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Wednesday, 16 December 2009

SNOW at ' HOME ' ...............

After telling you all that we don't get snow until at least January or February ......... look what we got today. A light dusting of snow, turning our world into a Christmas card.
I wish that I could say that this was my house but, unfortunately it's not !! This house would cost a few million !! It's about 10 minutes away and it belongs to a member of Parliament. I was going to the pub for lunch and had to stop to take this photograph as it looked so pretty. The pub is just around that corner. I got a lot of abuse from a van driver, but it was all for the love of blogging !! This was my garden this morning. My lovely statue looking all Christmassy with her snowy dress on.

................. and finally, a glimpse of Christmas at my ' Home '.


  1. Oh Jackie, it looks soooo pretty. We are expecting 38C (100F) here today so I really cannot comprehend snow at this time of year. I am not a lover of the cold weather but if I was rugged up sitting in a pub with an open fire and looking out the window at this view, I think I'd cope. Have a fabulous day. I'm heading to the air conditioned shops.

  2. What lovely photographs and I am jealous of your location. Here in NEW England, at least in my oceanside area, we also rarely get snow before late Jan or Feb, we found a light dusting one morning last week and since then have gone back to rain and mud, oh well. Lovely blog.

  3. loked outside twice tonight but still no snow!

  4. BOnjour Jackie! Lovely photos, what a pretty spot. We're expecting snow tomight in Paris...brrr!
    Keep warm my friend!

  5. Lovely! I love your garden!


  6. oh so divine. I love snow. I have said it before and I will say it again, it is not Christmas without snow. It was 39 degrees here yesterday! Now, as for that lovely MP's house. Would the mortgage payments on that house be being put naughtily on his or her EXPENSE account by any chance? I would love to be an MP in the UK. Put my lake, Georgian house, mistress, champagne, divorce, dovecote, and train tickets all on the taxpayer.. he he xoxo

  7. Oh how beautiful! At least you get snow!

  8. What beautiful photos, Jackie...I love that hanging star - it's gorgeous!

    Are you still at the pub? I'll meet you there...:) xxoo

  9. How lovely!

    : )

    Live, from snowglobeland...

    Julie M.

  10. How lovely that you got your dusting to make everything just a bit more festive! I absolutely love your star ~ very pretty indeed. xo

  11. What gorgeous photos, Jackie! Thanks for sharing your winter wonderland corner of the world with us.

  12. Oh Jac's I just adore that last decoration, that is the best!

    The photo's are just wonderful, thank you so much for sharing them and risking your life with that grumpy ole van driver for us. I would so love to be there and going to the pub for lunch. I love just it.

    re comment, Christmas plans are going well,I can be a bit vague sometimes so have probably forgotten something important :o
    It's super hot at the moment too.


  13. Hello friend, what a beautiful house! I want to live there hihi. I imagine moving into your garden in case it might go well? Hihi.
    You always have such lovely photos on your blog. Hugs to you / Ingela.

  14. Obviously the van driver doesn't know how important your blog is! The light dusting is perfect, hopefully it will dust over again on Christmas (and then be gone). Have a warm and wonderful holiday dear friend. Xo

  15. Dear Jackie , your garden looks wonderful...beautiful photos!!
    Lots of love my friend
    Magdalena/Color Sepia

  16. Hi Jackie,
    Glad you got a little snow for Christmas flavor...your photographs are beautiful! Enjoy the season!
    Take care, Laura

  17. I love the look of snow. It makes anything just look pretty and fresh. It can even make Detroit look good!

    Waiting to see your tree!

  18. Greetings of the Season Jackie,

    Looks like a White Christmas for you girl! How lovely your garden looks with its dusting of snow.

    Love to you and your family, Marjorie

  19. Gorgeous photos Jackie....that house is beautiful, it would be perfect for me :)

    The snow was lovely while it lasted wasn't it, the children loved it! Just got back from a Christmas dinner out at the pub myself, lovely :)

    I loved your story about your Grandad and the football match, what a really special memory, amazing.

    Hope all your Christmas preparations are going finishes Friday, we can't wait :)

    My 4 yr old son had his Nativity play yesterday and he was a shepherd - when the teacher asked if they wanted to sing one of the Christmas songs again (as they all seemed to have sung such it with such gusto!), my son shouted very loudly "No!!" My husband and I could hardly keep a straight face, we definitely had a few moments of closing our eyes and keeping our fingers crossed that nothing worse than that happened LOL!!

    And then when Father Christmas arrived to give them all presents, my son hid and NOTHING would persuade him to come out :)

    Merry Christmas! xo

  20. Here is hoping you have a lovely White Christmas,
    I am a new Fan.
    Need followers.

  21. Isn't it amazing, Jackie, how just a dusting of snow transforms even a thing that was already pretty into something almost impossibly beautiful? I am especially a fan of snow-dusted gardens, and yours is ethereal. So happy that you got a little pre-Christmas sugaring. Just right to put one in the holiday mood.

    Oh, and I know what you mean about ticking people off in order to take a blog photo. I do it often myself! Beauty comes first in my book!

    Thanks for your wonderful comments over at my place, my friend. You really do have a way with words. xo Gigi

  22. thank you for taking some pictures of your patio and the area around your home.

    everything looks beautiful.

    nothing like a dusting of snow to add magic to a day!!!


  23. Jackie,
    I want to take this glimpse of your home and run with it! Run directly to "HOME" because I know it must be spectacular in every detail and design!

  24. Oh, wonderful!When I have woken this morning, everything was with us also white from snow. Finally!
    Warm greetings, Yvonne

  25. Snow. You are a lucky duck.
    We are forecast a "wintry mix". Whatever that means! Edward and I are watching the skies to see!
    Your garden ferns look like my own! Touched by winter!

  26. My how lovely ..,"sigh"!..,Although we've already experienced a magical"sugar dusting" of snow this season, yet alas, they are at present forcasting a green Christma for us this year.

    Our little Province,of Nova scotia, Canada which is not quite an island,yet almost, is surrounded mostly by water and is "skirted about" by the gulf stream which moderates our overall yearly temperatures..,

    You may see a painting of mine of our home, though nothing like that magnificent, illustrious great house on your blog post today, nonetheless the front banner of my blog depicts our home in Winter also and it is "sugar dusted" as well in that picture of ours..,

    You are cordially invited to pop by "across the pond" via "a click of your mouse" for a heartwarming afternnon tea my dear and a little Christmas sweet treat or two!..,

    Cheers from Wanda Lee @ The Plumed Pen and @ Silken Purse

  27. Lucky you, it is still really cold here -6 but as yet no snow - maybe tomorrow.

    Stay warm

    Leeann x

  28. Wow, what gorgeous photos. And I bet your home is just as lovely J!

  29. Dear Jackie,
    everything looks so lovely, with a little bit of snow - your garden is wonderful and so romantic!!!! Enjoy your 4. Advent weekend,

    Hugs Jade

  30. Thanks for sharing the great pics, It had all vanished by the time I left work! It did look so pretty out the window! Have a sweet day!

  31. magnifique Jacqueline!
    Je pourrai t'imaginer dans ta maison bien au chaud avec une tasse de thé derrière ton ordinateur à m'envoyer des mots gentils.....

    Joyeux noël


  32. Hi!

    I´m happy for your snow! It looks beutiful in your garden. And the house is lovely too, and it´s probably really nice to see it every day! Of course...maybe you don´t eat lunch at the pub every day! =)

    I wish you a nice day, and I hope it will snow today too!

    Hugs Camilla

  33. Hello Jacqueline

    We too had a dusting of snow yesterday but today sadly it has all gone! I think that in the east of the country they are going to get a lot of snow according to thye forecast!
    Your photos are beautiful!

    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  34. Oh Jackie it does look picture postcard perfect! Thanks for risking life and limb to get the lovely photo! Keep warm. Amanda xx

  35. Hello Jackie,
    snow is so wonderful on old houses and gardens... The house is sooo beautiful I like this style of house verry much, it must be wonderful to live there...
    We have had also snow last night, but now I fear that a week was too early, and probably we will have not a wonderful white Christmas...
    Warm wishes to you

  36. Jacqueline!!
    How gorgeous you lucky girl!!! I'll be on the plane tomorrow!! hehe... How about we just takeover that beautiful home for a week or two. Although I'm sure your own home is quite beautiful itself!! The garden looks delightful with that fresh dusting of snow. Thank you for bringing this wonderland to the rest of us!!

    Enjoy your wonderful white xmas... maybe if I turn up the aircon? xxx Julie [was 40c here today]

  37. Oh so beautiful and wonderful. I love your images and wish I were there to see it snow. I am heading over next month so I hope it snows again just for me!! Ax

  38. There's a lovely sense of serenity about your garden in the snow, and I love your statue. Have you given her a name? She looks like an Antonia to me. I wish it would snow here too, but we're too near the sea to get lasting snow unless it's bitterly cold. I still remember the year the sea froze when I was 6, and we got to skate between the islands, just like romantic Scandinavians.

    And your star is lovely - did you add the ribbon yourself?

  39. Hi Jackie - how gorgeous your place looks - we unfortunately got only cold drizzly rain - love your star - it's definitely beginning to look a LOT like Christmas at your place....Susie x

  40. I nearly wept when I saw your divine photos - I want desperately to be somewhere cold with lots of snow. It's so hot here I think I'm going to melt! Leigh

  41. Great photos. It looks so beautiful there. I hope you're having a wonderful week.

  42. Hi Jackie,

    You were right to take the first picture. It's so lovely. It shows exactly why I want to go on holiday to your country every other year! Your garden looks very pretty as well! We have snow too. A bit more than in your village. I have been out today to take a walk. Everything looks so much more beautiful!!! Enjoy your evening! Lieve groet, Madelief

  43. Hi Jackie,

    So very pretty. I wish we would get some snow here (only for Christmas). Heck, I'd settle for a dusting on Christmas morning. Your garden looks so pretty...white and pristine.

    Merry Christmas, Jackie


  44. Hi Jackie,
    That's a house?! Beautiful! My goodness girl the sight in your garden is divine. That little dusting has put it's magic all over the place. Do you think I could pick that gorgeous statue up by myself and put it in my car, or will I need to bring my husband with me?

  45. lovely. I'm still waiting patiently in NYC! :o)

  46. It's snowing again Jackie, yay for snow in December!!!!!!
    Love the windoe decoration.
    Much love,

  47. Oh it looks so magical, well worth stopping for. I was so excited at the snow this morning it made me feel on top of the world, and I keep peeping out now at the icy crystals over the roof tops. I love this beautiful post.
    Hugs Lynn xxx

  48. more of your faint-dead-away gorgeous photos, you talented woman!!! thank you for sharing a place i'd never see otherwise.

  49. Lovely photos.

    I was so happy to see the snow this morning:), makes the world look so different and cozy...

  50. My dear friend - I'm ready to pack my bags & rent a flat near you. I'm so happy you drove the driver nuts to click some photos. After all, blogging is incredibly important, didn't he know?! Seeing the gorgeousness just makes a person happy. Thank you too for the sweetest comment this week. I will be emailing very soon. Be well & be happy xoxo hugs ~ Deb

  51. Oh Jackie, your garden is absolutely lovely! I really need to stop by on my next visit to see it myself!
    Have a wonderful holiday my friend, filled with love and laughter~

  52. My goodness, I just popped over from Mimi Charmante to see who the lovely lady was who said such nice things about my planks and I noticed that we have almost exactly the same Christmas star decoration... But I bought mine in a wee store in a little village in Australia 4 year's ago, or maybe even more !!
    I'm charmed to have found your blog... Merry, snowy Christmas,

  53. Thank you for visiting my blog.
    Yeah so that pretty snow ...!!
    I enjoy
    Fine weekend
    Greetings Hetty

  54. Hej my dear Jackie!
    I´ts snowing here too...a lot, nd I just LOOOOOOOVE it..:) It usually startes here after christmas too, so now I´m crossing my fingers that it´ll last untill the 24:th..:)

    And this house...Ohhh, my = to die for!!!
    And beautiful pictures from your garden too, I love your statue!
    yes I really enjoy visiting you!
    And my warmest hugs for all your kind comments to me...*happy*..:)

    Enjoy the weekend and stress..:)

    Be well...//Gúa

  55. A light dusting is the best kind of snow to get :) Beautiful pictures as always Jackie!!!

    Wishing you some Christmasy fun this weekend!!

    :) T

  56. England is the perfect place to spend Christmas - so gorgeous, Jackie! Have a great weekend and Merry Christmas! xo

  57. Wow!!! What a house...amazing! Wish I could have a house like that... I would decorate every room in different styles that I love...

    You did a great job, decorating your home, it looks wonderful!

    So, you got some snow too...isn´t it wonderful, Jackie?
    I love snow, love it!

    I recieved the package =))). So excited!!!

    Wish you a wonderful weekend, my friend.
    See you soon!


  58. That house is so beautiful!!!
    It's snowing in my country...
    Have a lovely week-end.


  59. Snow...even if it is just a wee bit makes everything so much prettier. Your garden is lovely my friend.

  60. Love the photo of the potted plants on the brick - could be a card it's so beautiful!

    Would love to see more of your home and the pub too!

    Happy Holidays


  61. very nice photo's, I am a new fan of blogging, looking forward to new friends. Have a wonderful Holiday. xo Mary (JMPPASTIMES)

  62. Wow what a beautiful house, I love it! And your garden is also very pretty, lucky you that got snow...I hope it will stay over the christmas! :) In the north of norway where I live, we always have snow in christmas! :)

  63. Woot! Yeah for you!! I'm so happy for you. :) Snow! Snow! Snow! :D Hugs!

  64. Thanks fot your nice words, I really had to think of your post whilst writing mine ;) Rock and Roll haha.
    Have a nice !

  65. Luchy girl you are!!! Snow?! wish i could have a splah of it too!!! no luck for me!!!! i would have to drive 3 hours to get there! the photos on my blog are from the time we lived in germany!
    loved all your christmas pics and had a laugh with your christmas tree adventure!!! great to know i'm not the only crazy one!!! i have a opel agila so you can easily imagine all the crazy things to get mine inside it!!!!
    Happy sunday evening,

  66. Beautiful pictures. I love ths "frosted" garden.

    Merry Christmas.

  67. Hi Jackie - me again! Just stopping by to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas. Hope your coping with all the snow. I've really enjoyed all your fabulous posts and comments and can't wait to see more in the new year. Take care. Leigh

  68. jaqueline -----Tres Bon Photographs

  69. It snowing also here in Italy!
    Happy monday!

  70. JACKIE!! you are sooo keep me guessing....and I love it! your home looks fabulous - even that small little glimpse - as does your garden photo that looks like it should be in a garden book -

    your a mysterious lady.......

  71. Jackie, a bit of snow makes a lot of joy, doesn't it? your Garden looks so gorgeous with this hint of winter - just perfect. Is this your house on the picture or the street where you live? I'm speechless just as I imagine britain. Wish you a tranquil and peacefull christmas, hugs & kisses Mira!

  72. I keep going back to your blog just so I can look at these photos! Just magical... Oh how I wish I could be there :)

  73. ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!! Love your surroundings!!! Merry Christmas to YOU! ENJOY! Fifi

  74. Ok how did I miss this post....holy c---p it was 5 days ago. Now I'm beginning to remember you emailing my that you got snow.
    It's wonderful to see your garden. It looks magical in the snow. Hey it even looks a little like those Scandinavian blogs we love so much....even better!
    You've probably read all over blogland that we got walloped with snow. It is pretty but 24" is a bit much! I'm not complaining but biz has been off cuz of it. Oh well.
    Hope your ready for Christmas. Haven't gotten our tree up yet but I at least did finish decorating my wreath for the front door! YA!

  75. Wish you a very merry Christmas! I'll be back online early January.
    Hugs & Love

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