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Wednesday 21 May 2014


I was looking out at the garden from the conservatory around mid-morning yesterday and who should I see but Mr. Fox !!

He had a little sit down on the lawn for quite a while, stared at me as if I was the intruder …..

….. had a roam around, sniffing everything as he went …..

….. and then, returned to his spot in the sun, put his head down and went to sleep !!!!

I know that the fox isn't every ones favourite garden visitor { especially if you keep chickens like John } but, I do still get a bit of a thrill when they come and visit our garden …… goodness knows what I'd be like if I went on safari !!!!!!

I can remember following the Hunt on Boxing Day as a child ……. now that subject opens up a can of worms. I can see both sides of the argument myself.


image 1: via peace on earth, images 2, 3 & 4: via me, image 5: via the gifts of life


Wednesday 14 May 2014


I just managed to mow the lawn yesterday morning before the deluge of showers arrived ….. my lines aren't very straight but it will have to do !!

….. and then, between the showers, I picked a vase full of David Austin St. Swithun roses that grow at the front of our house.
Don't you think that my Santos doll's head looks like Simon Cowell ? ….. a good reason to store it away somewhere, maybe !!

Now, take yourselves back to 1967 and listen to The Move singing ' Flowers in the Rain ' !!!!


images by me and music via youtube


Tuesday 6 May 2014


Our By Invitation topic this month is the top 5 things that drive you crazy. There's not a lot that really drives me crazy but here are five things that really grate !!!!

Number one is when you order in a restaurant and, as soon as it's placed before you and you haven't even taken a bite, your dinner companions fork is hovering over your plate and taking some of your precious plateful !! 

Number two is Cold Calling ….. I have registered with every cold calling service in the country ….. we even have a phone that has the facility to stop nuisance calls BUT ….. we STILL get them. I have even resorted to telling double glazing companies that we live in a tent !! I am a pretty tolerant person and am very polite but, I have been known to get pretty irate when I am asked if I know what a smoke alarm is and if I need a handrail up the stairs !!!! I happen to be a reasonably fit 63 year old !!!!

Number three is rather unusual. You know how some people hate the sound of a fingernail on a blackboard ? Well, I can't stand ' wet wood ' !! I have to grin and bear it if I need to wash up a wooden spoon …… pretty weird but there you are.

Number four is polystyrene packaging !!!! It really does drive me crazy ……. first of all, I have to get it all into the rubbish bin ….. half of it ends up on the kitchen floor and all of those little bits stick to my hands ….. it is so electrically charged that I can't get it off of me !! ….. it's on my clothes, my skin ….. everywhere, for the next week !!

and lastly, number five …….. and that is people who don't possess a sense of humour. Humour is infectious and contagious and, when shared, brings people together and, supposedly, increases happiness, strengthens your immune system, boosts your energy, diminishes pain and calms stress. Best of all, this priceless medicine is fun and, it's free !!!! 

If you go over to Marsha's she has all of the links and you can see what drives others crazy !!

What drives you crazy ? 

….. and, on a completely different note, I would just like to thank everyone for their good wishes for my husband. You have all been so very kind and supportive blogging buddies and I send you my heartfelt thanks. 


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