Tuesday, 1 January 2019

HAPPY, HAPPY 2019 ..........


We went to a wonderful NYE party last night ..... I was very restrained and only had a couple of glasses of Champagne so, even though we got in at 4.00 am, I feel fine this morning 
At the party were celebs, a brilliant magician, singers and a pianist who played all night.

You might remember the above from last years party ..... for those who don't, there was a caricaturist who did the above of my husband and I  ..... well, this year, Sassy Steve's Silhouettes was there and did .....

..... this of us this year ..... so good and much more flattering than last year !!! ha ha.

Wishing all of my readers the most wonderful, happy and healthy 2019 . Blogging has lost it's popularity over the last few years but, it is still my favourite social media site so, many, many thanks for all of your support and here's to continuing it in the year to come.


image 3: via soulstratum