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Thursday 16 January 2014


Love this ….. dance around your living room with the vacuum cleaner to this one ….. really loud !!

Yep ….. I think that he's got things pretty much under control !!!!!

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Tuesday 7 January 2014


We are now at the beginning of a New Year and, ' By Invitation ' is back again.
To kick off with this year, our subject is 'Change'  - 'Moving On '.

Moving forward may mean ' from now on ', ' in the future ', or even ' now '. It gives a sense of action, purpose and direction that appeals to some. To many of you it may mean a change in career, an ambition fulfilled or maybe a house move.

Every ones future is unpredictable and things aren't always going to go as planned. Much of life is ' groundhog day ' but, interspersed with this are massive moments, proud points in time and touching memories ….. family Christmas mornings, weddings, a hurdle overcome or a poignant gesture.

Because I am pretty happy with my lot and, being older than most of you, I really don't have a need to move on or change in any way so, hopefully for me, there will still be wine ….. 

….. laughter …..

….. cake and chocolate …..

….. there will be friends …..

….. shopping …..

….. there will still be blogging …..

and books.

There will be dining …..

….. and some dreaming.

There will also, inevitably, be thunder and lightening sometimes …..

….. and, rejection …..

….. possibly some sadness …..

but, there is always beauty and …..

….. acts of kindness to balance everything out { although, you may not feel that at the time !! }

There are often a few obstacles to overcome { for some, many } ….. little setbacks to deal with, some huge ones and there will be sparks of darkness in the diamonds …..

….. but, we must move on as there are beautiful memories to be made in 2014 and,

….. there will be change in our family as ….. we will be welcoming another grandchild to the world !

I wish for all of you a bright and beautiful future and that you will change and move on as you wish this year without too many obstacles along the way.

To see how others in our ' By Invitation ' group feel about change and moving on, please pop over to Marsha's blog where she has all of the links.

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Wednesday 1 January 2014

HAPPY 2014 ……….

Wishing everyone


Make it a great one.


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