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Saturday 9 February 2019

RAINY DAYS, BITS + BOB'S, ODD'S + SOD'S ..........

It rained all day yesterday .....

On Tuesday, we had all of our trees cut as we always do in February ..... he also cut down our weeping silver birch tree ...... arghhhhhh, it was scary as it was a major part of our garden ..... but, it needed to go as it was taking up so much of the garden but, I don't like change ! When we moved here, thirty two years ago, it was a twig !!! I don't like cutting down trees either but, it had to go and now we can do something different at the bottom of the garden ..... it's a work in progress. 

Underneath the silver birch were ten ferns which I dug up on Thursday but they are just sitting in the rain as I haven't been able to get out there and put them in the ground. It looks like today will be as windy and wet as yesterday so the ferns will have to wait. 

This is a photograph of our children's infant/primary school that they went to thirty odd years ago. I took the photograph from my friends gorgeous Georgian house ..... she doesn't live there anymore. 

 The street where we live, in the snow 

This is on our landing .....

We have these finger plates on all of the doors in our house ..... I found  25 of them in a junk shop and paid £8 for the lot ! I also found a set of stair rods in our local hardware shop that had probably been languishing in the back of the shop since the Edwardian era ..... it was the kind of shop where you could describe vaguely what you wanted and they would know just what you wanted and where to find it. I don't think that I paid much for them either ! The hardware shop went a few years ago ..... I bet there were some gems that I missed in there that probably got thrown away.

This is me, in a changing room in Cambridge, waiting while my friend was trying clothes on !!! I had to do something to amuse myself !

Well, there you are, a mixture of nothing in particular ! It looks like there will be wind and rain again today ..... I must find something indoors to do. 
Are you all having a taste of the wet and windy weather ?


images 1 & 2: via pinterest, image 9: via  black velvet ribbon, images 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8: via me


Friday 1 February 2019



68 today ..... and, it snowed !