Sunday, 22 June 2014


 I think that I maybe the female equivalent  of a flâneur….. 

….. the above photograph of me sort of proves it, doesn't it ?!!!! ….. actually, my childhood name was 'flanno' ….. I just added that as I just remembered ….. makes me even more of a flâneur !!

I've done a great deal of  'flâneuring' in the garden lately ….. our garden is always at it's best at the end of May and beginning of June, and, most of our plants and flowers are way behind most peoples as it's a north facing garden hence the abundance of hostas and ferns.

….. Astrantia 'Superstar' …..

….. wild geranium …..

….. phygelius 'yellow trumpet' …..

I cannot tell you how pleased we are with our rusty arch and gate. We bought it at Chelsea Flower Show a couple of years ago and we were very surprised that it was such a reasonable price that we bought it on the spot !! Growing up the arch on the right is clematis flammula which will look like …...

….. THIS ….. in a couple of weeks. I've forgotten the name of the rose !! Hopefully, it will grow over the arch and intermingle with the clematis.

We also bought this bench from the same man at Chelsea. I can't get over how reasonably priced they were considering we were at the biggest gardening show on earth !!!! He could have really gone to town with his prices, couldn't he ?

….. philadelphus …..

I planted this rose a couple of years ago and can't remember if it's 'Rambling Rector' or 'Seagull' ….. I'm pretty sure that it's 'Seagull' and it has been GLORIOUS !!

This photograph reminds me of Frances Hodgson Burnett's 'The Secret Garden'. We have lots of robins in our garden who follow me around when I'm digging ….. I could have done with one when I took this photo !! ….. now, what shall I put in these little old Victorian terracotta pots ?

I shall be glued to the television for the next two weeks as Wimbledon starts on Monday …. here's hoping the weather holds !!

image 1: via kero i am, image 10; via teline, all other images by me !!



  1. I have been doing a bit of flaneuring at my window box recently.

  2. Hello Jackie,

    How we have enjoyed being virtual flan euros and wandering with your camera around your delightful garden. Can there be anything more relaxing and calming than this? We think not.

    We love the cool green of it all. The carpet of lawn, the intriguing mix of textures, tones and tints of all the evergreens, the subtle colours of flowers weaving their way through the borders and the architectural elements which look as if they have always been there. And, it all comes together so seemingly effortlessly, the mark of the perfect garden.

    How wonderfully restorative it must be to wander at will in this beautiful outdoor room. Surely, all the cares of the world simply melt away as soon as you go through the archway.......rather like Alice entering Wonderland.

    Hoping that all is well with you.

    1. P.S. flaneurs not flan, what can they be....a new form of currency?

  3. Dear Jackie,
    such a lovely garden! I love the "green"-concept - heightens the colours of the chosen others, is practical for north oriented gardens, and soothesoozes tranquility. As to the roses: I have 'Rambling Rector' in a huge plum - they are so lovely; looks like yours, but there are so many sorts. (I saw "Kiftsgate" at Lord Byron's estate - beautiful, but too vigorous for normal gardens - they can flatten a shed!) Your lovely windows: yes - The Secret Garden - but also "Brambly Hedge".
    A flaneur you are by all means - and look so lovely!

    1. oozes/soothes - I couldn't decide :-)

  4. Yep, that's you!
    Keep wandering . . .

  5. The artist, the poet the writer, flaneur, such a beautiful word Jackie (I don't know how to do the accent on this keyboard which rather spoils it!); you look just right flaneuring in your beautiful garden, a million million miles away from White Hart Lane and Highbury! Rachel

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  7. Jackie love your home and garden, That was such a funny comment, I cracked up. yvonne

  8. Stunningly beautiful . . . perfectly gorgeous . . .
    Just how I dream mine to be . . .
    The archway and gate . . .
    Rose . . .
    Clematis . . .
    and the magnificent ferns . . .
    Oh Jackie . . . what artistry . . .
    I am in love . . .

  9. It looks beautiful and the scent from the roses and philadelphus must be delightful. Rain stops play on Thursday I think, at least it seems it will down here!

  10. Wowww your garden looks great !!! from me....happy summer...enjoy Ria...x !

  11. Hi! Lovely post and beautiful garden. Just wondering if you have the details for the Chelsea rusty arch man? Thank you!

  12. Jackie Loved seeing your garden, so peaceful and those white climbing/rambling roses are beautiful. What a fantastic find your rusty arch & gateway from Chelsea garden show and love that garden bench. I've been having problems with blog reader and have missed so many of your posts , so glad I saw this one.

  13. What a dream, dear Jackie, your garden is really wonderful (I think you´r a princess and living in a castle) - so full of romance and poetry! Looooove the rusty arch & gate! Have a wonderful summertime,

    hugs Jade

  14. Wow, what an awesome garden Jac's, quite the green thumb! Happy to see you have some sun :) xoxo

  15. I love "working" in the garden too. It's so nice to see the results of your hard work when everything starts blooming. You can't beat's such a good bloomer and can totally take the heat. I used to have a ton of them at my old house and they were the star of the show. :) Your garden looks fantastic! Are those wooden shutters I see? They're gorgeous!
    Best Decoration Style on Miniature Garden

  16. Jackie, thank you for inviting us into your welcoming garden. I found several little niches' where I would love to sit and and be a stationary flâneur. Is that redundant? Yes, that rustic arched gate is absolutely perfect in your garden. Thanks again for sharing your outdoor space with us.

  17. Such a beautiful garden, Jackie - I could spend hours there myself. Flaneuring - what a fabulous word that is! We spent over a week flaneuring all over West Yorkshire and then onto London - where I thought of you often and wondered how you and Mr. Home are doing. Sending lots of love to you, dearest Jackie! xxoo

  18. Hi Jackie,
    Your garden looks stunning.
    So green and lush.
    Roses and Philadelphus.... the scent must be divine.
    Hope you have a lovely week,
    Liz x

  19. I cannot believe that I am only now making my way over to leave you a note. The last few weeks have been busy ones here ~ I adore your gardens Jackie ~ everything is so lush and green. xoxo

  20. Really LOVE this post! What a beautiful garden, Jackie! My dream......
    It looks as we're both "flaneurs"... and as we've both had same idea for a garden-review :)
    And YES - Spring is the most wonderful time in our gardens. Fresh Green, budding and flowering on every corner, just right for "flâner"..... ENJOY!

    Sorry for late commenting....have been out of blogworld for a while, getting slowly back, hopefully.
    And thank you very much for your visit and lovely comment which I really appreciate!

  21. How in the world did I miss this post Jackie? I am in awe of your gorgeous garden!!! I loved seeing all the many things you have growing in it. Of course I am totally gaga over your iron gate!
    I love that we both have the philadelphus growing. Me in Idaho across the pond and you in your beautiful England.
    much love to you...

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