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Monday 23 December 2013

From my ' HOME ' to yours …..

From my ' Home ' to yours, wishing  everyone a very Merry Christmas and the best year ever in 2014.

….. and, thanks so much for your continued and valued blogging friendship.

Looking forward to more fun and laughter in 2014.


image via my front door !!!!!


Tuesday 10 December 2013


Monday Magic on a Tuesday ??!!! 

Had a bit of a busy day in Londinium, Capital of England, yesterday so, I'm a day late with this post !

London is all dressed up for Christmas and looks AMAZING ….. the shop windows, the Christmas lights, Ferris wheels and fairgrounds, skating rinks and carols and it's buzzing ….. a glance down a little side street and you would swear you were in a Dickens novel….. glance in a different direction, and glass domes and shards, The Gherkin and The Cheese grater reach for the sky and, a walk along The Embankment is beautiful.

….. and, on display in The Museum of London is The Lord Mayor of London's State Coach, built in 1757 ….. it looks magnificent, displayed in the window and is all lit up at night. It's been there a while now but, it all adds to the Christmas ambience.

We are off to Kew on Sunday to explore the Illuminated Trail ….. our grandson should find it magical.

Enjoy a little bit of the beauty that is Winter …..

….. and, if you're feeling rather chilly …..

 ….. wriggle, jiggle, giggle and dance your socks off !!!!

That should warm you up !!!!

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Tuesday 3 December 2013


The subject for our By Invitation post this festive month of December is :

' Christmas Cocktails '

The family welcomes you …..

….. to our humble abode. 
Please make your way around to the rear of the house …..

where you will see that we have gone to great lengths to decorate with a delightful Christmas wreath !!

As you enter the hall …..

….. you will be greeted by the magnificent Christmas tree.

Please make your way up to …..

The Salon …..

where you will be able to partake in some delicious cocktails.

There will be dancing in the ballroom …..

….. and more cocktails and canapés.

Should you have one or two drinks too many, there are bedrooms available where you can sleep it off !!

….. and a luxurious bathroom where you can freshen up. As you can see, there is a bottle of wine provided for refreshment whilst you are powdering your noses etc.

All of your favourite, fun-loving friends will be here to make this Cocktail Party one to remember AND …..

there will be a special gift for each and everyone of you, expertly wrapped ….. no expense spared !!

Finally, here is a sneak preview of my outfit for the evening. Stunning isn't it ? I shall feel like a Christmas snowball. 
Your outfit will never reach the dizzy heights of fashion perfection that mine will but, try your hardest !!

For more exciting and entertaining Cocktail Party fun, please visit Marsha where she will have all of the links to the other Cocktail Parties { none of which will be anywhere near as sophisticated and classy as mine !!!! } hahahahaha !!!!

Joking apart, we should all take some time to remember that there are so many people who won't be enjoying the excesses in life and for whom cocktail parties are not part of their December. If you can, please put your hands in your pockets and give a little something for those less fortunate than ourselves.

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Monday 25 November 2013


Monday Magic is all about white this week ….. mainly because I have managed, all by myself, on my ownsome, unaided, by my own accord ….. managed to put falling snow and snow from the cursor, onto my blog this winter !!!!! I did it all on my own ….. can you believe it because I certainly can't.
I think that this accomplishment, from a woman of my age, deserves a round of applause !
So, as it's snowing on my blog, here are some pretty images of all things white …..

….. I wondered where they had got to …..

Oh dear …..

….. the snow is getting a bit too heavy now ….. I'm off to turn it down a bit !!

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