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Friday 16 October 2009

PALE GREEN with ENVY ..........

I think that we would all say green, wouldn't we. Well I'm definitely pale green with envy over some of these images !!!!I just love Gustavian clocks. I haven't got one YET, but if I am lucky enough to get one, one day, I think that I would love one in this beautiful soft eau-de-nil colour.
I love this distressed door, and I actually do have this grey, metal, heart-shaped wreath.Think that I'd rather have the Gustavian clock !!!!

This is one of my favourite Michael Eastman photographs. A faded beauty of a sofa.

What a wonderful distressed bench. I think that you all now know that I really love distressed furniture !!!!

I think that this is such a pale green that it's nearly grey. Isn't it beautiful ? I'd love to own it but I don't think that there is anywhere that I would be invited to that would warrant a dress like this...... aawwwhh ...... get the violins out !!!!

The beautiful hydrangea.

A pale green bedroom, livened up by the gorgeous black and white quilt.

Oh, while we are looking at these lovely pale green images, have a Margarita. This first batch that I've made is for Lori over at Wildflowers !!!!...........

............ just a gratuitous photograph of know how much I love it.

Isn't this a lovely dresser ? Very English farmhouse.

More pale green hydrangeas .......... one of my favourite flowers, especially when they are this colour.

A wonderful pale green tureen, a distressed chair and a lovely fabric ....... gorgeous...........

................... and lastly, a country kitchen with a green table........ I'm definitely a little bit. just a little bit,


  1. after seeing all your photos, I would love to scrap all my furniture! and start again!!

  2. Absolutely GORGEOUS, every single one of them!!!! I kept thinking every one was my favourite!!! All amazing....such beautiful shades of green.

    I think my favourite may be that 3rd shot though....fabulous!!

    And those margaritas....any chance you do home delivery??!!

    Happy Week-end Jackie....hope the decorator got started...and maybe even finished!!

    Thanks for all your lovely comments this week, as always, I appreciate it very are MARVELLOUS!!!! xoxo

  3. Beautiful photos Jackie. Who says you need to wait for an invitation to warrant a dress like that? Life's too short!

    Distressed furniture is my favourite also {probably because it ends up that way anyway in my chaotic house}. Hope you have a great weekend. Meredith xo.

  4. This is one of my very favorite colors, Jackie, and you've captured it so beautifully in this post! That farm table in the last shot--I think I need it. Oh, and I love that Michael Eastman photo, too--so evocative.

    Thanks for your lovely comments this week, my friend! xoxo Gigi

  5. beautiful post. I love the Michael Eastman photo too - the alcove of antique mirror tiling is fabulous!!

  6. I love green painted furniture. We painted our kitchen table green, but it's all wrong - too bright and clean. I want to make it more like the table in the last photo.

  7. Oh how I love that tureen! the distressed furniture in that color is just so beautiful..

  8. Hello! Your pale green photos are so beautiful! I like this colour!
    Have a nice weekend!

  9. I am green with envy for all of these photos, they are the distressed furniture, just wonderful..any margaritas left? :) Have a happy happy weekend, Jackie!

  10. Hello my lovely Pale Green Jackie ;))!!!!!!
    Your pictures are wonderful - i love this colour..........have it everywhere in my house, in my bedroom, at the frontdoor........its great!!!!

    Have a very nice weekend, Hugs Jade

  11. I found your blog today and am just so enchanted! It is really beautiful! I love beauty, too! I thought you might like to visit my blog.....I make beautiful fairy furniture and fairy houses!! I will visit often! Your blog is breathtaking!!!

  12. Hi Jackie,
    I love green too! Blues and greens and grays together! I think my favorite photo is that dress....perfect gray green. I grew up in a home that my Mom had decorated with celery green in the living room, dining room was very calm and soothing. Thanks for sharing such beautiful images with us!
    Hope you have a great weekend!
    Take care, Laura

  13. green and distressed furniture...lovely!....mine are all white and's all good!....have a wonderful weekend....

  14. belle ambiance verte!
    'aime beaucoup ton choix
    bon weekend


  15. Jackie I knew I could come over here and get a fix. I call it my beauty fix. Stunning images AGAIN! That clock...and that dress...sigh.
    I love green and I have little bits of all over the place here.
    Thank you for putting me in a green mood today.

  16. My favourite colour!
    There are 53 hydrangea bushes surrounding my cottage. We have loads of blue, pink and white all summer....and loads of green in autumn. I fill the vases in the house and they last beautifully!! Love green.

  17. Jackie .. .
    Such a totally enchanting blog! ---- just as Di promised.
    I shall return to visit.


  18. That's a lovely pale green ensemble of images, Jacqueline, and getting lovelier with every sip I take of the Margarita. I wish I had the green dresser for my office; it's so charming and unassuming. Here's to your discerning eye.

  19. A wonderful selection of pale green images. Pale green is currently one of my favorite colors. I love the first picture - i also dream of a Gustavian clock.
    Greetings from Switzerland, Doris

  20. ...i never thougt that i will like that colour...but in you pictures it looks great!
    Magdalena/Color Sepia

  21. Dear gorgeous Jackie (I have to call you Jacquie instead),

    I am bookmarking. The clock is so nautical and appeals to my unpretentious classic tastes. Next has to be the beautiful distressed green bench, just lovely. Green is one of my favourite colours and I am pleased to see it turn up here. Peace, X.

    P.S. One day we'll do tea at the Savoy.

  22. How did you know that my favorite color is green and I have been lusting after one of those Swedish clocks for a few years now... beautiful photos as always!

    Have a fabulous weekend!

  23. Dear Jacqueline
    Well I'm sure you know Green is my favourite [along with blue of course]

    The distressed furniture would be my favourites ... bench and dining table.. both have that wondrous green that goes so well on timber. And I hardly need tell you that Venice can be in every post if you like [you may be the only person as addicted to Venice as I am]

    Seeing all I do lately is work, I'll skip on the dress this time.. don't think that is going to work with me waving my arms around at fellow workers.

    The clock, kitchen and hydrangeas are quite lovely too...a wonderfully relaxing 'green' post... just what I need this morning! As always you have searched out the best for us.. and I say THANK YOU... hehehe

    Ciao Ciao xx Julie

  24. wow such beautiful to fill your head, so pretty and soft, I love it all, I hung around alot today, come for a visit, i am a new follower of yours

  25. I came through the recommendation of a friend, Di and just love your pretty blog.

  26. Lovely your blog

  27. Jackie, I think you´ve just made my pale green, turning dark green.

    I agree pale green color is beautiful and your images present such wonderful furniture... I want it all.
    That heart "wreath" is beautiful, and just as you, I have one on my door...

    Have a wonderful day.
    Love /

  28. oh such beautiful images...delicious really! i love that mirror mosaic in the michael eastman photo and the hydrangeas...yum.

  29. Beautiful!!!

    best wishes

  30. Pale green is one of my favorite colors, Jackie. I, too, love that Gustavian clock! Have a great weekend. xo

  31. The country table paired with the chandelier...I'm in love!

  32. Greens are just so serene.

  33. Hello Jacqueline, this is my first time in your blog and I´m so happy I found you... in some blogger friend.. There´s really so, so many inspiring and beautiful images, well all of them are just lovely to me.
    Being your follower now and adding you to my blogroll, and want everybody who visits my blog get to know your enchanted blog.
    Thank you and I´ll come back soon.
    María Cecilia, from Chile, southamerica

  34. for a long time I didn't liked green but it is slowely coming back in little things like bottles ans stuff.... Those clocks are for sale in an antique shop here. I think you don't wanna know the price of it haha

  35. I love the pale green you have here, also lime green, bright green, forest green, emerald green, sage green, cerulean etc. Did you know the human eye in darkness is most sensitive at 502 nanometres which is a bluey green colour and I think that partly explains why we feel so connected with this colour. Happy Sunday to you xoxo

  36. Thank you so much for the drink ~ it will do nicely right now. As always ~ your pictures are beautiful. Hope you are having a lovely week-end my friend! xo

  37. Hello,What beautiful photos you show, I am always so happy for all the beautiful photos. hugs / Ingela.

  38. ~J~
    You know how to get me {pale green with envy} like no other!! I love this color more than anything!! BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL~ It is the Best!!

  39. Beautiful photos! And Indeed it's a lovely colour (:

  40. Jacqueline, I am visiting your blog today, because lovely Di with DesignersBlock said that I had to. And I am so glad that I did! I am a Swede in Seattle who also is dreaming about her old Swedish floor clock! The images you chose are wonderful. And you are funny too!


  41. I love:
    pale green
    vintage green
    shabby green
    powder green
    french green
    and also envy green (I've never heard so far)
    Many hugs

  42. I somehow missed this darling, so sorry.

    It is just gorgeous, love the first pic and the Venice one especially.