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Saturday 13 April 2024


They say that bad things come in threes .....

First I found a dead one of these little creatures floating in our water butt ..... we seem to have loads more squirrels in the past few years ...... have you seen more ?

Then I decided to plant this clematis that I had just bought when, getting it gently out of the pot, I broke the prolific, growing stem off !!! .....

..... and then, to cap it all, we now need a new boiler đŸ˜±. When we had the new kitchen done, I asked the builder if we should have a new boiler as that would be a good time to do it. " No " he said. A year on, the boiler has had it and it's all a bit of an upheaval in our lovely new kitchen. All will be well though as it's only wood and a bit of paint to make it all good again. There goes a few more thousand out of the pot !!!
I don't think I will be putting a bet on the Grand National !!!