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Monday 29 June 2020


đŸŽ¶ For we know it's right, it's in black & white, 
And it's all written down in his diary đŸŽ¶

Benny Hill

Some things haven"t changed much since 1664 !



Friday 12 June 2020

AFTER the RAIN ..........

As much as I've loved the beautiful weather we've been having, it has been good to get some rain over the past few days, especially for us gardeners.

 ..... flowers look even prettier covered in raindrops ..... the above rose is St Swithuns ..... I bought it years ago as my husbands birthday is on St Swithuns day and it is the most beautiful rose ..... this year it has been at it's best ..... sometimes that means a plant is going to give up the ghost, let's hope not !

This is Penny Lane

Can't remember the name of the clematis off the top of my head .....

This rose is Desdemona ...... it has the most wonderful perfume .....

A question :
When you write your posts, do you prepare ? ..... I don't { as you may well have noticed !!! }  I just ramble on as if I'm talking ! 

During lockdown, I haven't been able to do much because of my back but, now its on the mend, I'm all over it. I cleaned out all of the bathroom cupboards yesterday ..... threw all of my make up and bottles of shampoo etc with hardly anything in them away ..... so liberating. I'm going to do the kitchen drawers today ..... who is this new Jackie I ask myself ?


images 1 - 8: via me, image 9: via pinterest