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Thursday 4 November 2021

BRIAN & ROGER ..... MY PODCAST GUILTY PLEASURE ..... read the text before watching the video ..........

This might not be of much interest to many of you but, I wanted to tell you about my new podcast guilty pleasure. It's called Brian and Roger and is written by Harry Peacock and Dan Skinner.

Here's a quick synopsis .....

Brian & Roger met at a support meeting for divorced men.

Roger was attending because he was genuinely grieving the loss of his marriage.

Brian was instructed to attend by his solicitor if he wanted to dodge paying alimony.

Roger is in need of guidance and support which Brian willingly supplies.

Both are starting again.

Both are finding it hard.

One of them is nice !

Described as ' Best British comedy happening right now ' { Daily Telegraph }

They are now performing it at The Menier Chocolate Factory in London ..... a great off West End theatre which we have been to many times, in a former 1870's Menier Chocolate Factory ..... one of the most dynamic fringe venues in London.

There are about 50 podcasts and I have binge listened to all of them !!!

There aren't many available to upload to my blog and this isn't the best one but I have chosen one of the milder ones { don't want to offend any sensitive souls out there !!! } for you to get a taster. Also, just to say that Anne is a 93 year old lady that Roger lives with !!!