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Monday, 7 December 2009


There's nothing nicer than a Christmas welcome as you approach the front door of someones home and whoever owns the above house has gone to so much trouble to make their home look so welcoming. Although I live more in the countryside, I am only just outside London and to leave this amount of beautiful things would be a bit of a temptation to some passers by and, after a drink or two at the local pub, I could imagine a few of these things being transported half way up the road or a new addition to their home !! We always have a Christmas wreath and I have two lanterns, in which are lighted candles and, so far, they have remained outside my front door, although, now I have tempted providence, they will probably disappear this year !!

I know that I called it Door Decorations but this one looks so lovely at the end of the bed doesn't it ?

This one from Martha Stewart has been used all over blogland, but I have to use it as it is so pretty.The colour of the ribbon is beautiful.

Just a selection of some lovely wreaths for the Christmas season. They are one of my favourite Christmas decorations. Some have been known to stay around all year indoors. I hope that your home will give a warm welcome to your guests and get them into the festive spirit.


  1. All the wreaths are fabulous. I am going to a wreath making class Thursday and cannot wait to make one of my own.

    Leeann x

  2. Hi Jackie - Yah - I am not one of the last ones to leave you a comment this time. Must mean I'm going to have a great day?! The first photo almost blew me off the sofa. All the photos did just what you were trying to do; they instilled a bit of holiday "glow". I loved Martha's bell wreath & yes it's that romantic ribbon. BEAUTIFUL post Jackie & a bit of inspiration in any form is always much appreciated. Thank you me dear & hugs to you xx

  3. Hi Jackie!
    OK, photo number 1.....the color of the front MY color. MINE! I adore it. I want it.I am putting it on my Christmas list...a whole bucket full of that blue color please. Great selection of beautiful wreaths....Wish I could stop at the pub with you and have a nice long chat. Take care! Laura

  4. Bonjour Jacqueline!
    Yes, a welcoming front door is so wonderful. I love the wreath at the end of the bed. Is that a lavender wreath in photo #8? Good luck hanging onto your lantern!

  5. Love all the wreaths, Jackie! I will be putting my wreath out this week, I might go with a berry one, similiar to your last picture but in red. There is usually no problem in our neighborhood with things being stolen from the porch. Thank you for your lovely pictures and your very kind comments to me on my blog, you are appreciated! xxoo

  6. I love that sixth one down, oh, and the last one. I adore those two, plus several in between!!! Thanks, as always, for your inspiration and cheer, lovely Jackie.

  7. Although each different, these wreaths are all beautiful in their own way. I love them! Thanks for sharing another touch of style. :-)


  8. Ah, I like your practical and realistic approach to door decoration. I'm only going for a minor wreath myself, but I'd love to have the full works, as in your first photo, and a laser detector that blared out 'Santa Claus is coming to town' when anyone tried to take them away.

    Nice to see so festive a spirit over at yours - I think you probably have more virtual friends than anyone else on the whole internet because of the warmth and friendliness of the lovely comments you leave, so we'll all be vying for your company for a mulled wine on your world tour, whenever it happens. xxx

  9. Ooooh ABSOLUTELY gorgeous Jackie, I want all of them, especially number 1!!!! Beautiful images :)

    Simone xo

  10. Oh. I want to wear a red dress and walk up the stairs to that lovely door in the first photo, take my hand out of my muff and ring the bell!!

  11. Hi Jackie - I feel inspired! I have all the 'stuff' - ring, moss, twine, wire & foliage (I even salvaged hydrangeas before the frost got them)..all I have to do now is to put it all together!!! Hmmmmm....Susie x

  12. Hi Jackie,

    The pictures of the wreaths you posted are so pretty! Is one of the doors yours? I like wreaths as well. Haven't made one yet, but I hope I will have some time this weekend!

    Fijne avond!

    lieve groet, Madelief

  13. wow, så flotte bilder.
     ILike dem alle.
     du så godt å gjøre dette.
     en vakker dør for å komme hjem til.
     klem fra Sylvia

  14. Such a beautiful post. I love all the pics -- wreaths are such a great way to decorate inside and out. Your location sounds divine: "countryside, but just outside London". Heaven :)

  15. hi jackie -

    love the wreath at the foot of the bed - and i REALLY have fallen in love with the ticking bed dressings in one of your previous posts - that's what I'm going to do.

    i love the ribbon with the bells too -

    thanks for the great comment on my menorah -

    your posts always inspire me instantly


  16. so so pretty! i love the one with all the black hanging from the lion's head door knocker!


  17. Hi Jackie. My wreath envy is severe and life threatening this year. Mine is just a bit woodeny and way too dead. I must perk it up a bit. I adore the first, and yes isn't it funny how our minds go immediately to 'surely someone would steal all that stuff!' xoxox

  18. I would love to have an entrance like in the first picture.... wicked!

  19. Hi Jackie
    All the wreaths are lovely, the one on the bed is a great idea. I still haven't gotten my doors done yet This gives me plenty of ideas
    Have a great week

  20. What a wonderful array you chose Jackie ~ I love them all and as you know ~ I am partial to that little jingle wreath!

  21. I've been on the search for a new wreath Jac, but just can't find the right one. Currently have a big silver star on the front door, so I guess it will have to do until a find a suitable successor for it.
    Millie ^_^

  22. Hi Jackie! The wreaths you have shown are so beautiful!! I have always loved the idea of a pretty wreath to welcome guests at your front door, but I gave up on having one of my own a few years ago when some not so friendly wasps decided to make a home out of my the door opens into ones home, you can imagine my dilemma!

    Hope you had a great weekend!!

    :) T

  23. hi jackie.. i am trying to decide which one i like best... but each one has a special place at every door... mine is made of pine cones this year..happy holidays to you... x pam

  24. Hi Jackie,
    Leave it to me to go on my own and say that my fave is the second one. I just may have to do this for a year round wreath. I love the simplicity of it. All of your beautiful pictures here have certainly inspired me tonight.
    Have I told you lately how much I LOVE your blog?!

  25. Oh my friend...thank you for sharing the Joy of wreaths. I so so love them and have them hanging all over my home....even ones made of Bay Leaves. Have a wonderful week and enjoy the Season.

  26. I just love wreaths on doors. It is just a beautiful friendly sight.

    Gorgeous choices and good luck with your lanterns and wreath ;)

  27. Haha... yes that was an awful restaurant visit! It was a high recommended and with filthy expensive prices! I have dreamt nightmares about the food and the waiters big white a** =)
    What lovely wreaths! Love them all!!!


  28. Hi Jackie, Love all the wreath pics, deciding what to do for mine! Good luck with your wreath, x

  29. Hmmm i do need something lovely for our door. Something pretty and elegant just like the ones you have chosen! x

  30. Theser are all beautiful!
    Thanks for having entered the Christmas Giveaway and good luck to you!
    Have a nice day,

  31. Oh, so many beautiful doors! The photos are so inspiring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Have a nice week, Yvonne

  32. Dear Jacqueline~
    I would LOVE to meet you one day and see your HOME! I think I would melt my first step in your door~ You know how to melt my heart everytime you post!

  33. Jacki!
    The second one is my favorite - so simple and beautiful! I'm sure your home is unbelievably festive and delightful! We are having the best time (the crumb and I) as we linger happily through this holiday season. This afternoon, we plan to take a little time to work on the gingerbread house. Let's hope it can be assembled before she 'blows' it down!

  34. Jackie, These are gorgeous. I haven't bought mine yet -- still have to wash the dog prints off the doors -- you have given me waaaay too many choices. Since we have double doors I must find two.

    What I really, really want to know is where did you find "C'est Noel"? I would love to find one.

    You have no idea, or I hope perhaps you do, how happy it makes me to see and "hear" you. You brighten my days.


  35. i soooooo need to get busy.
    my holiday a bore!

  36. I adore the gorgeous wreath on the blue door. Our door is sporting a bright red one!

  37. Hi Jacqueline
    Well I'll have to fight Laura for Door #1 but wreath #6 will do me just fine! There's something simple but 'happy' about it .. and is it made from spearmint leaves???? yummm.. haha Probably not but I'd like to imagine it is.

    Gorgeous post and inspiration as always... you'll be pleased to know I have done nothing for xmas so far!! Another week and my time will be mine again..

    Thanks for the beauty.. xxx Julie

    PS I think the wreaths would only last a night around here also..

  38. Dear Jackie,

    Would you please e-mail me at I have a tiny Christmas request, but want it to be a secret until it's "unwrapped".

    Merci mille fois par avance.

  39. Beautiful post, but now I'm reminded to finish my entry when I get home! Great blog. I'll be following along.

  40. I would take anyone of those beauties but the one that got me to click for a better look was that black one. I've always wanted to make a black wreath but thought they'd find me satanic or something:))) It's fab so I think I'm going to try one next. I'll send you a pic if it comes out good. If it doesn't sell I'll blame you...just kidding! That seafoam color wall really stuck in my mind too. So peaceful and a great mood charger as you enter a home.
    Hope your enjoying the holidays so far too!

  41. I have so enjoyed your post on Christmas wreaths!..,Feel welcome to pop by for "tea, tea and more tea" with some hot chocolate tossed into the offerings for good measure!~ (As mentioned, hot chocolate again tomorrow at the Plumed Pen blog)..,

    Cheers from Silken Purse @ The Plumed Pen

  42. What a wonderful way to welcome Christmas to your home. :) Cate

  43. magnifique!!
    la mienne sera avec des branches d'oliviers.



  44. Some beautiful wreaths here. My favourite is the blackberry one, so unusual. I have one out all year which I bought at Pier some years ago as it isn't at all Christmassy.

  45. Love Christmas wreaths. They are all so beautiful. Ax

  46. Hello. My name is Sara and send from sweden. I think you are a beutiful womwn all over, like you stil and the fun photos. They are lovley.
    Hope you have a nice weekend.
    Huggs sara

  47. LOVE a FAB welcoming entrance! And someone standing at the door to hand moi a glass of champagne is a BIGGER plus!!!

  48. The bed wreath is very nice and different. I also love the martha stewart one. That woman is God!

  49. I totally agree! A front door decor is a must, and I´ve done mine , allready... but still not finished, so I will continue this weekend...

    You asked me if it´s harder for me , now that my mom is home. The answer is: no, it´s a lot easier. Not only becuase we avoid the hospital,( a boring place to be), but also becuase my brother stil lives with her, and he is a lot of help. Now I can focus on making christmas , and decorate my home, so that she will feel the spirit.

    Lovely images, Jackie. Really lovely.
    Hope you opened the present I sent you, and most of all, that you liked it.


  50. hello from canada
    it seems that what people do after they leave the pubs is the same around the world haha. all in fun hopefully.

    gorgeous wreaths! you have inspired me to go to my basement and dig mine out. its the perfect night. roads are closed and very stormy here.

    cheers ~laura

  51. Very pretty wreaths, Jackie....all of them! Have a lovely weekend.

  52. Ahhh, Christmas season, the season of giving and prosperity. We are always having fun when decorating our porch and steel front doors with wreathes, lanterns, and anything that we can ever imagine! Showing everyone your festive spirit is a totally awesome way to celebrate Christmas.