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Tuesday 2 November 2010



I'm not meant to live alone
Turn this house into a home

Oooops, carried away a bit there !!!!

Here are some chairs, in different guises, to turn your house into a home !!  ( some, not so much, but are beautiful nonetheless !! )......

 Jeffery Jones

 Rodney Smith

 Brea McDonald Photography

Country Living

Lunch anyone ?

Cuppa anyone ?

La la la la la la la
and a house is not a home
la la la la la la,     doo doo de do ..........

Well, there you are.....lots of chairs to turn your house into a home.
I'm worn out after all of that's tough being a Diva !!, I'm going to have a rest in this chair.
Someone please peel me a grape and have rose petals scattered over the Persian carpet ......and, only blue Smarties, thank you !!!!!!

Images 2, 4, 7, 10, 11, 13....origin not known.



  1. Exquisite high notes, Jacqueline. Do you need an agent? I can market you as the Chairwoman of Exquisite Trilling.

    Those chair-in-the-sea shots are very appealing - human comfort in an unruly force of nature. I guess sushi would be served in the dining-room shot.

  2. Now I have a tune wedgie Jackie! I'm a bit partial to that chair in the bathroom though :)

  3. All those chairs remind me of a great pair of worn wish they could talk and tell you where they have lived, who used them and whats one storey they would love to tell. Personality with a chair. Love it!

  4. Yummy images thanks.
    Love the bathroom & the sea picnic especially xx

  5. Great ending ... I too love the chairs in the sea. It always reminds me of Greece and that scene in Shirley Valentine, when she is sitting in the sea having a glass of retsina ...

    oooh... to be there now ...

    Blue smarties ... yum!

  6. ~so l♥vely are these images...the first and much time many memories they've shared...comforting...supporting those that they l♥ve...truly fitting that they create ones home...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  7. Dear Jackie, you show us the most beautiful images!!!!
    Every chair is so wonderful!
    Have a great week,

    P.S.: With your comment due to Starbucks you make me laugh! Thank you :-)

  8. I have a real weakness for chairs! You have inspired me to walk around my house today and sit in everyone in my house. I like to pay attention to the vista from each one, see if it needs a throw or cushion on it...just give them all a bit of decorating-love.

  9. You're hylarious. Did you manage to get the blouse?
    They now have a new tunic/jersey in black and gray that is so rock chick, I really want it but I need to lose another stone before I can reward myself that well. A stone for Christmas, now there's a wish for ya!!!

    Lovely singing by the're a true Diva.

  10. Dear Jackie,
    All my life I have loved chairs. Everytime I leave my husband tell me to please don't bring home another chair. I always find special ones as do you! Each one has a personality just like a person. History of many many thoughts and inspiration have come from these chairs and sad stories too I am sure have been nurtured here. Love love love this post! Have a beautiful week~

  11. Oh nothing beats a good chair and these all look amazing.
    I have one that was my grandmothers wedding gift and it still has it orginal fabric...I LOVE it.

    Hugs for a great day my friend...thanks again for the magic. xoxo

  12. I can hear the Glee version of that song in my head since I listen to it most days..........lots of chairs, gorgeous ones. Have a good week Jackie. XO

  13. I LOVE THEM... your are so clever to find these! please can I move into the most tatty one...I just love those chairs too...oooh it has taken my breath away xx
    Hugs Lynn xxxx

  14. Oh my I love this I love your blog....just going to pick my jaw up off the floor....I will be back!!!! Thanks!

  15. I simply love them all, thanks for making my day when I come see your blog. Happy Tuesday. HUGS MARY

  16. Wonderful pics and some great ideas too!

  17. one of the most gorgeous posts I've seen lately...



  18. Well, you gave me lots of chair inspiration today. I am loving the image third from the top. That could be me on the lake...all my ducks in a row.

    Have a wonderful week, Jacqueline!


  19. Beautiful chairs but of course its the french shabby chic ones that do it for me. Don't know about that Diva in the chair though - she didn't even ask for any champagne!!!

  20. Most of them look so comfy! I am partial to alot of the outdoor chairs. I also have a big problem with always finding great chairs to add to my collection!! Great post, Jackie!!! xxoo :)

  21. Lovely post ....lovely chairs !!.take a sit darling....and enjoy your beautiful Ria.......

  22. Can't keep it in, I had to tell you how beautiful your blog is and how much pleasure it brings me!!!

    Thank You,


  23. I love all of your chairs, the pictures are so georgeous and inspiring! I wish you the best! Hugs from me, Siren :)

  24. Well hello Jacqueline...what a wonderful selection. I love the adirondack one half way through. They are my all time fave. I do have a bit of a thing about chairs - I am still after an Eames's on the Christmas list! Lou xx

  25. Hey there sweet jacki,
    I am loving your chair series today! I am sitting in one in a hotel in Florence!!! It is divine and...tomorrow we are off to
    SIENA AND SAN GIMIGNANO....just for a visit and then Venice. I think i may cry.
    This part of the world is truly beautiful. x I will be back- x Suzi

  26. oooh i also love the chairs,
    just sitting in a chair to read a book......
    at a fireplace...
    greatings from holland

  27. Pour prendre le temps de se reposer...



  28. Love the table at the beach! How amazing would it be to eat there?

  29. fav is that Adirondack cottagey looking white chair with all the maybe it is the daybed with the lace cover...or wait..perhaps those gorgeous blue chairs against the sea...oh, it is all too much gorgeousness! :)

  30. that tune will be stuck in my head for the night!

    all great images...but I think i might like the 4th one the best.......

    you are so little diva....

  31. Ha ha no worries petal, peeled grapes coming up!!!

    I love how varied these are and in different states of dress or 'undress'. Love Rodney's photo, always great. Think I might take that comfy one in #2 thanks darling diva.

    love Deej

  32. Rest well .....enjoy that sublime comfort.....xv

  33. Oh Jackie ~ you picked some truly well loved chairs and how cool are those curtains!! I would meet you for lunch or a cuppa and pick the blue smarties out for you my friend. xo

  34. Hi Jackie
    Your Laura Ashley grey print sounds fantastic you should do a post!! I love a chair in the bathroom. I really need one in fact for bathing the children. At the moment I have one of those little oak milking stools! Hmm food for thought.

  35. Now, you know I am very fond f chairs, Jackie! Hope you are well, friend. xo

  36. The more worn out the better..chairs that is! I'm sending you a heap of blue smarties & a bottle of bubbly my divine British Diva. Hoping you and the family are all happy and healthy?!

    Will write you more soon.
    Cheers my lovely dear xo xo

  37. aside from my total love affair with chairs Jacqueline, this song on the Barbra Streisand LIVE! album is one that my husband wooed me with...way back in the day!

  38. I want to eat at that table in the sea!

  39. I have visited a friend in Maryland and she shared a beautiful thought regarding chairs to me. She told me that chairs are created to fit those who are supposed to seat them. In a public place or even inside our home, we tend to find the suitable chair according to our needs, feature and own preferences.

    When she visited me in St Louis, doors caught her attention. She asked me why am I so much concern when it comes to my doors. To give you a brief background, my door is a combination of a modern style with a mix of a vintage design that came up with a classic door. I told her that the door serves its purpose. It is an entrance to our home and inasmuch as possible, I'd like to give the warmest welcome to every guest at our door step.

  40. Oh Jackie, I love these chairs! I am a chair-a-holic! I especially love the chairs on the water by Brea McDonald! Gorgeous!

  41. Thanks for sharing such beautiful images with us, where do you find them all? Love the dining set on the beach, how romantic is that....Lucey xx

  42. Dear Jacqueline, I could find a place for each and evry one of the chairs you show here. They are all beautiful in their own, very different ways, but it is the strong element of design that is the thread runing through this collection, I think.

    You have such an eye for detail that there is always something inspirational on show in your postings.

  43. These chairs are gorgeous! That chair in the bath is a fave! Have a lovely day, Kellie xx

  44. Fantastic photo's . I wonder why they are in the shape they are in. You put together a teriffic


  45. hi jackie
    i could use almost anything from your post. this huge farmhouse is practically empty.
    i think i love the white one best.... well, maybe a couple others
    ~laura xx

  46. Hi
    I've just found your blog. OMG!!!!! it's wonderful and instead of getting on with my work this afternoon, I have spent the last hour going through to your very first blog. IT'S AMAZING!! I guess you already know this , but I just had to say it. If you put all your posts into one book , it would be my perfect inspiration book. pleaase get someone to offer you a publishing deal!!! WONDERFUL.

  47. Jackie, I am drawn to the comfy torn and tattered ones for some reason. I have chairs tucked into corners that no one will use but they are lovely and make me happy. ♥O

  48. i came around your blog a long time ago. It's still a pleasure. Beautiful post and so much inspiration. thank you :)

  49. uhm...honey,....give me a melody here so I can sing a long:D!!!! I see you "stole" a chair from Hennie from Room 17!!!;)....some of those chairs just aren't meant for sitting on!!!! I also like the chair with the blankets.....I call it bed:D...lalalalalallala


  50. Where have I been? beautiful images....


  51. Love this Jackie!!!

    I have no idea what song you are singing...have been trying to fit my own music to your words LOL!!!! You are funny!! xx

    PS You must go to La Coupole one day, you would love it!

  52. Hi Jackie,

    Lovely images! I like the second pictures best! I would love to have a chair like that in my bedroom!! It looks so romantic.

    Lieve groet & happy evening,


  53. That beautiful outdoor lunch setup is so swoon worthy!

  54. So many delicious chairs .... I'd be happy to sit back and relax in any of these gorgeous things. Hope you're enjoying all those grapes! Leigh

  55. Jackie, I didn't mean to "wave my finger"at you about the picture from Hennie, hope you didn't think I did....I was just glad I recognized a picture(YEAH I go worldwide;))))))
    But I'm still wondering about this melody you were singing.....;)


  56. Jackie can all of these come home and live with me??? I will make room for them even if I have to toss the sofas out the door! Of course if you must, you may keep the one you are sitting in. But once you stand, I'm jerking that baby right out from under you.
    Beautiful post my dear friend!!!
    hugs to you...

  57. chairs are my favorite pieces in a room.
    i think they determine the character of a room.

    xxx amazing images as always girl!!!

  58. Hi Jackie, thank you for the Room Seventeen link at my photo :-)

  59. Dear Jackie, wow great choices... Especially I love the old and worn chairs... they look like the typical english understatement...
    warm hugs, Bine

  60. Love your beautiful chair photos ...quite an impressive series!!!

  61. Jackie,
    I found you via Pam on Red Ticking and oh what a joy. I am going to have to keep up with you. Love this post, I am a chair fanatic!

  62. I'm excited - wonderful photos. Your blog is great - I link you! It's ok? ;)



  63. Hello!
    I can only say its wonderful photos!!!!!!
    I love them all!!!!
    Have a nice weekend!

  64. Mmmm....ALL so lovely! :) Thanks for stopping by and leaving your sweet comment. :) Happy weekend!


  65. Jackie, look at all these gorgeous chairs. You must have had a ball pulling together this post. I am loving the idea of a deep leather chair. It feels so right for England. I am on the lookout :)

    Thanks so much for your lovely comments this week.
    Best wishes for a wonderful weekend Jackie and Happy Guy Fawkes Day!

    Jeanne xx

  66. hola ;) Thanks for the nice comment, you are always such a loyal visitor! Sorry to hear you are not on Face book to participate... it is rather fun on FB.. and it gives me the opportunity to make some little conversations with the people who visit the blog without using mail and things.. liking a page still keeps you anonymous for the page holder ;)

    Have a very nice weekend!

  67. an absolutely glorious post as usual. i love the table at the beach. i love this world we live in where such utilitarian objects become objects of beauty in their own right.

  68. Love your chair fetish Jac!
    Millie ^_^

  69. Seems tuesday was tune day all over the world!! haha
    Lovely chairs Jackie.. I'm sure I couldn't pick a favourite from this bunch!! all too beautiful.. Have a fabulous weekend.. ciao xxx Julie

  70. Hi,
    You have a wonderful blog ! I think that the chairs are lovely (and the photos !)


  71. Thanks for keeping the blog! I've been watching a bit and enjoy your posts.

    Instant Garage

  72. jackie... i love those worn floral chairs... ooohhhh if i could get my paws on those... have a lovely weekend... and yes, emma is my inspiration... she is always so full of life... and i am much better... thank you... x pam

  73. Hi Jackie
    awww such loveliness... I have a thing for chairs so you made my day with this post! Loved them all but the tattered ones I loved the most.
    Hope you are well and happy

  74. Zowie...excellent selection of chairs and photos Jackie. As usual you transport me to another era of romance and charm, elegance and grace. Stunning la dee da dee da.....

  75. You make a fine Diva...I could be of help and use my fan on hot summer days...I love the old english tattered know it has seen quite a few things in its life and would have lot's to tell. I am back from Bhutan and desperately trying to readjust to the time change, weather

  76. I no longer judge a chair by its cover. I judge it by how supportive it is of my back. And I'm still a youngster! But comfort is becoming more important all the time.

  77. Hi Jackie...Oh goodness. I can't decide which chair to faint over first. They're all marvelous! (The first image really took my breath away.) You have such a lovely blog!


  78. Never knew a chair could speak volumnes like that! Thanks!

  79. wow nice blog ... Im your new follower.
    Kh Lone - Denmark

  80. Jackie an amazing array, the images in the water are very artistic!

    Come and enter my New Giveaway from Empress of the Eye. You will love it!

    Art by Karena

  81. oooo so very cool pictures, I liked the table setting in the water very much. Hope all is well with you Jackie. Here we have snow now and it's pretty cool. I'm into Christmas crafts, I will sell at the Christmas markets if I have time of course hihi.
    Many warm hugs to you/Ingela.

  82. Absolutely stunning! A chair can speak volumes, I agree! It's the perfect accessory! Love! Have a wonderful week! XX!

  83. Lovely all those chairs.
    I have a few chairs whitout a sitting but I love them.
    They are lovely to put som flowers in.
    Have a beautifull sunday.
    Hugs Gerda

  84. Dear Jackie I have sanded you an email.

    Hugs ,
    have a beautiful evening!

  85. I love this post....Chairs have so much personality. Cannot choose just one! Have a good week! Ax

  86. Hello Jackie, Just found yor blog!! Love the song and oh my...the chairs are all fabulous although my fav is the one next to the tub!
    Have a lovely week and so glad I found you!!!

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  88. Jackie,
    This post stopped me in my tracks. Actually I have been meaning to stop by for a visit to your lovely Home!
    We visit many of the same fantastic blogs and I always love your comments.
    Looking forward to visiting with you often.

  89. Hi Jackie! I do love a beautiful chair!! It can simply make a room!! That second one stole my heart :))

    Hugs ~

    :) T

  90. Wonderful singing and stunning chairs Jackie. Oh how I'd love that bathroom with the lace curtain and that beautiful old chair. Hope your virus woes vanish soon, and without you having to lose an arm and a leg! Xx

  91. Oh what stunning images. It would be too difficult to pick a favorite. I do love the Adirondack chair. And I so love the chair next to the fireplace in the second picture. And I most certainly enjoy the wooden table and chairs on the porch. Hmmm...I love them all.
    And the singing is divine. As mentioned above, you deserve champagne!
    Fabulous post.

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