Thursday, 3 April 2014


Just to say that my husband is in hospital and that is why I've not been posting or commenting.

Hope to be back soon.



Tuesday, 25 March 2014


Today was my first day of the year gardening ….. PROPERLY ….. I was out there for eight hours and, as always, at this time of year, I ache all over !!!!! …… and, as always, I have a massive blister on the palm of my right hand from the trowel !!!!!
I know that there are many of you out there that garden all of the year round but, I'm afraid that I'm a bit of a fair weather gardener.

Have you ventured out and weeded the beds yet ?

….. a bit of light pruning tomorrow, I think !!

By the way, that's not all of our garden ….. it goes on ….. and across ….. hence the aches and blister, just in case you think that I'm moaning about nothing !!

" And when your back stops aching and your hands begin to harden ….. You will find yourself a partner in the Glory of the Garden. "

Rudyard Kipling

image by ME !!


Thursday, 20 March 2014


Having connection problems at the moment ….. very intermittent so, apologies for not commenting so much lately.

SO …… for now ….. have a listen to Linkin Park and a look at  some pretty pictures.

Hope to be back on track soon.

Spring has sprung


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Tuesday, 4 March 2014


Our By Invitation subject for this month of March is :
' Ways To Stay Creative '

think out of the box …..

go to the cinema …..

see some art …..

read a book …..

be silly …..

learn to play an instrument { preferably whilst riding a penny farthing !! } …..

cook ….. rustle up a culinary creation …..

be wierd …..

take photographs …..

look to the past ….. look to the future

if creativity deserts you, shut your eyes, take a nap ….. they say it boosts creativity and who am I to argue !!


To hear of other ways to stay creative, Marsha has all of the links to the other ' By Invitation ' contributors.

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Thursday, 13 February 2014


We've had tidal, fluvial, groundwater and flash flooding ….. the whole gamut, over the past eight weeks.

We've had disruptions with trains , flooded homes, landslips, livelihood's under threat and even deaths.

Everyone has been blamed from the Government to God. The Ministry of Defence is deploying equipment and manpower to help those in affected areas by delivering food, transporting people and distributing sandbags.

Even if it stops raining tomorrow, the effects of the floods will continue to be felt for weeks …. months and years for some.

We have been blown to bits with rain and winds of over 100 mph and, more storms are forecast for the coming days.

These horses had to be rescued from rising flood waters near Christchurch, Dorset. Just one example of animals in distress because of the floods.

I cannot imagine what having a flooded home must be like. Thinking of all those who have been affected by so much devastation.

Here's hoping that the rain will stop sooner rather than later.


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Tuesday, 4 February 2014


What a question ?!!!!

I do believe that I'm either lucky, boring or just plain lazy !!! I seem to skip through life without many challenges coming my way …… maybe I duck and dive my way around them ? I don't set myself challenges either ….. I simply don't feel the need !! 
For me, my life seems full enough .

I have never swum the channel …..

….. never flown solo around the world …..

….. or composed a symphony.

I have avoided marathons,

and climbing mountains !!

….. and, on a more serious note, I have never had to face the challenge of war

or the challenge of living with a disability. Millions face challenges so big everyday and accept and cope with it. They are brave, scared, sometimes in pain { mentally and physically } and just get on with it. 

Of course, you could say that bringing up children is a challenge but, millions do it everyday.
I think that the little challenges that affect us all everyday are just things that we all accept and get on with. 
Therefore, I really don't think that I can quantify anything that I do as a challenge.
But, here are a few challenges that might make you smile !!!

HANG ON !!!!  
 I've just thought of one major challenge in my life at the moment …..

Playing trains with our grandson for eight hours is a pretty big challenge !!!!!
There are only so many scrapes that Thomas the Tank Engine and his friends can get into !!!!
….. although, crashing is his favourite ….. we have a lot of crashes !!

To hear what challenges other members of the By Invitation group, please pop over to Marsha's  where she has all of the links.

OH ….. and thanks so much for all of your birthday wishes. It's means a lot, even more so when you get to my age !!!!!


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