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Friday 2 October 2009

AWAY WITH THE FAIRIES...............

Do you believe in Fairies ? Say quick that you believe. If you believe, CLAP YOUR HANDS!
J.M.BARRIE 1860-1937
Browsing through my library the other night, I came across a book on Fairies. I removed it from the shelf and took it to the tapestry sofa for a bit of a trip to fantasy land..........
Well, book, comfy sofa, evening all adds up to a trip to the Land of Nod...........
............................ OOOooooooooooOOO ............................

Well, it's there in black and white for all to see..... 'FAIRIES EXIST'.....

Oh look..... that looks like a fairy house, if ever I saw one. Shall we go through the door and see what we can find ? .....

OOOoooooo...... a fairy bed. I have heard that fairies LOVE to sleep......

Oh, there must be quite a few fairies living here ....another fairy bed. Sparkling dandelion wine, candles and rose petals ................

.......... Bedroom three can tell fairies live here.......they just love fairy lights.

I think that this is where the Queen Fairy lays her pretty head.

This is the fairy bathroom..........

............... and, sometimes, when all of the beds are taken, the fairies have to think of ingenious ways to find a bed for the night........ she has found herself a nice detached, fully insulated, fully furnished little love nest here.

Oh look .......... the fairy dining room..... they do love sparkly things, even when eating !! ..and there they are....the obligatory fairy lights.

Shhhhhhhh .......... I think that we have disturbed one who has just come out of the bathroom ..... don't let her see you ..... there could be dire consequences if she does.

This is dandelion tea....... an essential fairy beverage, and a book of fairy spells. You never want to cross a fairy ....... they can do untold damage to you if your not careful !!!!

Fairy dust is the most important tool for a fairy .......... they never know when they might need it... and there is an art to using it......... none of this throwing it over people. It must be poured into the palm of the hand and gently blown. Look..... I'll give you a demonstration...............

.......... see..... and you have to be wearing your best frock !!

Oh dear ........... I think that this fairy has had too much dandelion tea...... it's a bit like drinking too much alcohol ...... it can make you hallucinate and do silly things ..........I think that she may be losing her wings if she gets caught !!!!

They love beautiful dresses ..................

.................... and more beautiful dresses ..........

.................... and beautiful fairy shoes (stilettos are not permitted as they can be dangerous when flying) ..........

.......... and whoa betide them if they forget their fairy crown or fairy wand when they go out. That's why they always leave it on the chair by the door .

Fairies are like magpies or is it jackdaws ? ....they love shiny sparkly things and collect and hoard them. Look at this fairy's collection, she certainly likes a bit of bling.

If you like the latest designer handbag well, this is the fairy equivalent ....... it's a jewel encrusted cupcake handbag, and costs £10,000 or whatever that is in fairy money. I don't think that your ordinary fairy would be able to have one......... probably in the Fairy Queen's price range.

This is where the fairies dance all night until it starts to get light again, when they go ...................

............... through the spiders web ...........

................ along the beautifully lit garden path.............

.................... and back home to bed again, to dream of fairy shoes, fairy dresses, of being like their heroine, Tinkerbell and of all things sparkly.
.............................. OOOooooooooooOOO ...........................
OH, where am I, what time is it ?
Was I dreaming or do you think that there really are such things as fairies ?


  1. OH MY
    I'm off to fairy land with all these wonderful images and your lovely words to guide us through this not often visited world.

    Fabulous Jacqueline. Just what I need this weekend a little fairy dust and maybe i can be transported to some of these beautiful places. I promise no stilletos and no dandelion tea!! But I cannot promise that I won't steal that fairy stash of handbags and what nots!! They are so mine!!

    Have a wonderful fairy inspired weekend. I am sure we all will now too!!! xx Julie

  2. Jacqueline, I didn't believe in fairies until now! What a gorgeous, gorgeous post! The fairy bed with the rose petals, the dandelion magical!

    Thanks for this fun journey. A wonderful way to end the week! XX Lynn

  3. what a talent you are....have a magical weekend!....

  4. You have such incredibly beautiful posts.
    Where do you get your pictures from?

    And yes, of course I believe in fairies :)

  5. Parfait pour rêver ce weekend!



  6. I can see now that my decorating aspirations are entirely too prosaic. And those purple trees by the steps are the first acceptable purple image I've seen this trendy purple season. I enjoyed that, thanks!

  7. I do I do I do believe in fairies! Sign me up for a 5 gallon bucket of dandelion tea. I can use it about now. I promise to keep the stilletos at home too. You can poke out an eye with one after enough dandelion tea! Once again the photography is magical and the post kept me wanting more!

  8. I believe in fairies and I believe YOU are one~ I just looked down and see fairy dust just showered me~

  9. Yes I believe in fairies-even more since taking this magical journey with you.



  10. I do believe that I have told you before that I am a close friend of Peter Pans.
    I sent a link to this post to Tinkerbell and she is most impressed with all your knowledge and hard work.
    Although she did say your not to get caught nosing around as Fairies can be quite naughty at times and it is possible to over dose on Fairy dust!!

    much love,

  11. If I didn't have to type, I'd be clapping my hands right now, my sweet! I DO believe in fairies, and I love Peter Pan (my first crush), and I LOVE this post so much. I can't even pick a favorite image. You are, I suspect, a fairy queen yourself.

    xoxo Gigi

  12. Such a lovely lovely post.
    I smiled from beginning to end reading this!

    Such a wonderful blog.

    Fee x

  13. Beautiful! I love Faeries!


  14. I believe in fairies and am so happy that you and these other magical ladies do too! I'll never forget traipsing through a meadow with my niece and nephews and the boys were sure they kept seeing them hide in and out of the flowers. I get teary eyed just thinking about it!

  15. I think I'll pass on that dandelion tea you showed.......but....I would take any of those pleasant bedrooms.......

    you're so cute.....that was so creative/funky/and funny :)

  16. Love it!
    i see that in some pictures there is something...some atmosthere of it!
    Hugs, and have a great week end
    Magdalena/Color Sepia

  17. Another gorgeous post! Do you think the fairies would part with the tapestry sofa and bedroom number 3?? I think I'd like them to work their fairy magic in my home. Enjoy your weekend!

  18. I really LOVED this post. I do believe in fairies! I often use my own fairy dust! =O

    :) My favorite pictures is the door surrounded by purple foilage. LOVE it!

    Back to bed...not feeling well today. :(

  19. I love your mind and how it works! Yes, oh yes, I believe in fairies! Especially since I live in my own fairy tale world inside my mind daily!

    LOVE this post!

  20. Such beautiful proof that these divine little creatures really do exist! Lovely, lovely, lovely ..... Leigh

  21. Yes I believe in fairies....who doesn't???? Can I please have that bed with the birch branches?? and I'd like those handbags if Julie doesn't take them all first.
    Thank you for this fun and pretty post!!!

  22. Love this post. Of course I believe in fairies. They are everwhere and their existence is the main thing which stops me from swearing!! xoxo

  23. this is so beautiful.
    what a lovely journey you have taken me on.
    i needed to 'hang' with the fairies for a while after my difficult day.

  24. Oh if I didn't believe before, I certainly do now! Your faerie post is beautiful.

  25. Oh Jac of course I believe. I've seen more intoxicated fairies in my time than I care to remember!! A lovely post, heavily weighted on the bed side - does this mean you are in need of a cup of fairy tea & a good lie-down?
    Millie ^_^

  26. I just love how you weave pictures with your "stories"!! And, seriously, how do you find such amazing pictures!!!

    :) T

  27. again so charming photos! I am inspired!
    LG, Yvonne

  28. Oh my darling that is my favorite post yet. You really do the most amazing words and pictures.

    The pictures are just beautiful, the first takes you to another world and then away we go.

    Hey Jac's I think I'd loose my wings what about you?

    Sweet day to you,

  29. I love this! I have always been a fan of fairies since I was little, and wish i could fall asleep in any of the beautiful bedrooms, Have a great weekend!x

  30. Oh Jackie, this is THE most gorgeous post, I can't stop looking at it......just delicious and so creative!!

    Happy Week-end to you! xo

  31. I love to dream my self away in to your dreamworld of fairytails...
    You´ve seem to have had a wonderful night, with your book.

    As always, wonderful images.

    Have a nice saturday.

  32. Oh, where to begin. . .

    A thank you must be at the top of the list: Thank you for the beautiful, ethereal, journey into a Wonder World of your creation.

    You are marvelously mysterious and judging from your picture and what you write and present to us, you seem to live in another realm of elegance and beauty.

    I can't get enough of your blog.


  33. Wow...just found your lovely blog! Yes I do believe in Fairies...I do now after looking at all your lovely lovely images! I am so glad to have found you...thanks for the gift today! I am off to visit some of your past post and see what I have been missing. xoxoxo

  34. I adore that quote Jackie ~ I have a bookmark with it actually... Lovely images and now I will be thinking of fairies as I finish my cleaning. Could you send me a Fairy God Mother so I could just lounge the day away eating bonbons? Hope your week-end is fabulous!

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  36. Hello, aaaa what a wonderful service and beautiful images. It was like reading a good story. Thanks for all the inspiration you gave.
    Have a nice weekend Kisses / Ingela

  37. Your photo gathering skills are amazing, Jackie! xo

  38. Ahh....that was such a nice story and beautiful pictures....thank you so much! Have a happy happy weekend!

  39. You amaze me, I always enjoy your blog but this post is gorgeous. Yes, I do believe in Fairies. Thank you for sharing such beautiful photos.
    xo, Michelle

  40. So many beautiful the lamps lighting up the garden path. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Axx

  41. Hi Jackie

    Just saw your comment on Mel's blog about the Moonwalk......I was due to do that 5 years ago but found I was pregnant with my son....all my girlfriends did it that year though and said it was fantastic.....and exhausting....a definite night to remember!!

    One of my friend's husbands drives a black cab and they had to call him when they finished the walk in Battersea Park (I think), he came out to pick them all up and had to lift a couple of them into the car!! They raised a lot of money and it was a great thing to do.

    There is one in NYC (and Paris) and we do talk about doing that one a bit of shopping too of course ;)

    Some other friends are trying to talk me into doing it next year.....need to cut down on the bread and potatoes first I think!

    Happy Sunday honey :) xo

  42. But of course I believe.
    If I did not, however, this post would have convinced me completely!

  43. another beautiful dreamy story with pictures to die for ;)

  44. those photos are beautiful...lovely blog!!!

  45. I do beleive in fairies - who else would write these beautiful blogs that I read each day....?
    :) Cate

  46. I always know when I come over here that I'm going to walk away smiling. I always wanted to jump into A Midsummer Night's Dream!

  47. My dearest Jackie!
    Oh, i love your stories and all the great pictures..........its so wonderful!!! And thank you so much, for your lovely comment - your soooo sweet!! THANK YOU FOR ALL!!!!!!!!!!

    Have a wonderful week, full of sunshine and happyness, Hugs Jade

  48. My husband would say I was often away with the fairies!!! x

  49. I believe in Fairies and you have given all of us a post filled with enchanted beauty and joy. I love love love the bed with the rose petals and I am a huge fan of fairy lights, we always have them on in our kitchen year round and strung through our gardens making our very own magical fairy tale.
    beautiful glorious post


  51. I just returned from the kitchen mopping up water from all over the floor due to what looks like a leaky fridge. My in-laws (here from Scotland) trying to help & me loosing my mind...only to sit down & read this lovely, gorgeous post..ahhhhh...
    I'd love to believe in fairies, leprechauns, & the like & after all these lovely photos, I just might. I did have a boss once that really did. She went into great detail about a fairy she saw in Central Park. She was a very unusual but fun lady but I think she also loved the "wacky tobaccy" if you know what I mean!? Such a fabulous post Jackie. Your imagination is wonderful!!

    Xx deb

  52. great post! ahhh i want that bed where she lays her head haha it looks so peaceful!

  53. Just discovered your blog while looking for inspiration for decorating a "fairy room" for my daughter. This is just breathtaking! I have a blog also and was wondering if I could use some of the photos and to whom I need to pay credit if I do re-post them.
    Again, love it!

  54. Breathtakingly beautiful photos...I was transported to a faery realm. I dod believe in fairies, I do, I do, I do.
    So much inspiration here for the things I create.
    Thankyou for a beautiful post.