Tuesday, 8 June 2021

Out.of action …. X

Broke my right arm on Saturday so will be out of action for some time !!!!  Sorry.



  1. Oh, no!!! Has Mr. Jackie mastered the blowdryer? Get him onto the youtubes, if not, and have him start practising:) Get well soon! xx

  2. Oooh...painful. I dread to think how you did it. More tonic with it next time!
    Hope it mends quickly XXX

  3. Oh my Jackie . . .
    sad and sorry . . .
    Hoping for ease comfort healing!
    Sending hugs and caring across the pond.

  4. Jack@! How did you do that, you poor thing? Knit soon. XXX

  5. So sorry to hear....big hug for you...take care love love love ❤️ Ria 💋

  6. Oh my goodness. I hope it is not a serious fracture. Sending healing thoughts and wishing you a smooth recovery.

  7. Poor you, I dread breaking anything. Do what the Doc' tells you, and you'll soon be on the mend. xx

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  9. So, so sorry to hear this news Jackie dear. Hope you weren't climbing on ladders - and that it's not a terribly bad fracture. Sending healing thoughts your way - be a good patient, and take this opportunity to get some rest..........and be waited on hopefully!!!!!!!
    Mary & Bob xx

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  11. Oh what a misfortune, Jackie!
    I read at Tom's blog how it happened - that was really bad luck for a good deed!
    I hope it will heal well - you are a tough winner. My friend Anne (our age) is recovering rapidly from getting "a new hip" - and I am utterly astonished how a body has the power to heal, and a mind has the will to get through all the pains it with discipline, and a heart to be not angry with the bees.

    I wish you all the best!!! XXXXX Britta (just in time back to Bogland to read about your misfortune, and send you "healing energy", or whatsoever.)