Monday, 15 March 2010


Yesterday was Mothering Sunday, here in the U.K.

A religious festival, celebrating motherhood has existed in Europe since Neolithic times. In later years, Mothering Sunday became a day when domestic servants were given a day off to visit their mothers and other family members. It was often the only time that whole families could gather together.
By the third decade of the 20th century, people in Ireland and the U.K. started celebrating Mothering Sunday on the fourth Sunday in Lent, and, yesterday was it..........

Well, on Saturday we took our number one son and his wife to the airport as they were flying off on a month's holiday to Austin, Texas, San Fransisco, Seattle and New York !!!! It's alright for some, isn't it ?
Number one son and daughter-in-law off the hook as far as Mothering Sunday was concerned !!!! haha.

Lovely Number One daughter and boyfriend, booked us a table at a wonderful restaurant in London ........ points and a gold star for Number One daughter and a permanent place in the will !!!! hehe .............

The restaurant is Galvin's in Spitalfields in the City ..........

It is in a converted church and has the most wonderful atmosphere so, to our daughter's dismay, my camera came out for some photos for my blog !!!! Friend's and family don't like this part of blogging, where I am forever taking photo's in case I do a post on it, hence the slightly out of focus pictures, as I have to do them in a hurry because everyone starts moaning at me !!

This was my mother's day present and card....more points for number one daughter, as she made the card, bought me a pressie and wrapped it beautifully, cementing afore mentioned position in the will !!!!

Loving food as much as I do, I ate my starter and main course before remembering that I should have taken photographs but, here is one of my dessert... chocolate fondant with banana ice cream and cinder

Well, that was my wonderful, special day and, to everyone out there who still have their mother's with them and don't celebrate Mothering Sunday, give them a special day out, once in a while. It makes us feel good and, you can gain valuable Brownie points in the process !!!! haha.


  1. Fascinating, I never knew such a day was celebrated in the UK. I'm glad yours was so nice. No 1 daughter for sure!

  2. Absolutely GORGEOUS Jackie....Galvins looks amazing, I must remember that....I have a birthday coming up!!!!

    Sounds like Son No.1 is off for a wonderful!! Well done to your daughter, she did a great job.

    I imagine you are right up there on the list of great mothers....we all know you are one special girl :)

    Love all the images you have used here too, love the moped one!

    Happy Monday xoxo

  3. LOVE that last photo!

    You will have to send me a photo of #1 son so that I can keep my eye out for him - when and why will he be in Seattle?

    What a fun day - do you have Mother's Day as well or is that it? Ours is in May.

    Have a lovely week my friend,

  4. Dear wonderful of a day, and when ever I come to visit you, you be sure to take me to eat there....that looks right up 'my alley' for atmosphere.......
    your daughter's wrap and gift looked very her mother ;)

  5. What a great day looks perfectly suited to you. Hooray for #1 daughter! I had to laugh at your comments about the camera. I wonder how many moans are projected around the world when bloggers conveniently pop out their cameras and as discreetly as possible try to take a few snaps. Their is an art to it...I am not quite there yet. These photos are superb..thank you for sharing and so glad you hand a wonderful day. Thanks too for your lovely comments this morning...very much appreciated :)
    Jeanne xo

  6. awsome pictures!!Like always!!best regards Anja

  7. What a wonderful post, I am very happy you were able to spend this day with your daughter. Thanks so much for the photo's and it does hit home to me about mom's, my mom passed on about 19 years ago and there is not a day that does not go by when I wish I could be with her.The mom's love is the strength of the family. XO MARY

  8. Hi Jackie
    What a lovely day and that church is incredible. Nice to have some of your children around you on your special day. I enjoyed the beautiful pictures inspite of the protests :)

  9. Bonjour Jackie,
    WOw, Number 1 daughter did an outstanding job - but then I'm sure you've done an outstanding Mothering job!!
    Galvins looks lovely, must put it on my list for my next jaunt to London. Your photos are great, quickie snaps and all. Yes how did blogland change the way we do everything, I keep my camera in my purse all the time now.
    So glad you had a good day Jackie, you deserve it!
    Happy week to you!

  10. hay Jackie,What a wonderfull present.
    I can see:you had a wonderfull Mother Day!
    Your pictures allways so beautyfull.
    In Germany is Mother Day in Mai.
    Have a nice week and best ragards.
    die Waldfee

  11. wow, the restaurant looks really lovely and picture perfect. Here, we have mother's day in May, but it's a good preview to see how I can suprise my mom. great inspiration.

    have a great week.

  12. For all of my life, I've wanted to be that headless woman at the airport. I'm even willing to be left out of your will if that's what it takes. I guess a will is a bit like a giveaway, right? Comment and you're there.

    I'm glad the family treated you so well! I'd say you were the coolest mother on the street by far all through their childhood.

  13. I have never heard from such a day in the U.K., but to know well that there is him. Your photos looks so wonderful, again.
    Have a nice week Yvonne

  14. What a perfectly lovely day! Complete with banana ice cream! You really cannot do better than that. I'm glad you had a happy day!

  15. You daughter sure knows how to treat her mum! Galvin's looks amazing, and I know what you mean about the whole family moaning when the camera comes out. Todd is patient with me, but I think the others would like to grab my camera and fling it across the room! Hooray for you for persevering and getting us these lovely shots. What a gorgeous post this is, Jackie.

    Thanks for your great comment on my most recent post. I went on a bit of a rant, didn't I?

    Wishing you a lovely week, sweetheart! xoxo Gigi

  16. Glad you had such a lovely day Jackie - we have been hotly debating whether 'Mothers' Day' or 'Mothering Sunday' which I prefer, should be celebrated in the country where the mother is resident or the daughter (mine is in Aus). I am certain it is the former but my daughter isn't being obliging...we still had a wonderful day - the sun shone...! x

  17. Dear Jackie,

    I would like to thank you for your beautiful blog,I really like to read it,but most of all to look at your beautiful pictures....where do you find them in heavens name.....
    Kind regards ,Janet

  18. Sounds like a perfect day - what's better than spending time with your kids? Amazing how happy they can make you just by being happy themselves.

    I bet you're still the coolest Mom on the block.

  19. Dear Jackie, For all of this Your Number 1 daughter deserves to be made sole beneficiary without question.

    What a lovely Mother's Day: a trip to London, presents and a superb dinner in a very exciting looking restaurant. You so obviously enjoyed it, as anyone would, to be with your family [apart from the escapees].

    I have discovered your weblog via Pamela Terry whose postings I also much enjoy.

  20. Happy Mother's Day Jackie!! I know you are a very special MoM!! I'm glad you were so pampered on a day to show you how much you are appreciated and loved.

  21. Jacqueline, I always love your posts so much...first of all the photos are always so gorgeous...and then because as you are fond of Italy I'm fond of everything english. In England I spent magic moments, I hope to come back soon.

    I wish you a good week dear!!! xx

  22. What a wonderful day.
    Your children are wonderful.
    We have Mother´s Day in may.

    Next time I travel to London I shall have a look at this marvellous restaurant.

    Have a sunny week

  23. Hi dear Jackie,
    I'm am so happy that your lovely daughter would take her sweet mom out for a wonderful dinner AND include a lovely gift, because if not, I would have sent you the money to take yourself out, thus making myself number one in the will. Now that would have been so sad for your beautiful daughter. The resturant she chose is gorgeous. I am so glad you enjoyed yourself.
    As usual, a most enjoyable post my friend.

  24. OOOhh - well I'd better get my act into gear for Australia's Mothering Sunday which is the second sunday in May ...I HOPE! If it's the first and I'm late - I may be out of the will !!! My Auntie pointed a finger at me once saying that if I didn't behave I would be out of her will (as the only beneficiary, that was pretty threatening!) Then we both cracked up with laughter and grabbed a glass of wine, seeing all she had was debts at the time. Sigh - she did actually pass away and I was the only beneficiary. The bank manager reckons that she would've been a millionaire not more than 6 months later. Not rich then, but even if I was, would give it away to have my Aunty back though !

    Know what you mean about the camera... If there's food around you can forget it! I've inhaled it before I even remember that the camera's the big black thing being used as a centrepiece in the middle of the table ;-)

    YOu are a fabulous Mum Jackie, I bet your kids tell you that every day!

  25. Oh, Jackie... What a wonderful and special day your daughter planned for you!!!
    And what a gorgeous place she chose!!! I´m dark green of envy!
    I hope I will have the chance to spend time at a luxury place like that someday...
    You are so worth all of it.
    Not to mention the present she made for you! Beautiful wrapping!

    Next time I will take my mom out on something like this! Thank you for sharing your special day with us, Jackie!

    Take care my friend!

  26. Jackie - I couldn't think of a more perfect day! A beautiful restaurant, fabulous food AND a present - so glad you were spoilt on this special day. Leigh

  27. A well-deserved day for you Jackie and kudos to your daughter! :) But don't you think we, mothers, deserve more than one day 'all about us' a year?!?! :)

  28. I am glad you had a lovely day. It makes all the hard work worth it.
    Much love

  29. All that and a gorgeously wrapped gift.......what a lovely and well-deserved day for you. So interesting to know about Mothering Day and I am sure you are one of the best! XO

  30. Oh wow - Galvin in Spitalfields, I had a welcome back to the world dinner there with my best friend on Friday and it was SUBLIME

    Glad you had a wonderful time

  31. What a lovely way to spend your Mothering Sunday...we just call it Mother's Day here but I like your English term for that day..I am going to borrow it from children will be impressed. xoxoxo

  32. What a wonderful post...and daughter. Her gift presentation appears she, too, is a follower of A Gift Wrapped Life. I appreciated you sharing the history of the special day, and the details of your celebration.

    Daughters are a wonderful are son-in-laws. I must admit, I think a son would have been fun.

  33. Happy Mothering Monday Jackie!
    I can see why daughter number 1 is ranking high these looks like you dined in a fabulous place! I am glad that you had such a nice celebration!
    Take care,
    Laura :)

  34. I am bookmarking this post to show to all my children when they come home from school this afternoon. What a beautiful setting to be celebrated in.....I hope they carried you in on their shoulders, showering you with rose petals.

    I think this dinner might just have made up for all the burnt toast and cold tea you've probably suffered on other Mother's Day's when they were little? Would love to know what fabulous ensemble you were wearing! Hope you're having a lovely week, filled with lots of happy, motherly thoughts. Meredy xo.

    Happy Mother's Day, Jackie! Meredy xo.

  35. Not being very religious, I think turning all churches into gorgeous restaurants ala Galvin's is a magical idea! I have an inkling they might get a whole heap more folk through the doors! Glad you were spoilt rotten by your dear offspring Jacs - & delighted you saw such a great photo opportunity to share with us.
    Millie ^_^

  36. I know when I lived in England I had a laugh sending my mother her first Mothering Sunday card. What a charming way of putting it I thought, My mum is 90 now.. the years go by so quickly but a mothers love never dies..

  37. Well what a lovely lunch that looks like. My mother in law is English and she therefore expects us to remember the English Mothering Sunday. My husband NEVER EVER does, which is very guiltifying. Why can't she just celebrate the Australian one in May I ask? xoxo

  38. Sounds like you had a WONDERFUL DAY....definitely your lovely daughter deserves a top spot in your will - haha....Your son's vacation sounds fabulous! P.S. that dessert loves delicious! xxoo :)

  39. What a my that place does get lots of points! I couldn't stop staring at the lights and then suddenly I saw your dessert and there they were again reflecting in your plate:)) a lovely plate of yumminess I might add! I'll forgive you for eating your first two courses.
    I read to G the part about the family not liking the camera out at every event. He gets it! sigh!
    Sounds like this one goes down in the record books as a wonderful Mothering Day. Love the history you told too. I never knew!

    Big hug and kisses!

  40. This place looks amazing Jackie and that dessert looks sinfully delicious! You deserve to be spoiled rotten ~ and I take it a new top hat was not in that present unless it was a collapsible one! Thank you so much for your kind words on my blog ~ I can feel it in my clothes and Mom said she could tell on Saturday night while we were out. I feel good doing my workouts nightly now ~ variety is the spice of life! Hope you have a wonderful week my friend! xo

  41. Hi Jacqueline
    Well looks like you were treated like royalty!! That restaurant is amazing.. we had one here quite similar.. The Abbey.. I had always wanted to go there and lucky for me I finally did back in my twenties as now it has been sold.. but the atmosphere was fantastic... just as this place looks.. Glad you had a great day and that your daughter gave you such a special present.. all wrapped and waiting for your attention... Have a wonderful week xx Julie

  42. Ahhhh my dear Jackie, Absolutely GORGEOUS!! Thank you..

  43. I could never understand why my Mum always said she didn't believe in Mother's Day! I am a big big BIG fan myself, especially now that I'm a Mum. Glad you had a great day Jackie. That restaurant looks fabulous. Amanda xx

  44. Sounds like you were spoilt rotten - just as you deserve!! x

  45. Oh how I've missed your gorgeous posts Jackie, while I was away. I wasnt aware of this day. I can see your lovely daughter got a lot of style from you :)

  46. What a beautiful mothering Sunday you have had Jackie! (that term is growing on me ... had never heard of it before coming to the UK).

    And what a delightful daughter you have for spoiling you at such a beautiful venue (I must remember Galvins in Spitalfield ... mental note).

    We also celebrated mothering Sunday ... but I gently reminded my girls not to forget the Mothers Day in May (as my youngest asked me whether I'd remembered to ring grandma in Australia!)

    Hope your week is going well.

  47. I have never heard of this festival, thanks for sharing.

  48. hey Mum ;) Looks like you had a great day in tha city! I do not have a mom anymore but I very very much enjoy going out for a coffee with my daughter ;)
    PS I love it how you always take the time to write me a nice comment Thank you for that X

  49. what a wonderful post... bravo to you and all mothers out there... esp my sweet mommie... what are the flowers in the last photo? sooooo scrumptious...

    and grainsacks.... you can never have too many... i have stacks upon stacks in my store... at home...pillows... it is an illness.

  50. Oh, Jackie
    what a wonderful day, the restaurant looks gorgeous. I never heard before from this day. We celebrate our moms at the first sunday in May....
    Many warm hugs

  51. gorgeous restaurant jackie. i cant remember when our mothers day is, but im looking forward to it !

  52. Hi, thank you for visiting my blog, wow , what a treat your daughter gave you, so so glam!! You mentionion Spittle fields , do you know ther is an AMAZING house called Dennis severs house 18 Folgate street, in Spiopen to the public ,google it . I adore your top phpoto ,i want the pram ,the dress..... where do you find your amazing photos?! best wishes,Linda.

  53. i am sure you were feeling very loved....

    and it sounds like a lovely nite,
    with lovely food.

    happy mum's day

  54. Fantastic. You deserve to be spoilt and spoilt you were!

  55. Wow Jackie, Happy Mothering Sunday! I had never heard of it before...kind of like our Mother's Day here?

    What a beautiful day you had and totally deserved. Your children are an obvious reflection of you! How sweet is your daughter? Happy Mum's Day!

  56. Hi Jackie,

    What a great mothering day you must have had. I enjoyed looking at your beautiful pictures very much. What a lovely restaurant to go to. Like you I could not have left my camera in my bag ;-)! You have a very sweet daughter to take you there!

    Wish you a sunny day!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  57. Greeting Jackie - #1 daughter can come live with me in Houston. She did real good and she honored her mum in the most perfect of ways. The restaurant to the 'pressie' was gorgeous. Daniel & his wife are going to have such a tremendous trip. The music festival is huge and Austin is such a fun place. I really love it there. Then, they're going to my hometown Seattle. I hope #1 son is bringing you back something lovely?! So glad you had a great day and thinking of you as always xxoo

  58. Hi,
    I'm so glad you had a lovely mothering sunday!
    Love the last picture.
    Have a nice week

  59. Dear Jackie,

    What a what a fabulous day. I was hoping you would turn the camera on the star attraction of the day(!)

    Isn't it lovely to be spoiled from time to time?

    Happy belated and thank you for the history lesson.

    Much love,

  60. What a thoughtful gesture on your daughter's part. The restaurant is amazing and I hope you had the lovely day you deserve, Jacki! xo

  61. Great post and lucky you!! What an incredibly generous daughter you have. PS What was the pressie?

  62. Number 1 daughter knows how to do it up right!

  63. Hello my honey. apologies for being the latestarter at this party....somehow I missed this post!

    Anyhoo, here now...I just love love that first photo and the forth and all the ones of that totally dreamy resturant you were lucky enough to go to. So wish it was near hoo!

    I'm sure your son and daughter in law are having a great time...lucky them, and your daughter sounds so lovely to have gone to so much trouble for her lovely mum.

    hugs Deej

  64. Fabulous post! Sounds like you had a wonderful day, thanks for sharing x

  65. Hahaha, Jackie it is not a chocolate is normal one but painted by me...hahaha.

  66. Even though I am a famous blogger now *your words!* I will always speak to you as you are my sisiter in the crime of Rock $ Roll and the the only one who understands it when I yell 'Hello Cleveland' :)
    x desiree

  67. The images are stunning, love the first one. I am a Londoner but only for a few more months as we are relocating to Arizona in the summer. Just found your blog and adore it.

  68. très beau post jacqueline.

    merci de tes visites et de ce partage.


  69. That was very sweet of your daughter taking you out for dinner.
    I think se is now on the top of the list, isn´t se(haha).

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  71. Hi Jackie, just popped in to wish you a good week-end and to say I look forward to your next post very much, your blog brings a blast of much needed glamour in to my life!!!best wishes,Linda.

  72. HI Jackie !
    only few words = your blog is gorgeous !
    friendly from provence