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Monday 18 November 2019


My husband was cutting down some ferns and asked me to tell him how far to cut them ..... I went out into the garden with nothing on my feet but flip flops, no gardening gloves, nothing ..... I told him what he wanted to know then, I spotted the rose that goes over the arch so, ran in for some secateurs and a step ladder and started pruning ..........

Hands are now cut to ribbons !!!!! I always have to do everything straight away and can't be bothered to don the right equipment .....

I saved these three ..... the last of my Penny Lane rose for this year although, the St Swithin out in the front garden is blooming like mad ! 

Looooook !!!!!

 A thorn between my sister { right } and my cousin { left } .....

 This is us a few years previous ..... not in the same positions ..... my sister is the taller and older one { haha !!! } at the back, I'm on the left and my cousin on the right. 


Went to see The Good Liar ..... I enjoyed it even though it was a bit obvious and I'm not a Helen Mirren fan !!!!!


images 1 - 7: via me, image 8: via google


Monday 4 November 2019


Actually, we just walked around the streets for a couple of hours and there wasn't a lot of tricking going on  !!!  I was given the job of carving three pumpkins which I was very proud of considering I only had about an hour ! 

So many people dressed up and the houses looked brilliant .....

One guy opens his garage and really goes to town ..... fantastically decorated for charity and, even better, at the back he has a bar !!!

I was never he biggest fan of Halloween as I feel Guy Fawkes is our thing but, I'm really warming to it !!!!


All photographs taken by me !