on her shopping list was a large bag of songbird bird seed ..... it weighed 14 kgs ..... I nearly broke my back lugging it from shelf to trolly, trolly to conveyer belt, conveyer belt to trolly, trolly to car, from car to house and through her house !!! I know thats not me in the image but I like to think I look like that 😂 .....

Made prawn salad for her which she  had, accompanied with half a bottle of Rosé !!! ..... she then asked if I could feed the birds, feed the fish in the pond, put the food away and take her washing upstairs ! That done, I drove home through lousy weather ..... saw so many trees that had fallen over !

Got home around 7.00 pm and made salmon with quinoa, long grain rice. black rice, edamame beans, black barley and red pepper, tenderstem broccoli and sweet stemmed cauliflower ..... have you had sweet stemmed cauliflower ? It's my favourite veg at the moment. 

I think that some might say that I have slightly overcooked the salmon as they say when you see those white bits its overcooked but, it wasn't ..... so there !!!

Well, there you are ..... nothing very exciting ..... probably the sort of stuff that we all do. Obviously I don't do this everyday ...... I do do other things !!! 

PS: I seem to have lost spellcheck on Blogger it just me ? 

PPS : Just to make it clear, only my 93 year old family friend drank the Rosé ..... I was driving.


image 1: via pinterest, image 4: via google, all other images via me


Saturday, 1 February 2020

69 today .... ARGHHHhhhhhhhhhh !!! ..........

February 1st has come around again ..... these birthdays seem to come around so fast !
Never mind ...... I'm very grateful that I am able to celebrate them. I might keep quiet about it next year though 😱


image 1: via me, image 2: via pinterest