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Monday 21 January 2019

CATKINS, CATS and QUIET ..........

I'm at a bit of a loss as to what to write about. January is nearly always a quiet month. I have been doing all of the usual mundane, everyday things but, you all do the same so I'm sure that you don't want to hear about that.

I bought four of these hellebore's at Christmas as they are lovely to decorate the house with. Two of them have gone over so, I just braved the cold and planted them in the garden. When I was out there, I noticed  .....

..... these catkins on our hazel, swaying about in the chilly breeze. We have never had any catkins on it before so, hopefully, we will get some hazelnuts. 

Catkins .....cats ...... nice link ?!!!!

We have had three cats .....

Jaffa was our first cat ..... we got him by default as my friend had got two kittens from a friend whose cat had had kittens .... one for her and one for a neighbour. But, the neighbour decided she didn't want him and nor did anyone else so, we had him and he was a lovely cat.
Then, same friend went away to Greece for her Summer holiday. Her cat was about to have kittens so, she left cardboard boxes out all around her home and gave me the key to water her plants and to check on her cat. I turned up one day, no sign of the cat, no sign of kittens in any of the boxes ..... checked upstairs and she had had the kittens in the middle of my friends bed ..... five kittens and placenta everywhere !!!!! I had to take the duvet to the laundrette as it wouldn't fit in the washing machine ...... I got some very funny looks while I was stuffing the duvet, covered in blood and fluids into the machine { she did throw the duvet away in the end you'll be pleased to know !!! }
Anyway, I had to take five kittens and the mum home as I didn't want to leave them there all on their own. We looked after them for about six weeks as the vet said it wouldn't be fair to move them. The runt of the litter struggled and, we did our best, with hot water and hot water bottles but she died. In the end, we ended up with two of the litter .....

..... Dilly .....

..... and Woody .....

all lovely cats, but all gone now. 


image 1: via pinterest , all other images via me


Tuesday 1 January 2019

HAPPY, HAPPY 2019 ..........


We went to a wonderful NYE party last night ..... I was very restrained and only had a couple of glasses of Champagne so, even though we got in at 4.00 am, I feel fine this morning 
At the party were celebs, a brilliant magician, singers and a pianist who played all night.

You might remember the above from last years party ..... for those who don't, there was a caricaturist who did the above of my husband and I  ..... well, this year, Sassy Steve's Silhouettes was there and did .....

..... this of us this year ..... so good and much more flattering than last year !!! ha ha.

Wishing all of my readers the most wonderful, happy and healthy 2019 . Blogging has lost it's popularity over the last few years but, it is still my favourite social media site so, many, many thanks for all of your support and here's to continuing it in the year to come.


image 3: via soulstratum