Monday, 16 September 2013


As the mists and chilly weather of Autumn start to roll in, here in the UK, I thought that I should post some of my photographs of our Summer holiday in Croatia before Winter arrives !!. As regulars to my blog well know, I'm always a little behind with things !!!!


Croatia is a beautiful country and we only touched the surface but, what we saw, we loved. 

It has a beauty all of it's own and, seems to maintain it's original charm. Even though it becomes more and more popular as a holiday destination every year, the area we visited { Istria } didn't have a touristy feel at all. The people were lovely, the food great and, I didn't hear an English voice once ! Dubrovnik is probably the most popular town to go to but, we were 700 miles away from there ..... we shall have to go back to visit that area. 

and ..... as much as I don't want to compare, because it has it's own special personality, it does have a certain Italian influence, due to it's geographical position and history.

Shutters and washing ..... my favourite photographic subjects !!


Pula is the largest city in Istria County, best known for it's many surviving buildings, the most famous of which is it's 1st- Century amphitheatre which is amongst the six largest surviving Roman arenas in the world. Pula is surrounded by naturally beautiful countryside and the turquoise water of the Adriatic. More photos of Pula in Part 2.


Rovinji is a beautiful, unspoilt and active fishing port and is said to be one of the most photogenic towns in the Mediterranean.
The town is enchanting with it's medieval streets, pretty marina and busy port. I'll show more of Rovinji in Part 2 { hopefully, I'll get around to Part 2 !! } but, I didn't take that many photos as I was too busy eating and drinking !!!!

Grandson Henry on holiday in Croatia.

Wishing everyone a magical week.

All images taken by me



  1. Lovely !!!!.....enjoy the week love love !

  2. So happy you had a wonderful holiday, Jacqueline. I can only imagine via your pics how beautiful this place really is. Bucket List add-on!!

  3. Incredible opportunity to visit such beauty! Yowza cannot begin to cover it...

  4. Gorgeous photos, Jackie - it looks like a fabulous place to visit! Love little Henry's beautiful eyes! Have a wonderful week. Lots of love to you! xxoo

  5. So lovely photos, Jackie - and the eyes of your grandson show real, real happiness, wonderful!

  6. Thanks for sharing your pictures, it certainly looks a lovely place to visit. must put this on my list of countries to visit.

  7. Looks like a beautiful place! Your grandson is adorable!

  8. Beautiful photographs! My son has just gone out to Croatia for a holiday, he loves it there, the more off the beaten track the better for him! Your grandson is georgous xxx

  9. Fabulous photographs Jackie...we must go to Croatia it looks wonderful :) your grandson looks absolutely adorable.
    Thanks for popping by today...yes, get your tea at Claridges booked...what a treat!
    Have a lovely week.

  10. Stunning pictures of Croatia. I am always behind and seldom post in real time either. love those shutters, olive

  11. You made some beautiful photo's Jackie!!! Wish you showed some more of your work on your blog. I especially like the photo of the washing line very much and off course the photo of your handsome grandson :-)

    Happy week!

    Madelief x

  12. Another one for the list.. Rovinji looks stunning!

  13. I'm contacted the Irish Tourism Bureau to see whether there might be any funding for shutters and washing in the local community for when you come west, Jacqueline!

  14. Oh how beautiful! It is years since I travelled to Croatia, I remember the kind warm friendly atmosphere and the beautiful landscape and buildings - you have captured the beauty!

  15. Lovely, lovely, Jackie!
    I was in Montenegro in the late 1960's. Your post brings back wonderful memories of the region, the beautiful coast, the very warm and friendly people I've met.
    Thank you for that!

  16. Lovely indeed . . . what else can I say . . . stunningly lovely . . .

  17. What lovely pictures Jackie ~ I chuckled at the laundry photo ~ so funny! Shutters are one of my favs as well. I remember having so many pictures of fire escapes when we went to NYC ~ Trev laughed at me and said "another one". And my friend ~ it was worth the wait. xo

  18. So lovely!
    Whish you a nice week

  19. We can use a little bit Croatian sun in Holland.
    It's cold, wet and chilly outside )-:

  20. Thanks for stopping by Jackie! Always nice :)
    You are not alone, I am always behind with things myself. Pleasure before work right?

    I never knew that much about croatia, tempting visiting the croatian islands! These buildings has the same beautiful appearance as those in Florence, Venice or even Paris. With mediterranean influence I can imagine the food was absolutely fantastic. To me, The food is often Nr.1 reason to travel somewhere :)

    Enjoy a nice weekend ( and tell me about your trip, IF you go visiting Walnuts Farm )

    ~ Aina ~

  21. Jackie it's been terribly long and I've missed your blog and communicating so very much. Your trip to Croatia looks magical. I remember long ago you saying you were not good at photography (which I thought not to be true) and look at you now!! Your photographs are gorgeous and Croatia sounds just a wonderful as it looks. My favorite photo has to be Henry although I swear he is only 6 months old. I look forward to catching up and seeing more of your holiday. Have a good weekend. I hear it's going to be warm in your neck of the UK and not all that bad way over here either! Take care my friend. xxx

  22. I always love your pics and have missed coming to your blog so much! Henry is getting so big! You should be a travel guide with all the wonderful places you visit.

  23. Thanks for taking us to a little bit of Croatia.
    It looks great.
    That picture with the laundry hanging outside was great, my favorite!!
    Hugs Gerda

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