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Wednesday 31 December 2014


It's New Year's Eve again { how quickly they roll around !! } and, for the third year, our son, Daniel, has mixed all of the music that accompanies the London Fireworks that will bring in 2015.

He hasn't told me anything about it so, it will be a surprise for us too { although, I did suggest a few tunes that might be apt !}
I shall post the video tomorrow as I am a very proud mum.

HAPPY 2015 !!! 


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Wednesday 24 December 2014


Merry, Merry Christmas to all of my lovely blogging friends. Thank you for all of your brilliant comments throughout 2014 and, I look forward to your continued friendship in 2015 ….. 

Have a wonderful, magical time and, I hope that Father Christmas brings you everything that you asked for  !!!!!

See you in 2015.


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Tuesday 9 December 2014


Our By Invitation subject this month is Christmas presents and what you would buy if money was no object ….. 

Christmas is coming and it's time to throw money around like there's no tomorrow, trying desperately hard to please our loved ones …..

…..  I'm a bit reluctant to buy into the mass hysteria of spend, spend, spend …. it gets downright obscene at this time of year, Black Friday being an example.

SO …..

I've been kind enough to source some lovely but unusual presents that are not too expensive and will please your loved ones far more than anything in a Tiffany box, Birkin handbag or a pair of shoes with red soles ….. NO ….. don't thank me …. it's been a pleasure and, feel free to email me for suppliers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First off the tee is the Uroclub ….. men are so hard to buy for and, if your other half, brother, uncle, nephew or best friend plays golf, they will be over the moon to open the Uroclub on Christmas morning and, next time on the golf course, they will be the envy of all of their friends when they get caught short at the tenth hole !!

Next, smoking mittens. No longer will smokers have to huddle together for warmth as they quickly smoke in sub Arctic temperatures. Smoking mittens have a hole you can smoke through !!

When someone tells you that they really don't want anything for Christmas, well, you really can get them nothing ….. unfortunately, you have to pay something for nothing ….. £3.99 !!!!

Introducing the wine bottle glass because, lets face it, drinking straight from the bottle is so unsophisticated !!

The Rejuvenique Anti - Ageing Mask claims to keep your face youthful and rejuvenated ….. it could also double as a hockey mask or Halloween costume.

Just one for those with more money than sense, recreate the effect of lounging about in a large, grassy meadow a la ' Honey I Shrunk The Kids " ….. unfortunately it comes with a $13,400.00 price tag !!!!!

If you like to give homemade presents and are good at knitting, how about these ? Perfect for this time of year but, if you don't fancy wearing them this way, you could always wear them on your head at the next office Christmas party.

Forget about Cocoa Butter and Honey Jojoba. Anyone who's anyone is washing in cherry scented bags of blood shower gel. The perfect way to freshen up after a tough day battling against werewolves and armies of undead Zombies !!

Happy Christmas shopping !!

For some nicer Christmas present ideas, Marsha has all of the links to participating blogs. 

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