Tuesday, 3 September 2013

BY INVITATION .......... PATINA ..........

By Invitation is back from it's holiday's and, our subject this month is ' Patina '.
Patina is a fading, darkening and ageing process which is natural and unavoidable ~ distressed and corroded ~ it is aesthetically pleasing.

The word 'Patina' comes from the Latin " shallow dish " as used in Rome. 

These are the imprints of Hua Chi's feet, a 70 year old Buddhist monk who has said his prayers in the same spot for over 20 years. At one point, according to Hua Chi, he prayed over 3,000 times a day. He says that, now he is older, this has gone down to about 1,000 times per day !!
Dedicated patina I think !

Taken by me in beautiful Ravello

A beautiful face, etched with a patina of fine lines and tiny wrinkles.

That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it !! .......... I seem to be acquiring more of a patina on a daily basis !!

Please pop over to Marsha @ Splenderosa to see what the other By Invitation participants are saying about patina.

image 1: Via zsa zsa bellagio with my text, image 2: via delectable collectables, image 3: via pinterest, image 4: via elizabeth stones, image 5: via rusttee, image 6: via bonnard 3, image 7: via a cherry ice cream smile, image 8: via envers du decor, image 9: via inspiration lane, image 10: via zsa zsa bellagio, image 11: via the telegraph, images 12 and 14: via ME, image 13: via sukanto debnath



  1. I love thses photos, so beautiful! I'm popping over to Ravello tomorrow, I think I know exactly where to find that foot!

  2. HOW beautiful is your post,Jaqueline!

    I kan very good understand what do you mean...
    How magnificent are all your images here!
    I do love the way: patina in a wrinkels of the old people:)))*

    I like this huge idea from Marsha: ''By Invitation only'' and I read all posts with a much and much pleasure!:)*

    Wishinh to you wonderful week ahead,

  3. Oh I love your philosophy of looking in the mirror! It's brilliant, and a very wise way of accepting, nay loving, the beauty of age.

    Glorious images and I am still pondering the foot marks....extraordinary....Virginia xx

  4. A very good subject matter for you, Jacqueline - most of your posts celebrate the acquired experience of objects wonderfully. You and your patina always look lovely.

  5. I could not wait to read your interpretation of Patina, as i knew you will come us with some fabulous images and lines. Thank you for these inspiring photos and i share your philosophy on a face with character (alas...wrinkles...)

  6. Dear Jackie,
    'patina' makes mellow, unique (!), gives worth. I love your photos, as ever (and have taken almost the same photo of the bronze foot - I think in V&A, but maybe in Bremen where they had an exhibition on shoes).
    As you write: only time can give real patina - and I think soul shimmers through it.

  7. Jackie, this is so beautiful...hauntingly beautiful. Love it!

  8. Jackie....your "patina" is giving me goose bumps. I just love it. The crustier the better. Have a great day! Mona

  9. A lovely post, Jackie...I think we were on the same wavelength :-)
    By the way...you look GORGEOUS.
    Have a great week.

  10. Hi Jackie,
    Fabulous post and fabulous photographs,
    I can't believe the image of the imprints of Hua Chi's feet, it is truly amazing!
    It must also hold such amazing energy?

    Sending hugs and warm wishes from Down Under, xx Coty

  11. I am always slightly amused by those who do not "get" the concept of patina and like items new and shiny. Perhaps they fill the coffers of plastic surgeons. Lovely post.

  12. Ooohhh Jackie your posts are always soooo great and lovely!!!!!!
    Big hugs.

  13. An antique dealer once described a waxed and polished oak table to me as 'dripping in patina'. I know exactly what he meant. There were no foot impressions in the wood though!

  14. Jackie, I knew that you would take this theme and run with it--and you did! I am absolutely stunned by your including the engraving (can you call it that?) of Hua Chi's foot imprint--absolutely the most moving example of patina that I have ever seen. But all of it is gorgeous, merci.
    Gros Bisous from Provence,

  15. No one sees the wrinkles, we only see wisdom, wit and wonder. The foot print
    is completely awesome! And, so is the Byzantine cuff! You always amaze with your insight and the sheer beauty you create for all of us to enjoy. Thank you so so much, J. Sending love.

  16. What a great post Jackie...you looking good darling.....love your patina...hahahahaha...love from me...x !!

  17. Great ending to a lovely post, Jackie! I'm going to repeat that to myself when I get despondent looking in the mirror:))

  18. Jackie this is so sumptuous I could eat the page! Love your last photo and wisdom. Hugs to you. Fx

  19. I like that we are acquiring a nice patina - that's a great way of looking at aging! Thanks for the smile and the gorgeous photos! xxoo

  20. A gorgeous patina surrounds you physically and of soul . . .

  21. Lovely as always sweet Jackie ~ the pictures you chose are beautiful and I adore that last shot. xo

  22. I had no idea it comes from the Latin. Fantastic.

  23. Gorgeous examples of patina Jackie dear. I feel that as women age, somehow the beauty deepens within and so not only is there a patina on the outside but a patina that happens on the soul as well.
    That's my story :))))
    I love the beautiful photo of you my sweet friend.
    sending hugs...

  24. I used to think of the appreciation of 'Patina' as exclusively Italian. Now I think it's value is more widespread. Viva Patina!

  25. OH Jackie, You've done it again! Again a wonderful post, a perfect contribution to the Patina theme! Together with these most wonderful images...what else can I say. Simply brilliant - as always!
    Apropos our own patina: Yes, I feel the same when looking in the mirror, except when I have one of these "funny" days. And most of the time I think that it takes so long to develop my "smile-wrinkels"....so, I'm rather happy with my "patination" - it is just authentic.
    Warmest greetings to London from a sunny and hot Périgord,
    big XOXO's, karin

  26. Hi Jackie,

    Good to see one of your posts again! I missed you over the summer! Loved your last words about the mirror and the wrinkles. Be happy with the way we are....wrinkles and all :-)

    Happy evening!

    Madelief x

  27. Great post Jackie, o I love patina, let´s give patina on everything:)
    The picture of the old women is wonderful.
    I'd rather have a face with smile and worry wrinkles than a smooth face with no expression:)
    Have a great weekend!
    Hugs Gerda

  28. Wonderful post!

    I adore all those photos!!!

  29. CHECK IT OUT......
    i've got PATINA too!!!


  30. Ha... love it in theory but then I look in the mirror and don't recognize that person.
    Love all the images, great post

  31. a little too much patina going on on this dull Monday morning I fear....where's that tinted moisturiser??!!

  32. Beautiful, magic blog, thank you for sharing!

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