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Tuesday, 3 December 2013


The subject for our By Invitation post this festive month of December is :

' Christmas Cocktails '

The family welcomes you …..

….. to our humble abode. 
Please make your way around to the rear of the house …..

where you will see that we have gone to great lengths to decorate with a delightful Christmas wreath !!

As you enter the hall …..

….. you will be greeted by the magnificent Christmas tree.

Please make your way up to …..

The Salon …..

where you will be able to partake in some delicious cocktails.

There will be dancing in the ballroom …..

….. and more cocktails and canapés.

Should you have one or two drinks too many, there are bedrooms available where you can sleep it off !!

….. and a luxurious bathroom where you can freshen up. As you can see, there is a bottle of wine provided for refreshment whilst you are powdering your noses etc.

All of your favourite, fun-loving friends will be here to make this Cocktail Party one to remember AND …..

there will be a special gift for each and everyone of you, expertly wrapped ….. no expense spared !!

Finally, here is a sneak preview of my outfit for the evening. Stunning isn't it ? I shall feel like a Christmas snowball. 
Your outfit will never reach the dizzy heights of fashion perfection that mine will but, try your hardest !!

For more exciting and entertaining Cocktail Party fun, please visit Marsha where she will have all of the links to the other Cocktail Parties { none of which will be anywhere near as sophisticated and classy as mine !!!! } hahahahaha !!!!

Joking apart, we should all take some time to remember that there are so many people who won't be enjoying the excesses in life and for whom cocktail parties are not part of their December. If you can, please put your hands in your pockets and give a little something for those less fortunate than ourselves.

image 1: la boreme, image 2: via jessica jewett, image 3 & 11: via pinterest, image 4, 7, 9, 13, 14: via Niki Feijen, image 5: via huffington post, image 6: via informative pictures, image 8: via xaxor, image 10: via the gifts of life, image 12: via jsbookreader, image 15: via telegraph, image 16: via the city limit, image 17: via testa motor club, image 18: via wedding services kenya



  1. You are a STAR...always so original and brilliant, make me laugh...FABULOUS!
    Have a great day xx

  2. Congratulations! The best post I've ever seen!! Great!


  3. Love LOVE LOVE it, so entertaining, can I come to your cocktail party. The outfit looks... er... what can I say... cosy. fabulous original post.

  4. Brilliantly original Jackie, I love it!! Xx

  5. This was such fun....but think I will sleep in my own bed, thank you no matter how tired I might get (and possibly eat dinner before I come too) lol!

    You will be a real fashion statement as a fashionable snowball....cheers!

  6. HILARIOUS !!! Are you sure that "your" family is not related to the 'Adams's family' ???? :) Love their hair cut including the dog's one!
    Our bathroom looks at the moment like yours! With old broken/leaking water restoration-occupancy...!
    Cannot top your Russian Matryoshka outfit - no matter how hard I'm trying!!!!
    CHEERS to this fabulous post, my Dear!

  7. Oh Jackie, I am in stitches of laughter and also unravelling as I view your outfit. I have had dreams of such houses and to be invited to party in one is the highlight of my Christmas season.
    Now I shall be wondering all day as to what music you will have playing at this hauntingly beautiful residence.
    Helen xx

  8. Front door aside, I love the house! Your post will really end the year with a bang, hilarious and naughty…you fooled all of us with your sense of humor and a nice touch of reality.
    Happy Holidays, F.

  9. Hilarious Jackie, I love it, I couldn't think of a more fantastic place to have a party:)
    Clever ... clever. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas. xxx Coty

  10. Creativity abounds within you . . . loved this and enjoyed. Liked your mention of remembering those who won't be dressed in snowball finery to attend a cocktail party . . . You are a gem!

  11. You always make me smile Jackie! Especially like your last message. xo

  12. Well, this is the topper, Jacqueline!
    While all the rest of us did something beautiful, charming, normal you have given us a true treasure...your extraordinary wit and style. I LOVE it ! Thank you thank you thank you for always being true blue and one hell of a woman. I love you!

  13. First time visiting your blog and I LOVE IT!! have a great sense of humor!

  14. Hahahaha!

    You had me thinking this was a ghost party at first. Which was interesting in and of itself!

  15. Jackie, the theme was for CHRISTMAS cocktails, not Halloween! tehehe Oh, thanks for the laugh and for being you. Your final comment stopped my giggling short as speaks much of your generous heart. Bravo!
    Gros Bisous from Provence,

  16. Wonderfully creative! It is so important to remember those among who are struggling this holiday season.

    Much love to you.

  17. At least you will be warm in that "lovely" outfit....haha....I share your sentiment about sharing a few dollars to those that truly need it - that is after all the true meaning of this season. Much love to you, dear Jackie and a toast of a wonderful and healthy holiday for you and your loved ones...Cheers! xxoo

  18. Jacqueline...that was a load of fun!!! Giggles all the way and lifting a glass to your spirit!!! Cheers

    Tassels Twigs and Tastebuds

  19. YOU are so brilliant my friend.. brilliant! The snow effect was the ultimate touch too. What fun and I'm ready to join your party. In fact, by the look of your photos, I think the party is being held at my house. I hope you are kicking off the holiday season right and enjoying all the beauty that England holds this season? Thinking of you and wishing you nothing but joy, champagne and laughs.

    xox Deb

  20. must be a crazy woman !!! from me...x !

  21. Is Miss Havisham there?


  22. Sensational - thank you for the invitation - the best cocktail partyy ever!

  23. Oh Jackie you have outdone yourself!!! Cheers to the most creative BIO ever!!!

    And wishing you the most gorgeous Christmas, which will no doubt be filled with creative charms, Virginia

  24. Amazing post!
    Would you like to follow each other?

  25. Tnx for visiting darling!
    I'm following you back now.... Keep in touch!!!!

  26. A very special family in an even stranger place but it is charming all the same.

  27. beautiful yet sad...those grand houses left to decay made me a little
    depressed and now, even though it is 65 degrees here in California,
    I feel cold...
    but as always the most excellent post by the lovely J...

  28. Dear Jackie,
    hahaha - what a lovely ambience! Cosy and full of life! How does St. Exupéry say in the secret of the fox: 'One can only see clearly with the heart; the essentials are always invisible to the eyes.' Love especially the stunning hairdos of the inviting family + dog.

  29. Hi Jackie, Do you mind awfully If I stay at home this year for Christmas? :-)

    Love, Madelief xoxo

  30. That was the funniest, wackiest, and SPOOKIEST Christmas cocktail party I've ever been to!! I wonder if I might bring 'Limpy' to your next one, I think he would fit in perfectly...he could even don a lovely red nose for the occasion!
    xo J~

  31. Absolutely BRILLIANT Jackie !!! The best in this month BIO. Thank you for a good laugh.

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  33. Lol, thanks for having us, always Nice to go to a party where One can be themselves ;).
    Love, lynda

  34. Lol, thanks for having us, always Nice to go to a party where One can be themselves ;).
    Love, lynda

  35. Bellissime bellissime bellissime le immagini scelte, così delabré ma affascinanti e il testo è divertente e ironico, ma con un finale strepitoso! Buon Natale a te e famiglia da Roma!

  36. Oh thanks so much Jac's for the Christmas and your's have a fab time over Christmas :) ... take care, love D

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