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Tuesday 3 April 2012

THE GARDEN .... A METAPHOR FOR LIFE .... by invitation ..........

The garden is an eloquent metaphor for how we move through life ..........

Life can be seen as a garden maze, sometimes the hedges are too tall to see over or, too thick to see through, with no way of knowing what lies ahead or around the corner. There is a beginning and an end but, there is also a whole lot of middle !

We need to remove the weeds from our lives .....

..... to allow the beautiful blooms space to breathe and grow. The beauty of life can be lost amongst the mundane 'weeds' of life. Stress and negativity can sometimes take over and the beauty of life can get lost.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, be it in life or in the garden. Some people like their gardens simple, as they do their lives, others like to take risks and try to grow the difficult, non-hardy plants.

As plants need support, so do we and life is always easier when there are people in our life who are there to support and help us.

When things are dark and difficult, we must try to persevere and push through.

Giving our time and hard work, will bring it's rewards .... we reap what we sow.

Put your heart and soul into everything that you do.

Take the time to smell the roses.

Each new day brings a little sunshine ....

but, we also need the rain to flourish and grow.

We cultivate our relationships like we grow flowers and vegetables ..... flowering, growing and producing.

Both bring new life into the world .....

We find pleasure and relaxation in both .....

'To forget how to dig the earth and to tend the soil is to forget ourselves'.


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images 1 & 2: via Rodney Smith, images 3, 4, 5, 6 & 9: via night tattoo, image 7: via brown dress with white dots, image 8: via love french bulldogs, image 10: via tumblr, image 11: via maggie thunder, image 12: via dustjacket attic, images 13, 16 & 18: via zsa zsa bellagio, image 14: via sunday in bed, image 15: via the vault of beauty, image 17: via chintz of darkness, image 19: via encore life



  1. What a wonderful post. Very thought provoking with amazing photos.

  2. Hello Jackie:
    How beautifully you have used this extended metaphor through both words and images in this post. Yes, life is as you portray it here, with all of its complexities of frustration, joy, hope, fear, disappointment, and many more besides. But what underlies everything, and which underscores all that is here, is the profound love which exists throughout the world from one individual to another and for which we should all be very, very grateful.

    May your own garden blossom in every possible way.

  3. so nice to pop over here just as you post as opposed to days later!!

    So beautiful - and that animated image is incredible. Gardens do teach one the true meaning of patience don't they.

    Hope you are well xoxoxoxo

  4. Lovely post Jackie ~ I was so taken by your words and not just your pictures ~ not that I do not read your words other times ~ look at me after only 1 coffee feeding my brain this morning! Hugs to you sweet friend. xo

  5. Hi Jackie,
    Beautifully written with the perfect images to support your message.
    Loved this post...:)
    P.S. The animated image was spectacular!
    Take care my friend,

  6. Jac's that would have to be my fav post of yours. Just really moving, thoughtful and beautiful...thanks honey.

  7. Hi,I love your blog so much and look your pictures is like a trip in a fairytale world everytime.
    ♥ Susa ♥

  8. Such beautiful prose and photos. Lovely. Thank you for these gentle reminders. xo

  9. Jackie !!! this post is so so so wonderful.....i enjoy each word and each picture......thanks for share with from

  10. My love, you, me & Coty see live and the garden exactly alike, and here we are on 3 different continents!! This is so heartfelt and I love that you did it all in black and white. Beautiful images, but more than that...beautiful thoughts. Sending love...

  11. Dear Jackie,
    You always have a way to post everything I love! Every image and post you creat is AMAZING!!!

  12. Dear, dear Jackie,

    Beautiful, absolutely beautiful -- in every way.


  13. The perfect pairings and sentiments Jackie. What a gorgeous post, and all so so true. xx

  14. What an amazing post. You've made an excellent collection of both pictures and words...a really great choice. I also adore the metaphors and similes that you used. Well done! I always love to return to your blog for exactly that reason.

  15. I find such peace in gardening. The concept of sowing and reaping is lost on so many nowadays I fear. This post is not only beautiful but brimming with truth dear Jackie.

  16. Thoughtful and though provoking! Your images are stunning! Gardens are a great metaphor for life.
    I am a new follower, and fellow By Invitation Only gal.

  17. Eye-catching, original, captivating. Thank you.

  18. Charming - Thoughtful - and simply Beautiful!

    Greetings from the Périgord,

  19. Those are just about the most beautiful words I've ever read. They gave me such peace, comfort and inspiration. Thank you

  20. Hi Jackie....great to meet you from a fellow BIO gal! What a lovely post with such deep thoughts and wonderful pictures... so unique from all the others and a pleasure to read!


  21. how utterly lovely ....speaking as one who is a very late bloomer .... I have never known the difference between the weeds and the flowers and may well have spent too much time cultivating the former to the detriment of the later....happy easter!!

  22. Such a gorgeous post beautifully written and made the lightbulb in the garden lantern of my mind turn on!
    The fertilizers of life, the rain, and the weeding...all not the prettiest of experiences to experience, are what truly help the gardens of our souls, spirits, and hearts continue to thrive and flourish...brilliant!
    I will be thankful for all the downpours, weeding, and fertilizing that has been going on lately...and will expect to be profusely blossoming form it all in the very near future!!
    xo J~

  23. That would be 'from it all'!!! Must need a bit more fertilizer...or caffiene! ;)

  24. Beautiful words and photo's Jackie! As always a joy to look at!!! Great new photo of you in your sidebar too :-)

    Have a lovely Easter!

    Lieve groeten van Madelief xox

  25. Hey how do you get trees and waterfalls coming out your eyes ? Haha love that.

  26. The eye picture was amazing...where on earth did you find it...The rest of the pics...also so awesome.
    luv ya J.

  27. One of my amazingly profound and beautiful. Thanks!!!!

  28. You do find the greatest images...such a treat. And indeed the garden is a metaphor - who knew?!! Lou x

  29. A beautiful post shared with me by one of my blog readers, but I wanted to let you know that the wine box image is one I took of my own garden. I'd appreciate a photo credit to LLH Designs. This is the specific post for the garden:


  30. Dear Jackie,
    You made a beautiful post of all this pictures, nice words also.
    Enjoy some nice Easter days.
    Love Gerda

  31. This post is sooooooo full of romance (I have tears in my eyes)........looooooove it!!!! Happy Easter, my dearest Jackie,

    Hugs Jade

  32. What a beautiful, inspirational post Jackie! Such a beautiful journey through your words and photos! Thank you and have a wonderful Easter weekend celebration!

  33. You spoke wise words! I love the pictures you found! you really know how to combine your words with "visual effects"... Happy Easter dear Jackie!

  34. Spot on mate, how true. However my garden is a mess 'cos a certain un-named person has started ripping areas apart with the intent of making big changes & then not finishing a single one thing. Sort of a bit like his own life at the moment!!
    Millie xx

  35. Hi dear Jackie,
    wonderful post... hope you enjoyed the Easter days...
    xoxo Bine

  36. jax
    you know i love you.
    this post was for me.

  37. Really such a lovely post...the images are stunning. Your words magical.
    Hope your Easter was amazing...hugs to you.xxo

  38. Beautiful words and images Jackie. I have seen before and love the image of the pouring eye ... just love this post!

    Dont worry about a bedside table ... not everyone has one! Thats what makes you unique ... just send me pics of what you already have.
    Hope your Easter was fab ... Amsterdam was great, not one of my favourite places, but I think i didn't enjoy it as much as I was feeling poorly with a bad case of laryngitis! I'm sure you'll love it!

  39. Heart touching blog. Very beautiful photos. Earth really laugh with flower so use top soil soil and grow more flowers .

  40. This is just breath taking. Your post is the BEST I don't know where you find these images and the words go so well with each one. You have a beautiful mind.

  41. i love this...i have only just discover the joy of nurturing a garden.
    with hugs Cate

  42. Hello, I just came over your blog and love it ! Thanks for sharing all those wonderful photos with us. Greetings from Paris, xo

  43. Dear Jackie, wow!!!!!!!! Such a marvellously beautiful post today.

    Hugs to you x Jane

  44. Lovely post Jackie!
    I found some nice words som suites your post;
    Family and friends are flowers in the garden of live.
    Hugs Gerda

  45. I've recently discovered your blog and am really enjoying both reading and admiring awesome photos in your posts :)

  46. A beautiful and poetic reminder.... A garden is indeed a microcosm of all life. Thank you, Jackie!