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Tuesday, 27 January 2015


Had to have four new tyres on my TT = £210.00 each

Had to have it serviced = £300

Had to have an MOT = £54.85

Had to pay the gas bill = I'm not telling you !!

Thank goodness petrol has gone down !!!!

I think a diet of bread and water for a while, don't you !!!

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Tuesday, 13 January 2015


Trading with our own skills ….. a barter system. This is the subject for our January 2015 By Invitation post, suggested by Coty 
If the world's currency ceased as we know it, and we had to barter, what would our immediate skills be …..

Well, I guess that we would all find it difficult.

I'm not going to pretend that I'd turn into Wonder Woman and be baking up a storm …..

….. or suddenly becoming exceptionally skilled at whittling wood but, I'm sure that I'd get by….. I'm pretty capable ! Once we've had the privilege of modern technology, it's so much harder to go back, isn't it ? Only this Saturday, our Sky dish connections came loose, due to high winds and, as much as it didn't ruin our life, it was annoying that we couldn't watch the things that we like to watch, only because we are used to having that particular facility…… if we'd never had it, we wouldn't miss it …… and it was only off for a couple of days !!!!! 

SO ….. what skills could I barter with ? ….. perhaps a bit of decorating …..

….. take in ironing ? …..

….. walk dogs ? …..

….. £1 a kiss ? …..

or, last resort ….. sell my body !!!!!

I think that, maybe, I'd send my husband out to bring the money in !!!!!

Let's wave the magic wand and get back to 2015. As much as we can play at going back to basics, we all like our modern comforts and, once they are here, we all embrace them !!!

What bartering skills have you got ?

For more bartering ideas, Marsha has all of the links.

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Thursday, 1 January 2015

WELCOME 2015 ……….

London excelled itself yet again and brought in 2015 with a bang, helped along by our son and accompanying electronic music that was a mixture of the old and new. The 11 minute display was accompanied by an electronic soundtrack featuring a poignant commemoration of the centenary  of the First World War, with bursts of red fireworks, representing poppies.

Welcome 2015 ….. wishing all of my blogging friends a happy and peaceful New Year. 

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