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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

BY INVITATION ..........

Our By Invitation subject this month is to highlight someones blog, be it a new blog, one that we have been following for a while or someone that we admire .....


I am in a bit of a dilemma ..... I really don't feel as if I could choose just one.

I love blogs about interiors .....

Music .....

Photography .....

Fashion .....

Books .....

 Cookery .....

Writing .....

 Travel .....

Humour ( of course !!)

Gardening .....

 ..... and even a touch of celebrity .....


..... they are all there on my sidebar so take your pick !!

Please go over to Marsha @ Splenderosa where you will find all of the other By Invitation links who have done this post properly !!!!! will find some really inspirational blogs that they have highlighted ......... I just can't do it ..... I don't want to leave anyone out !!

image 1: via beauty and grace, image 2: via bellacosas, image 3: via blessed wild apple girl, image 4: via rosehyps, image 5: via crush cul de sac, image 6 & 7: via Brown dress with white spots, image 8 & 10: via night tattoo, image 9: via lost in the moment, image 11: via inspiration lane, image 12: via radiostina, image 13: via pretty stuff, image 14: via zsa zsa bellagio



  1. Hello Jackie:
    No matter what others may post or publish, you will always delight us, on any topic, with your own uniquely beautiful style. Such a creative touch, such a glorious sense of the amusing, such an eye for detail, such a warmth of human spirit.....this is why we love you so!!

    To be in your sidebar is an honour.

  2. Wonderful Jackie, wonderful!
    Such a creative post!
    xx Coty

  3. You are LOVELY Jackie...a perfect post!
    Have a wonderful week.

  4. I'm with you Jackie...You can't pick just one. It is indeed a wonderful world of blogging. Have a great day. Mona

  5. Hi Jackie! How are you dear? I also love a lot of blogs...and yours is one of them!

  6. Hi Jackie,

    Where do you always find those great photo's and moving pics! You must be browsing the internet all day :-)!

    Enjoy your Wednesday!

    Madelief x

  7. Perfection. This is inspirational to me, the sensitive nature of my girlfriend, Jacqueline. Yes, this is why we all love you !!

  8. Hi Jackie, what a splendid neutral and lively palette you have for us today. Love it as always. xo, olive

  9. I couldn't choose one either... I love so many... Your images as ever are totally wonderful... xv

  10. Beautiful Jackie! the best blog there is no always knock it out of the park.
    My husband just became a citizen (finally!) without loosing his British citizenship, so it/s
    his first time voting....thrilling and what an election..
    oh my our poor country...I really wish everyone would unite this year to straighten things
    out...get on with what needs to be done and keep businesses in the USA and stop sending
    jobs overseas...welll bla bla bla...lets look at pretty clothes instead...

  11. Great post once again, just love the humor you bring to blog land. Hugs Mary

  12. Ah, I do understand, there are so very many talented people that haven't found their audience yet...but they will!
    And oh, I really, really needed the laugh that the bouncing elephant gave me today. Merci!
    With all of my Best from Provence,
    Heather from Lost in Arles

  13. I look for all of these qualities, too, Jackie! It's always hard to choose a favorite!

    Hope all is well in your world!


  14. Oh Jackie, what a great post again.............loooooooove your words and all those wonderful pictures.......thank you soooooo much for all your inspiration!!!! Have a fine week my dear friend,

    hugs Jade

  15. We all are very lovely all the blogs.....each one have something special.....friends love love

  16. Hello Jackie

    A wonderful post. Thank you for the beautiful tribute to our blogs.


    Helen xx

  17. I can't imagine just picking one or two even ~ great post ~ love that elephant. xo

  18. Way to go Jac's...I'm with you, a bit hard to pick out one or two.
    hugs D

  19. Jackie that is such a clever post - well done - just love it! Fx

  20. Fabulous post, Jackie! You are absolutely right, too many awesome blogs to have to pin down a favorite for the exact reasons you expressed here! Creative as usual, my lovely friend! Alex and I have been spending this week together in bed, with food poisoning - romantic no? Haha. We managed to get out to vote yesterday though! Looking forward to seeing what you have up your sleeve for your next post! xxoo

  21. Nice post Jackie ! Myself and my blog have been MIA .... just extra busy which is nice too !
    Have a great day
    ~ laura xx

  22. Just fabulous Jackie! You've outdone all of us - again!
    Love it and jumping up buoyantly like the little elephant :) :) :)

    You always give so much pleasure to the blog world, lifting up our days with your special and humerous posts!
    Merci my Dear,

  23. Geez mate, I got a bad case of RSI just scrolling down your Blog Roll! Isn't it a grand old Bloggie world with so much fab stuff to lose ourselves in.
    Millie xx

  24. Dear Jackie,
    these are so wonderful photographs - I love it when people take care even for small things - e.g. not only choose those lovely books but also put such a tender unusual ribbon around it - fascinating! And of course one wants to buy a picture of that perpetual jumping elephant - he is a fine symbol for Lebenslust against all odds. :-) Britta

  25. Hi Jackie,
    Such a clever and generous post.
    As usual your images are sublime.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend,
    Liz x

  26. I'm with you on this one Jackie! How could anyone narrow it down to just one (or even 10 for that matter)? I always love the images you share, but the one with the jumping elephant cracked me up!!!!!

    I hope you are having the best weekend ever!
    sending hugs...

  27. I agree that it would be very difficult to narrow it down to just a couple blog. Smart stance to take:-). Beautiful images as always. XX

  28. as always..
    your snaps blow me away.
    the elephant on the trampoline is my fave.

    i look forward to your selection.

  29. I just discovered your lovely blog today and I am a happy new follower. What beautiful photos and wonderful inspiration! Angie @ Swede Dreams

  30. It's really hard to pick from all of these great blogs these days. Glad to find another source of inspiration, hopping unto that link. :) Got my eye on your next posts.

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