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Monday 25 October 2010


Breast cancer has more than likely touched all of our lives in some way or another, unfortunately.
Many of you have posted on this subject and, as it's Breast Cancer Awareness month, this is my contribution, in pictures..........


Four things
where I would
rather not
find a lump;
Mashed Potato
and Bosoms

Chris Little

I've decided that, the stuff falling through the cracks is confetti and I'm having a party

Betsy Canas Garmon



  1. Hi Jackie,

    What a wonderful, wonderful post. It literally brought tears to my eyes. You are truely gifted with an eye for the exceptional. You inspire. *hugs*

  2. A beautifully pink post Jackie that reminds us. Such a touching tribute of support. Much love XO

  3. Such a beautiful post, and as Sande said, a touching tribute of support...

  4. Jackie, an immensely exceptional reminder of what is really important and I loved the "lump" list which is spot on but I would include grits but I guess you do not eat them. ♥olive

  5. Hello,dear Jackie:-)*

    What an amazing,beyond fabulous post with many inspiring photos and many wonderful feelings by!!!
    Just absolutely gorgeous selection!

    My Love and hugs,

  6. Oh Jackie,
    You can make a true blue gal turn pink!
    What a beautiful pretty pink post!
    I can't decide which pic is my fave!
    Love your sense of humor which always sneaks in... and of course, most importantly is the lovely expression of support for Breast Cancer Awareness month.

  7. my beautiful Jackie,

    you are always in my mind. xxx



  8. your blog is one of the very best....thanks for taking the time to do it...

  9. What put in so much work to your beautiful blog...and I really love it.
    Lynn xxxxx

  10. Hi Jackie, I have missed you so on blogging. I love this post so much. All the photo's are to die for and very touching. What a wonderful tribute, lets hope some day we can find a cure. HUGS MARY

  11. The most beautiful place ever for the campaign to prevent cancer!
    Beautiful, beautiful pictures, I'd would like to find them ....
    Thank you, thank you!

  12. think pink, is what you did today!!!! Thank you!!!


  13. This is a beautiful post with stunning pictures for such a Great Cause. Loved it!!

  14. Hi Jackie, such a touching tribute!!! Love love love your blog, it is absolutely amazing!
    Have a nice week!

  15. Oh Jackie,

    So much love, thoughtfulness, beauty and comfort in this post. Thank you.


  16. Dear Jacqueline, Perfection in pink!! Such strength and warmth are conveyed in these carefully chosen images, without the need for text. Clever, confident and inspirational as usual.

  17. Dear Jackie, I love your blog! Pink is one of my favorite colours ( and the favorite colour of my two daughters ).
    Your images are so amazing!
    I wish you a wonderful monday evening,
    Big Hugs,

  18. Lovely images in pink! I love the different colors and shades of pink! Gorgeous. Simply.

  19. Ok my sweet friend...first it was blue now know me and these colours..I am once again in HEAVEN! Thank you for making my Monday a Pink one and cheering it up...hugs for a great week...enjoy whats left of October my friend.


  20. Beautiful post.... is it especially for me ????...hahahahhah!!...PINK is my favorite you know !!.............i love it !!! happy newe week love think pink....Ria...

  21. Lovely collection of pink reminders.
    I had my mammogram last week!
    So important.

  22. Dear Jackie,

    And a beautiful addition this is! You found some stunning pictures.

    Wish you a happy new week!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  23. A lovely collection, Jacqueline, and I'll be imagining you all week with a pink rose attached to your top hat. The fancy chair in front of the swooshily draping pink curtains has become my new dream bedroom window.

  24. Your images are exquisite Jackie! And a lovely tribute for breast cancer awareness.
    Hope you're having a great week so far.

  25. These pictures are gorgeous! I love all of them. Have a wonderful pink day, Kellie xx

  26. Beautiful --- i somehow along the way have missed your posts xx

  27. Hi Jackie
    Well I think great minds must think alike - I have just put together lots of photos with pink in so that I could post about Breast Cancer Awareness Week! Yours is beautiful and makes us all think about how lucky we are!
    Thanks for your post re My Wish List - love the wrapping paper I am going to have to add it to the list.

  28. Gorgeous pics Jackie for a powerful message ~ you never, ever disappoint. Love the books, the bike and always the flowers and lace. Have a wonderful week sweet lady. xo

  29. What an incredibly beautiful post...thankyou so much for sharing. I am inspired to make a pink post of my own dedicated to my dear childhood friend...thankyou

  30. Stunning post !! I love to visit your blog.You put so much passion in your creativity..Chickie

  31. Such a beautiful post, all of it, just beautiful pictures.
    Made me think about my friend, who sadly I lost contact with, but she is always in my mind and I hope she is still cancer free and being with her three girls right now. I miss her.

  32. I'm more than a bit in love with this pink prettiness, even though I normally go for the hot variety! And such an important message too...thanks Jackie xx

  33. Jackie ~

    Pink is definitely one of my favorite colors (especially this pale/blush variety you chose so perfectly)...

    My mama is a survivor of breast cancer, so I am always thinking positive when it comes to a cure!


  34. Thank you so much for such a wonderful post!

  35. Dear Jackie, thanks for dropping by the vintage heart,glad you did. i was also concern for Bates in downton, I think he is rather nice and and wouldnt mind him as my valet!! As usual your pictures are sublime.... you always transport me to a beautiful world with your blog,love ,love it! specially liked the hat box, the blossom on the wheels of the bike.. and the old mirror, wonderful, where do you get your images?? have a great week sending love,Linda x x

  36. I loooooove the old bed!! and the mirror and and ..everything haha
    Nice week

  37. love it especially the marshmellows. xoxo

  38. A beautiful compilation Jackie.....xv

  39. What a great pink post - particularly the marshmallows! :-)


  40. Love these beautiful photos - especially the little girl with the hearts and the bike wheel with the pink blossoms, you know, the little things.

    Don't have much money but this month I give a donation everytime I checkout at the market and I hope I've inspired a few others to do the same.

    Thanks for a great post.


  41. What a beautiful post! My Auntie would have loved it!

  42. Hello!!!!
    I really love your photos so mutch!!!!!
    I will be follow you!!!!
    Have a nice evening!

  43. You know how to touch feelings!

    Beautiful post...

  44. Jackie this truly is the perfect ode to pink and this wonderful, wonderful cause. Leigh

  45. Beautiful post with fantastic pictures for a very important issue!!!!
    ....and now I desperately want to eat marshmallows.... =)

  46. What great timing just had the " boob smooch" this afternoon...haha! not so bad.....once it's over!
    Seriously it's really great that you brought this subject up.
    Love all the images but the one of the roses takes my breath away. Saved it so I can try to emulate it...TRY being the optimum word!
    Happy Pink day to you sweets,

  47. Hi!

    Thank you for your kind words. You are too kind.


  48. j'aime ce rose!
    j'aime tes visites!

    Bonne journée


  49. Hiya honey, I love this pink themed post...marshmellows mmmm and pink stars and the first pic, so pretty.

    Great post to a worthy cause,
    love and hugs Deej

  50. This was beautiful Jackie, great post :)

    Thanks for all the lovely comments recently, you always make me smile! xx

  51. Love it all, Jackie - just beautiful. We definitely have all been touched and will continue to be so, unfortunately. Here's hoping that one day there will be a cure in our lifetime! Thanks for this lovely reminder!! xxoo

  52. What a lovely idea. I shall follow suit shortly~ linking back to you. My Mum found a lump almost a year ago and had a partial mastectomy just before Christmas. Luckily she is now fit and well, but things could have been so different... My thoughts are with all those who have been touched by this awful disease.
    B x

  53. thanks my sweet friend for your wonderful pink post, your photos make me warm in my heart. Many many hugs to you / Ingela.

  54. No one can create a post as beautifully as you Jackie. It would be a world that sighs a massive sigh of relief when researchers announce the cure for cancer. Will that day ever come? It is something to hope for isn't it? Sending you much love Jackie xo xo

  55. Oooh Jackie, another jaw-dropping post of scrumptous images in pink! I really am sooo glad you are out here spreading the beauty around us all sweet friend.

  56. jackie,
    this is quite timely for me.
    my dearest friend...
    her breast cancer has come back-
    after 5 years.
    this was a lovely post.

  57. Hi Jackie! I know I've said it a million times, but you really do find the PRETTIEST pictures on the web!!!!!!! Gorgeous! Thanks for contributing to breast cancer awareness...

    Big hugs my friend ~

    :) T

  58. Really really lovely photo's, to remind us of how fragile we are!

  59. This post is so, so beautiful. And you know how I love pink...
    xoxoxoxox g.

  60. oooh.. I'm am so late to the pretty pink post...
    Gorgeous pink images.. my favourite is nature's unexpected gift on the bicycle..!!! Let's hope for a cure for all cancer's... those that get publicity and those that are the no no's we don't talk about!!!

    Have a lovely day... xxx Julie

  61. Jackie,
    This is an absolutely beautiful post - the images are so dreamy. Such a wonderful pink tribute post for breast cancer.

    Thanks for leaving a note on my last post. Happy weekend! Rita

  62. Glorious Jackie...your photo choices, atmosphere, everything you show is beauty, glamour , softness and light. I do hope one day we can sit together over a glass of wine/cup of tea and get to know one another...i cherish you as a friend. You always make me feel so good after I read your blog. Thank you for you visit and comment to mine. All the very best, Cynthia

    Oh Yeah, Twiggy is selling on QVC! It’s a shopping channel on tv. Cheap, horrible crap! But she is so lovely and charming it will make her a bunch of money. She’s so lovely and charming she could sell snow to an Eskimo.

  63. Jackie, Your blog is so lovely. Fantastic photo's and more. I too love lace, flowers and more. This was my first visit to your blog, and I enjoyed it very much! Thank You for sharing every thing beautiful. LOVE PINK!

  64. What a lovely, lovely post, Jackie. Such beautiful photos for a very important topic. Hope you have a wonderful week. Hugs! :)

  65. Great pink pics and a great reminder too. I especially love the lump list!
    I don't like lumps in anything, thank you!

  66. Wonderful post that really touches the heart!
    Stunning pictures too!!! I love it all.

    Miss you my dear! Thank you so much for caring!

    Love u!

  67. thanks you for this beautiful post... x

  68. Hi Jackie, Thanks for your visit and comment. My dad was stationed in Sudbury in the war and flew a B17 Bomber as as Navigator. He stayed in the Air Force Reserves for many years, so I developed a love of planes and Air Force bases. all the best and thanks again.

  69. beautiful and heartfelt... we have all lost someone or have friends who have suffered... or a scare ourselves... lovely jackie... you are so darling... xx

  70. What a beautiful collection of pink pictures for a very important cause.


  71. Hi Jackie, Such beautiful pink pics for such a great cause, Isn't All Saints the best! I so want the sequin skirt, but can't justify the brown leather jacket as I bought the black one last year! Have a sweet day!

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