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Friday 19 October 2018


A while ago ..... actually, a long while ago ..... July it was, that's how long it takes me to do a post !!! ..... we went to a photography exhibition at the London Museum called London Nights ..... 200 works by 60 photographers, ranging from the 19th century to the present day. 

You weren't allowed to take photograph but the above was one of my favourites ..... St Paul's Cathedral, floodlit for the 1946 Victory celebrations after the Second World War, putting an end to the blackout after nearly six years.

The London Museum also had another exhibition called ' Expanding City ' with Pleasure Gardens and streets of London shops .... it was like walking through a Harry Potter film set in the Victorian era !

..... and look Tom .....

..... dozens of beautiful vintage glasses !

After the exhibition, we walked through St Katherine Docks .....

..... passed The Dickens Inn and back to .....

..... The Grapes pub ..... remember ? ..... the pub we went to earlier in the year, owned by  Sir Ian McKellen.  

..... and, Christopher Biggins { English actor } was in there having dinner !!!

..... and finally, an arty photograph of The Shard, taken by me from the balcony at The Grapes  ..... maybe they would like it for the London Nights exhibition ?!!!


All photographs taken by me apart from image 1: via london museum & image 2: via daily mail