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Friday, 29 June 2012

INTERLUDE ..........

Just a little update  ....... my computer finally gave up the ghost and I am now getting to grips with my shiny new MacBook Pro !!!! Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible ....... please don't go anywhere..... I'll be back !!



  1. Glad you went to Mac Jackie. My kiddo has one for college. When my current pc dies I am getting one first thing. If one does photography it is the way to go not to mention the many other reasons. xoxo, Olive

  2. I will wait for love love

  3. I did the same changeover from pc to Mac earlier this year Jackie. Nearly drove me crazy at first, but now (although I still have a lot to learn) I absolutely love it!
    See you soon.
    Amanda x

  4. I switched over in December when the FHub stepping on my laptop and cracked the screen :)

    It was rough couple of days getting the PC out of me, but I LOVE it now.

    Have fun with your new will be hooked on it in no time!

    Maybe you will win one of the gift certificates to the brocante!

  5. You will LOVE your Macbook Pro!!
    Have fun getting to know one another!

  6. anything you do on anything is magic....

  7. I wish you good luck with your new Macbook.
    Have a nice weekend

  8. Take your time Jackie! See you back soon!

    madelief x

  9. Hello Jackie

    In the words of a famous song" "If it takes forever, we will wait for you, for a 1,000 summers we will wait for you" Now that is a bit of an exaggeration! Glad you are in the Mac world.

    Enjoy your weekend

    Helen xx

  10. I'll be waiting for you Jackie! In the meantime, I hope you enjoy getting to know your 'new' friend!
    sending love...

  11. Hi dear Jackie,
    a MacBook, wow, looking forward to hear from you and your new "friend"
    Take care, Bine

  12. I have one too, Jackie...they're fabulous...I'm sure you'll be back with us soon ;-)

  13. I'll be here when you come back! Have fun with your Mac ! xxoo

  14. Jackie, I too had a post I couldn't get rid of. Just returned from Owlshead airport. I watched my Daughter board the tiny jet and sit in the co-pilots seat. What a flight she will have flying over the Maine coast to Boston. Renee got me out of that Nursing home and helped me so much. I already miss her. The house is so empty.I am using a cane now and have a nurse coming 2 days a week. Sorry, I was out of pocket for such a long time,
    but Renee and I were busy and enjoying each other. Big hug Yvonne

  15. Oh Jackie, that´s great, you will love your MacBook (it´s really wonderful;)!!! Have a lovely summertime and be back soon, we are waiting!!

    Hugs Jade

  16. what better way to spend the long....wet....evenings!!

  17. Looking forward to hearing how you and your new friend Mac are getting along...enjoy!!
    xo J~

  18. Your blog is so wonderfully delightful. Thank you for sharing. Carolina Elizabeth

  19. What can I say Jac, your beautiful messages over at The Hedge left me quite sniffly, geez girl you sure have the knack for saying exactly the right thing at exactly the right time. And next time you hit the town with Simone & Vicki you had sure better let me know & I'll head on over!
    Millie xx

  20. good luck.
    i gave up on 3 different macs.

    i was so frustrated.

    i had to go back to an old
    'brand new toshiba' where i know how to get around.
    i guess this old dog didn't have the patience for learning the mac


  21. I have so missed your wonderful posts...hope you are up and running again soooooon. Thank you for popping by is always so nice to hear from one of my favourite blogger friend...YOU!
    Hope your summer is going well. xoxoxo

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