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Monday 21 March 2016


Remembering the 1950's !!!!

Click on the video { Harry Nilsson ...... I took him home once after a general anaesthetic and had to look after him in his Mayfair flat where Mama Cass Elliot and Keith Moon both died  !! } and  have a look at a few of my memories .....

My ' Jaco ' skates ..... my most treasured possession ..... I would go out in the morning, ' Jaco ' skates thrown over my shoulder, and return at teatime !! ..... and, on a Saturday, .....

my friend's and I would go to Alexandra Palace roller skating rink and skate all day.

School milk was part of school life. In Post War Britain, school milk, 1/3 of a pint per child, was introduced in schools to supplement the child's diet. Most children detested it but I loved it !! 
In the winter, it was common to see outside schools, crates of milk with their shiny bottle tops standing proud above the bottles on a column of frozen milk !!! The milk was then placed by the radiator to defrost, the result of which was a 1/3 pint of warm, watery milk !!

If I wasn't at Alexandra Palace roller skating rink on a Saturday, then I was at Saturday Morning Pictures. It was very popular and relatively cheap. Our local cinema was The Savoy which was part of the ABC group. We children were known as the ABC Minors. First we would join the enormous queue, then rush into the theatre which had red plush seats and impressive decorated facades ..... hundreds of excited, expectant schoolchildren, all waiting for the performance to begin which started with us singing .....

..... The ABC Minors Song !!!
The final line was shouted at full blast ..... especially the A-B-C !!

The Corona Man.
The Corona Lorry would come down the street once a week selling Corona fizzy drinks ...... Orangeade, Limeade, Raspberryade ..... every 'ade' you can think of and the famous Dandelion and Burdock ! You also got money back on the empty bottles ! It was quite a special treat to have fizzy pop in the fifties !! 

Another visitor to the street was the Knife grinder ..... I can remember my Dad giving him knives and tools to sharpen.

The Betterware Man used to knock now and again, trying to get my mum to buy something. I always wanted her to buy a large tin of wax polish as you got the tiny miniature tin of lavender polish free !! I loved those little tins.

Finally, do you remember Punch and Judy toothpaste ? We didn't have it very often as it was too expensive but, now and again, we would have a tube. I can still taste it now !!

Do you have any similar childhood memories ?

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Tuesday 1 March 2016


I am obsessed with black to the point where it's unhealthy !!!!!

Me at the top of The Shard ..... in black !!!!

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