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Thursday 17 February 2022


I'm decluttering !!!

Our conservatory, which was put up thirty years ago, has had it and is going to be knocked down and we are having a new one. It will also be knocked into the kitchen which will open it all up. There is a long story about our conservatory which I will go into in my next post { if anyone's interested !!! }


The work won't be done until August/September but, we are  getting all of our ducks in a row ..... we have to have a new kitchen as well ..... 💷 ka -ching 💷 !!!!

One of the reasons for de cluttering is that, when they knock through into the kitchen, I shall lose the airing cupboard and another cupboard { which is full of stuff we never or hardly ever use, and what's left has got to be found a new home. A good time to get rid of stuff I think ? Now, I am my father's daughter and have inherited his trait of not finding it easy to throw things away 😱 . Don't get me wrong, I'm not a hoarder but, having lived here for over 36 years, we have accumulated ' stuff ' as most of us of a certain age will have done ! I am rather pleased with myself, as I have managed to get rid of quite a lot so far but there is more to clear out. 

Are you good at decluttering or is it me ? 

Any organising tips ?


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Monday 14 February 2022

♥♥♥♥♥ ............

💕 Feel the lurrrrve this Valentine's Day.💕

We can all do with a bit of love !

I'm off to Physio .... whoohoo !!!




Tuesday 1 February 2022


Another year has flown past, seventy went in a flash and, today I'm 71 !!! I'm very happy with that ..... it's great to still be here ! 
My children and grandchildren came to stay for the weekend which was lovely and today, we are going to have afternoon tea with friends ..... and wine ..... and laugh a lot !