Tuesday, 15 October 2019

LABATYD .......... Life's a Bitch and then you die !!! ..........

I am in no way a miserable, moany person ..... I am the happy, upbeat kind ..... glass brimming over but there has been  another series of unfortunate events, some of which are just annoying .....

..... my Amazon account was hacked into !!! 
I was first aware of it when I had an email to say that my book would be arriving from Amazon.de { said email was in German ! } A day later a massive paperback ' Quantum Physics ' arrived at the cost of £85 !!! Even if I had not been suspicious of the email, quantum physics would be the last book that I would order ..... I even have trouble spelling it ! Next, Amazon.US emailed me to let me know that the camera I had ordered at the price of £400 would be arriving soon ! The bottom line was that I must have spent at least four days on the phone, sorting it out ..... none of it being my fault.
My next moan is about my tumble dryer ..... I bought a new one in February ...... I am pretty good with white goods ..... they last me a long time and I think I must have had the last one about 20 years. That one had been a Zanussi so I thought that I would get the same. I nearly always buy white goods, mattresses etc. from John Lewis but a friend had bought from ao.com so I thought I'd give them a whirl. 
Having our daughter, her boyfriend and baby living with us, the tumble dryer was being used a whole lot more. Our daughter noticed a lot of condensation but I thought it was because it was being used so much more. Our plumber/electrician was round, fixing a couple of plugs and I asked him to have a look ..... " Oh my God " he said .....

..... the plastic around the hose had completely melted ! The plumber put a new hose { made of very thick plastic } probably wiping out my guarantee, but, we needed it. Anyway, the whole point was that I was on the phone for another three or four days. I wanted to let Zanussi know as I didn't want anyone else to have the same thing happen to them or worse { Grenfell was uppermost in my mind }
Well, can you get through to Zanussi ? Every time I rang, I was told that my phone call was very important to them and that someone would be with me shortly. After half an hour a recorded American voice told me that there wasn't anyone to answer the phone in that department ! That went on for a couple of days and, during those two days, I contacted ao who promised they would get onto Zanussi and failed three times ! There was a lot more aggravation but I've already bored you enough but it was another few days of my time wasted through no fault of my own.

..... and then, you know that our daughter bought their cat with them ?  Well, he had been happily using our cat flap for about a month and then, he didn't come back. That was three weeks ago now so I think that we have to accept that he is gone. We like to think that perhaps he has adopted another family but, considering he has diabetes I think the worst must have happened. Our daughter and boyfriend are so upset .... they put posters in the local shops and searched for him but no luck. They had many phone calls from people saying they would look out for him, some saying they thought they had seen him. It always amazes me how many people want to help. 

..... and, finally, I am getting on a bit now and, luckily, apart from parents and relatives that were very old, I haven't lost any friends or family or heard of any illnesses but, in the last couple of months there have been illnesses from heart attacks to cancer ...... inevitable, I know but, I am feeling my 68 years. 

While I was writing this post, I was watching a programme ' The Victorians " with Jeremy Paxman. There were a lot of illustrations by Gustave Doré showing poverty, the workhouse and living conditions in Victorian London ..... puts my moaning into perspective { apart from sick friends and relatives } ..... hanging on the phone isn't really the end of the world is it ?


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Monday, 26 August 2019


OK ..... apologies for being MIA  .....

Our daughter, her boyfriend and their baby are staying with us along with their cat while the move from their London flat to a house. They are here for three months. 

So far, the cat has weed on our sisal carpet ....... we have floorboards throughout our home apart from the dining room and the study where we have sisal ...... sisal cannot be cleaned !!! You can't wet it .... I have rung carpet cleaners .... they won't touch it with a barge pole !!!! I have to have new carpet .... the only saving grace is that we've had them for about 15 years so, its probably time for new. Maybe John has some cleaning ideas ?
Why couldn't the cat have weed on the floorboards ?

..... and, my daughter has burnt my ironing board cover ! She has offered to buy me a new one !

Along with that, when they are at their new house at the weekend, I have to inject the cat twice daily as he is diabetic !!!!

I don't mind really ..... its lovely to have them here but it makes for a good { ish } blog post !!!


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Tuesday, 9 July 2019


The 3rd of J uly is our wedding anniversary.  This year we have been married for 43 years and engaged for a bit longer and the diamond fell out of my engagement ring !!! 

When I say diamond, it's the smallest diamond you ever did see. We bought it from an antique shop and it cost £15.00, that's 16.7 Euros, or $18.7 !!!  .... but I would never change it.

I didn't notice it was missing until the evening so it wasn't worth looking for it, it being so small ... it could have been anywhere and, even if I knew where it had fallen, I would never have seen it !!!  

The diamond has now been replaced at the local jewellers ..... Mr Home picked it up ..... he said he needed security to accompany him home !!!
The above book is an Angela Brazil ..... its called ' The Jolliest Term on Record ' ..... all jolly hockey sticks and fruitcake in the dorm ! I read a lot of them as a child .... a far cry from my schooldays !

The Kiftsgate rose that grows in our garden .... it only flowers once in June but it is so pretty and the perfume is wonderful.

..... and this is Penny Lane. A fragrant, climber that was rose of the year in 1998 ..... repeat flowering, it flowers well into October. 

Rings and roses ..... ring a ring a roses


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Tuesday, 4 June 2019


Yesterday, ahead of the women's World Cup, a statue has been unveiled of football star Lily Parr - considered the greatest female footballer of all time ..........

..... and, the sculpture was created by my niece, Hannah Stewart !!!!! 

Lily Parr was born in 1905 and pioneered women's football, scoring 900 times over her 32 year career. Lily was known for her large appetite and almost constant smoking !!!
The six foot, chain smokers wages of ten shillings { 50p } per game, were reputedly supplemented by packets of Woodbine  cigarettes !!!
She played in front of a record crowd of 53,000 fans at Goodeson Park. The statue has been placed at The National Football Museum in Manchester.

Well done Hannah.


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Monday, 27 May 2019


I'm afraid that its all about babies in our world at the moment but .....

..... we haven't let the grass grow under her feet ..... at nearly three weeks she has mastered shapes and faces so, maybe she could be added to the list of contenders for the position of Prime Minister !!! 

I promise that there will not be many more baby posts ..... it's just that I haven't done much else lately !



Friday, 10 May 2019


Our new grandchild arrived safely on Tuesday 7th May .....

Welcome to the world, Harriet  


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Sunday, 31 March 2019

Mother's Day .......... CANCELLED !!! ..........

It's Mothering Sunday today .....

Our children and grandchildren were coming over .....

I bought loads of food ..... cooked chickens. As it's Mother's Day and I have to do the cooking, I thought I would cook things to have cold so that it all could be made in advance so that I wasn't spending Mother's Day in the kitchen !!! Amongst other things, I thought that I would make .....

..... Coronation Chicken ..... 
a good old standby ... a throwback from the seventies but, tastes great and everyone seems to love it.

..... BUT .....

Our granddaughter, via our son, has got chicken pox and, our daughter is pregnant so doesn't want to come within an inch of anyone with chickenpox or has been near anyone with chickenpox so Mothers Day is cancelled !!! These things happen and it's fine but ...

..... Our fridge is heaving .....

I cut the meat from the chickens and froze most of it ... kept some back to eat ... and made chicken soup from the carcass ..... I have been a proper little Nigella in the kitchen !!! 

Mothers Day is postponed until all signs of chicken pox are gone ..... we will be sick of the sight of chicken by Wednesday !!!!!


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Saturday, 23 March 2019

WATER, WATER EVERYWHERE .......... but not at our house !!!

About a month ago, we had a letter to say that they would be changing all of the old lead pipes in our road and warned us that the water might be turned off ..... fair enough, I thought.

So, after a couple of weeks of disruption, mostly outside our house with temporary traffic lights and massive tarmac lorries, they finished but told us that they couldn't find ours, even after using high tech equipment and even though we remembered, be it many years ago, a plumber turning it off in the road when we had a leak under the floorboards in our dining room !!!

The next day, by coincidence may I add .....

.... our toilet started doing weird things so, the plumber came and fixed it. I told him they couldn't find our water so he said to call them out again.

After only a couple of days, a man came with water diviners and found it straight away and, within an hour, they had dug the pavement up and replaced the old lead pipe !!!  The old ways are often the best !

We now have to live with the above for a few days until the tarmac men can come and fill the hole in ! 

AND THEN ...... 

I had a phone call from our gas supplier ..... they told me it was a very important call and would I confirm my postcode.   After a bit of toing and froing with the usual ' why should I need to confirm my postcode with you ' etc. etc. they wanted to confirm another postcode on our account ....... it was my Dad's postcode and he died 10 years ago !!!! She then asked if I was finding it difficult to pay our bill as it was overdue ! I told her that it was due on the 20th March so it was only two days late and that if she looked at our account, I always pay in full and have been with their company for about forty years but I was now thinking of changing after this phone call !!!! She did apologise. If companies would sort out their administration, I think things would run much more efficiently !

I have just read all of that back and I sound like a miserable, old woman 😂


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Saturday, 9 March 2019

LUNCH ..... with old friends ..........

We went for lunch with friends that we have known for some thirty odd years. There were six of us. 

We had lasagne, we chatted, we touched on Brexit, knife crime and Shamima Begum, the Michael Jackson documentary ' Leaving Neverland ', the new Richard Gere series MotherFatherSon, our children, grandchildren, our homes and gardens, but mostly laughed about old times.

 I took my hostess a Muehlenbeckia ... my plant of the moment .... it should get bigger .....

..... like mine ! ..... in return, I received .....

..... a belated birthday present of two picture frames ! How lovely was that ?

We ooohhed and aahhhed over their kitchen and the rest of their beautiful home and then .....

.....  we drove home in the pouring rain !


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