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Friday 25 October 2013


October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and, today is Wear It Pink Day .

Every year, Wear It Pink raises over £2 million during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, by asking people to wear something pink and donate £2 .
If you feel that you would like to support them, go to : Breast Cancer Campaign where you can donate your £2 ..... or text PINK to 70907 .....


..... just wear something pink to remember all those who have been touched by breast cancer, just to show that you are thinking of them..... it's not difficult ..... I'm sure that you've all got a pair of pink knickers somewhere in your drawer !!!!!

Today, let's just all give a thought to anyone whose lives have been touched by Breast Cancer.


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Tuesday 22 October 2013

.......... AND THE WINNER IS ..........

First of all, I would just like to thank everyone who entered the Home giveaway and for your lovely comments about Marie's beautiful shop, Natural Calico and also, to thank Marie for her beautiful products.

Here are a few words from Marie .....

Marie here ..... I would just like to say how much I appreciated your lovely comments !!! It's hard to believe that we only launched seven weeks ago !!!! Starting up a new business is always a challenge so it pleased me so much to pick up such nice feedback - thank you all.
Jackie very kindly invited me to pick my favourite comments - I loved them all ..... but I think that it was when Lina Aggenholm used words like ' calm ', 'clean ' , and ' relaxed ' - that I felt - yes, that's exactly what I set out to achieve with Natural Calico. Thank you Lina ..... you hit the nail on the head !! I hope you enjoy your lovely new Hamam towels and soaps :)
I'll hand you back to Jackie now. 

Marie  X

Well, there you are ..... Lina Aggenholm is the winner of the giveaway so, congratulations Lina ..... if you could email your address to me, I shall let Marie know and she will send your pressies off to you.

Once again, thanks so much Marie for your generous giveaway and we all wish you every success with your new venture, Natural-Calico , which I'm sure will go from strength to strength.

Have a lovely week everyone.


Monday 7 October 2013


Come one, come all { plus any of you men out there .... you have to bathe as well as us females !! } and enter this lovely Giveaway from Marie @ Natural Calico .

Natural Calico is an online boutique selling uniquely gorgeous things for your home. Marie { the Stylist ( above )}, husband Alan { the IT Guru } & Ashley { the photographer } are all part of the Natural Calico family.
Marie, after many years in a serious, ' grown-up ' job, decided that it was high time for a change. After going back to school for some serious study, she took the plunge and launched her own interior design business.
..... and, over the last 10 years, Marie and Ashley have shot homes all over the world for leading publications. 
Alongside all of this, the idea of an online shop, combined with style tips and a blog, had been simmering away at the back of Marie's mind and, thus, Natural Calico was born.
Style wise, Natural Calico is all about creating a blank canvas, whilst adding interest and depth with beautiful accessories. The look is crisp, fresh and timeless. When you dip into Natural Calico it's like mooching around your favourite interiors shop so, go over and make yourself at home.
Now, for the Giveaway .....

The Giveaway comprises, one Hamam Bath/Beach towel in grey with white stripe .....

..... two matching Hamam hand towels .....

There are also three Olive soaps included in the giveaway. These are soaps handmade in Syria. They are wonderfully pure and natural and have been made from olive oil and other essential oils.
The first is Olive soap with Chamomile ..... it includes olive oil, palm oil, coconut oil, sodium water and chamomile.

The next soap included in the giveaway is Olive soap with Sandalwood .....

..... and finally, Olive soap with Sweet Lemon.
This Giveaway is open to all, worldwide. To enter, comment, follow me if you don't already and, for extra entries, blog, Facebook and tweet about it or put it on your sidebar. 
The Giveaway will be beautifully wrapped with fluffy tissue paper and twine and, when the winner opens the pretty parcel, it will smell delicious.

There are so many beautiful items in Marie's online shop for kitchen's .....

..... living areas .....

..... bedrooms, bathrooms, cushions, throws, curtains .....

..... and, even Vintage.

This gorgeous giveaway from the generous Marie @ Natural Calico ends on Monday 21st October when a winner will be drawn.

Lots of luck everyone and have a lovely week.

all images from the natural calico website


Tuesday 1 October 2013


Our BIO subject this month is :

Choose one outfit from the A/W 2013 collections that you LOVE .....
Choose one outfit from the same collections that you HATE.

Now, this is me to a 'T'. I have always loved this slightly masculine look whilst still looking feminine. This is from the Ralph Lauren Collection and, I have already paid homage to Ralph with the black tie, white shirt and black jacket and skirt { albeit a slightly cheaper version !!!! } ..... all I need now is the sweater. Being on the older side !!!!  I think that I would replace the schoolgirl socks with black tights !

There were many outfits that would come in my ' outfits not to wear ' category but the following really do leave me cold .....

No words are necessary !!!!!!

If a model can look this bad in them then there is definitely no hope for me !!!! To me, the coat is shapeless and does nothing for the model and those popsox things on her legs well .................... !!!!!
I don't think anything more needs to be said ..... there are no words ! I do understand that fashion is all about pushing bounderies but ..... ????!!!!!!!!

Now, I don't think that it would be right to leave the men out completely so .....

..... don't you think that the above outfit would be perfect for Mr. Home to pop to the supermarket in ?!!

..... and finally .....

Please pop over to Marsha's to see what everyone else, who contributed to this BIO post, thinks of fashion today.

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