Thursday, 9 August 2012

GOLD RUSH ..........

Great Britain is enjoying a rush of gold medals at the moment ( plus many silver and bronze ) ............. it's just getting embarrassing now !!!! haha

That's what lottery funding can do for you.

images 1, 3, 5, 7 & 8 : via night tattoo, images 2, 14, 16 & 17 : via inspiration lane, images 4, 6 & 15 : via holy forest fairy, images 9, 10, 11 & 18 : via persephones box, image 12 : via stuff I like, image 13 : via daily mail, image 19 : via daily mirror



  1. Beautiful Jackie - what a great way to start the day - feeling cheered by these wonderful images.....I think the sun may even come out - a golden day indeed! Best wishes, Susie

  2. Hello Jackie:
    A glorious Olympian tribute in your own inimitable and distinctive style. Nobody does [or we suspect wears] gold better than you do,dearest Jackie!! And, what a treasure chest of riches you offer to gild our day with today.....and we have the sun shining to match. Perhaps today is the day for glittered eyelashes, shiny metallic stilettos and swathes of gold lamé....or do you think that this is just a touch OTT for the local market?!!!!

    Happy day!!

  3. We have zero, Jacqueline. How many gold medals could you led us to display in our National Medal-Display Unit to make us feel better?

  4. When I see Team GB third in the medal table I marvel at how our little nation has achieved so much. Gold and tears of pride in equal amounts!

  5. What a gorgeous post! I'm just drooling here.

    And, Congrats, GB!

  6. You know and seek beauty... Your life glows like this from within and your beautiful country has given us all a glimmer of what the world could be like as we all unite together this week... Thanks for making these games some of the best in recent memory..TA GB!

  7. Hello Jackie

    My gold fingers are having trouble typing this morning, too much glitz on the keyboard. I am batting for those eyelashes. Who needs blue suede shoes when they can have heels and fields of gold. Mise, I think we should change the lyrics to: "For twenty four years I've been living next door to karat".


  8. Oh Jackie...gorgeous images...and we've just won another ;-) It is better than we could ever have imagined, isn't it?
    It is a wonderful display of immense talent and London has never looked better!!! I'm so proud ;-)
    Adore your first image...stunning!

  9. what an amazing post... and i cannot imagine what it must be like to be there now... the excitement in the air... it radiates thru our airwaves.... we should all be so proud... hope you are doing great... missing you friend... xoxo

  10. We are enjoying the Olympics so much - I think we might have a gold medal or two also...Truly all of the athletes have been fantastic! It's wonderful to see all of the London sights too in the coverage, but we are pretty sad that our trip has been cancelled this summer. Beautiful post, Jackie! xxoo

  11. What a beautiful going for gold post !! from

  12. Beautiful as always. I am particularly pleased to see the second photo that I shot in Paris! Quite honored that you found it worthy of including....that was a lovely surprise this morning.

  13. Medal fever....!

    Love to see the UK 'blinking', London swinging, and certainly love your golden post, Jackie!



  14. Gorgeous post! I'm enjoying the games and will be kind of sad when they're over. Congratulations to London!

  15. jax
    it is so fabulous to have my sweet friend back.
    you are a better man than me.
    that mac kicked my ass!!!

    you are a star!!!!
    love you xoxox

  16. Yahooooo....Gold is so such a happy colour! Congratulations team UK. oxxoo

  17. What a very proud moment in time for all of's been absolutely wonderful in every way...I wish the games didn't have to end, they've been brilliant!
    These images are gorgeous...I think the world is definitely ready for a very large dose of the beauty and warmth of gold...this post and those special medals are the perfect start!
    xoxo J~

  18. oh so so pretty...gorgeous collection of images... xv

  19. Can't the olympics go on all year:) feels like it just started and I've missed so much. Darn job of mine. GB has done very well and rightly so you should be very proud. I think it's been the best Olympics in years. Ok the 1972 with Olga Korbet might have be my all time favorite when I was 12 I wanted to be like her. I couldn't do a back walk over to save my life now:)

    Oh love the gold shoes, but think doing a cartwheel with those on I might break something.


  20. well my mouth was open as I scrolled down, beautiful post.

    love the coaker necklace.

  21. Thanks for the comment. So Far Renee is moving to Maine. Sure wish I had been in London the last week. It must have been awesome.
    my neighbor said her frogs are gone too.

  22. My new life goal is to own that shoe.
    Oh my, what beautiful gold inspiration! Looks so luxurious and regal. I really love the glitz and glam of this post.


  23. Hi Jackie, these golden images are the stuff of dreams-- and not just olympic dreams!

  24. hi jackie ~

    this post is stunning in every way. the perfectly curated images leave me speechless.

    hope you and yours are well. how's that grandson of yours? walking by now? simply amazed how time passes by so quickly.

    believe it or not, my crumb began preschool a few weeks ago. i'm still slightly heartbroken that i let her go. she doesn't even discuss it.

    happy to stop by and catch up...always so lovely here.


  25. I love how your blog has different dimensions. Now, jewellery is my passion, as you know!
    Chunky chains and pendants, simply beautiful.
    Jackie, if you are on facebook, do let me know! xx

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