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Monday 13 August 2012

THE PARTY'S OVER ..........

Well, the swimming cossies have been rinsed, dried off and packed away with the goggles. The hockey sticks, track suits, batons and spikes, oars and canoes, bikes and balls, tail-coats and top hats, nose clips and hair gel, boats, wetsuits, racquet's, guns, and bows and arrows have all been put away for another four years, but what a brilliant time we've all had ( well, most of us !!)

After a Closing Ceremony of fun, classic British music, iconic singers, bands, dancers and a ' right good knee's up ', it was time to hand over the Olympic flag and...........

.......... to extinguish the Olympic flame for another four years.

Even John Lennon and Freddy Mercury turned up ..... that's how good it was ..... but the party's over and it's time to hand over to Rio.

Here's to the athletes, the coaches, the games makers, the builders, the gardeners, the BBC coverage, London Transport, the overwhelming support of the spectators for all of the athletes, not just for our own, and for everyone who made these Olympic Games the best EVER !

I'll have to get off of the sofa now and do something a little more active ......... but, I'm not heading for the gym .......... that would just be going a little too far. I might have enjoyed the Games but that's as good as it gets !!

I don't know about you but I've had a ball !!

images 1, 2 & 3: via Reuters, image 4: via mysinchew, image 5: via Matt Dunham ( Associated Press), image 6: via J C. Hong ( Associated Press)


Thursday 9 August 2012

GOLD RUSH ..........

Great Britain is enjoying a rush of gold medals at the moment ( plus many silver and bronze ) ............. it's just getting embarrassing now !!!! haha

That's what lottery funding can do for you.

images 1, 3, 5, 7 & 8 : via night tattoo, images 2, 14, 16 & 17 : via inspiration lane, images 4, 6 & 15 : via holy forest fairy, images 9, 10, 11 & 18 : via persephones box, image 12 : via stuff I like, image 13 : via daily mail, image 19 : via daily mirror


Friday 3 August 2012

HUGS OF GOLD ..........

Golden celebrations yesterday for team GB in the cycling, shooting and canoeing ......... now it's off to the Olympic Stadium to see if we can get some more !!!!

image 1: via Zimbio, image 2, 3 & 4 : via the Daily Mail