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Tuesday, 6 December 2011


Tina of The Enchanted Home has invited the members of By Invitation to a virtual Christmas party. It's big, it's lavish and, our hosts are moving heaven and earth to make it the party of the season.

Of course, this means that I've got to sort out something to wear so, I am telling you this in complete confidence, and you must swear that you won't tell anyone what I'm going to wear,  just in case someone else decides to copy my posh frock !!

 Now, tell me which one I should wear .....

Should it be this snowy white number ? ..........

or, this grey satin creation .....

with matching hat .....

and, lacy, crystal cuffs ? You choose.

Shoes to match .....

Oh, I have got these cuffs ..... which do you think ?

feather and crystal bag .....

make up ..... sorted .....

and, a coat as it could be chilly.
We also need to take a hostess gift .....

My gift is this Caroline Swift Christmas antique finished platinum glass bauble. with glass droplet from an antique chandelier and other tiny treasures .....

packaged beautifully in snowy white paper.

Now all I have to do .....

is collect Mr Home from work, so that I can sober him up and get him ready too !!!! ha ha

Don't forget to go over to Marsha @ Splenderosa for links to all of the other attendees and to see what they will be wearing.

images 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, & 13: via Zsa Zsa Bellagio, image 2: via img fav,  images 7 & 9: via Dustjacket Attic, image 8: via featured fascinator, image 10: via the fame killss, image 11: via the hilarious mind, image 12: via Caroline Swift,  image 14: via Brainz.



  1. You just had me cracking laughing!!! Santa had one to many. Your silver outfit is a dream!! You are going to be the belle of the Ball

  2. I want what you are wearing!! Can't wait to see you there.... xv

  3. Hysterical! Such prettiness until that final picture - and back down to earth with a bump! The clothes are just divine - such an opportunity to sparkle at this time of year. Lou x

  4. you always have the best posts! Poor Mr Home to be forever chronicled for his "just wanting to have fun". A guy's gotta let loose every now and then too. I think he let a little too much loose though! Love the silver creation! Not sure about the hat though. You have such gorgeous locks you should not cover them up! Those cuffs are to die for! I wonder if they would go with sweats....

  5. You choice of dress is beautiful. Love it and the makeup with the pearl eyeborws is special

  6. Yes, you DO always have the best posts, J. The deco gown with the little head piece is simply to die for, but so are all your accessories and the makeup is the touch of whimsy we all need to keep from being taken so seriously. Beautiful perfection down to the coat. And, those gifts? Who wouldn't love to receive that beautiful little ornament, which looks like one-of-a-kind. Merry Christmas, lovie...I'm so happy you're my friend....

  7. A ha ha ha...or ho ho ho!
    Thanks for that chuckle...but it was a little too early for that sight!....
    OK....I vote for the grey satin with the hat and those to die for cuffs!
    Have fun this holiday season seems you are off to a good start!

  8. Wow. You couldn't make a bad choice from your beautiful selections . . . that is, until the final photo. (Ugh.)
    Thanks for the post.

  9. You have a fantastic sense of style and a very wicked sense of humour, just love it!

  10. I can tell you would be the fun one Jackie! Love your outfits and the cuffs especially.............Santa needs you to cheer him up. Much love XO

  11. This is just great, Jaqueline! I suggest: wear all of it! Beautiful, beautiful images, wonderful post, your great sense of humour - love it! And love particularly Mr. Home! Hope he has recovered by now!

  12. Oooh I love that long dress, so wonderfull!!


  13. omg ... I nearly wet my pants with that last photo! After all that beauty ... I was laughing so hard!!

    But seriously, the satin gown with the matching headband is to die for ... and so is that wonderful, whimsical makeup ... just love it Jackie!
    Have a wonderful, magical time!
    You made my day ...

  14. So wonderfulll.........I like the dress....and your great sense of humour....hahaha...
    Greetings Hetty

  15. I love it, Jackie! Simply gorgeous! judging from Mr Home's photo, he definitely needs some tidying up! haha. Fabulous post! Warm hugs and love sent your way! xxoo :)

  16. Thank you for both the"Ahhhh" and the "YUCK".

  17. All is so beautiful!!!!!Have a great time Jackie!!!!!
    Have a nice evening.

  18. Oh my just a whole lot of beautiful lushness.. I wish I could wear those black panties! Instead I am going to buy something from Caroline Swift for myself just to get that gift wrap! Beautiful day to you dear friend!

  19. You crazy girl..I got a good chuckle at the end, and I needed that! lol

  20. Lovely picture santa!
    I just want to step by and give you a big hug.
    Hugs Gerda

  21. Hahahahhah!! what a great post...darling everything you wear is beautiful...beacause you are !!!....but your husband needs a littke help....a love you...xxxx...

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  23. Not only gorgeous with a great sense of style - but also a great sense of humour. Love it. Have fun! Francesca

  24. Grey Satin of course lovey. I adore greys and those cuffs oh my they are off the chain. That last image is something serious. Have fun♥

  25. Oooh I love the feather and crystal bag! And the two first photos, gorgeous...

  26. Oh la la! I love the outfits you have chosen. Why not bring both - Tina is changing half way through the night as well! :)

    The glass bauble is fantastic - I want a whole stack of them!

    Good luck with the sexy man in the red hat.. ;)

    x Charlotta
    Space for Inspiration

  27. OMG ~ you make me laugh out loud Jackie!! Love all the glitter and glam ~ you will be a knockout at the party I am sure ~ make sure you have a cocktail or two for me. That last picture still has me laughing!! xo

  28. Oh Jac's, that is SO are so naughty.

    I just love your post, you have the best sense of I said to Marsha, so wish we were doing this Party for real.
    lots of hugs Deej
    ps the knickers are so cute

  29. Hard to choose they are all so stunning...with your sense of humor will be the bell of the ball. Mona

  30. Trust you to worry about the lingerie first Jacs! And as far your Secret Santa goes, this image gives a whole new meaning to 'Deck the Balls with Boughs of Holly!'
    Millie xx

  31. LOL!!!! You must've sobered him up because I don't remember anyone looking like that at the party... LOLOLOL!!!

  32. image 2 looks like a friend of mine's handmade lingerie... her company is Toad Lillie...

  33. Beautiful and especially love the cuffs!! Poor poor Santa!!

  34. I love all this images, especially the last one :-)!!!!!
    Have a wonderful day,
    we have a lot of snow in the south of germany and my kids are so happy!!!!

  35. Oh, Jackie,

    You've done it again! You make us believe in magic.

    You DID look divine. We couldn't stop talking about you in that dress and your gift, well so typically creative, so Jackie.


  36. You are hilarious, Jackie! That Mr. Home is a hottie! And I just have to say that I feel I suddenly need that feather and crystal bag. Okay, so I don't NEED it, but a little lust never hurt a girl. Hope you're having a beautiful holiday season, my friend! xoxo Gigi

  37. Oh my goodness I came back down to earth with a bump with your last picture!
    Gorgeous, gorgeous outfits, I lOVe the cuffs! I've never seen any like that before.
    Jess xx

  38. Those frocks are just gorgeous. Now tell me...what did "Mr. HOME' thinkg about you posting HIS picture! haha

  39. Can't type for laughing ;-) Bwaaahahahahahahahahahaha! Love the Bauble - made a few of those myself recently. Lucky 'Mr HOme' is wearing his Santa hat!! LOL

  40. Hello Jackie:
    There is no doubt about what you should wear.....the black frilly underwear......the glittery Jimmy Choos.....your sparkling personality.......your winning smile........ and Mr Home on your arm. Perhaps the coat might be a good idea as the weather has turned rather chilly!!!

    We wish you the happiest and most sparkling of times wherever you may be invited!!

  41. Jackie the second dress is IT! Gorgeous beyond as are al of the accessories!!

    Oh dear you have your hands full with MR Santa!

    Please Come and enter the 12 Days of Holiday giveaways! The current one is from The French Basketeer! It is stunning!

    Art by Karena

  42. The creamy lace with a 1800's look would be my choice. Haha I think you should let the mister stay home and rest!

  43. my vote goes for the snowy white number!!!

    do it!!!
    you will look like a princess.
    OH.....i forgot.
    you are one!!!

    xxx love

  44. Oh, you did me in with the last picture! I was in la-la fairy princess, Cinderella at the Christmas Ball land, and then BAM!...but I think that crystal and feather bag would help me to recover nicely, so if you could be a doll and send it on to me in the post when you're finished with it all will be right in Christmas dreamland again. ;)
    And oh yes, definitely the Snowy White number...I think it's what a modern Marie Antoinette would have's *enchanting*!
    xo J~

  45. Thanks Jackie I needed a good laugh. Good thing he had his hat to cover that thing up...haha

    Any of those outfits would be decadent. YOu'll have to show us what you pick.

    and yes I think I have every ornament ever made:)


  46. Those clothes all look amazing Jackie! I would find it difficult to choose. Can't you just swap clothes several times a day :-)!

    That Santa made LOL!

    Have a fun weekend!

    Lieve groet, Madelief x

  47. my eyes!! oh my gawd...the fat santa is now burned onto my retina......... !!!

  48. Enchanting, sensational,sensuous & stunning dresses & Accessories. Pretty as a Princess complete with sparkling Tiara & beautiful bracelet..Why black lingerie(its lovely though with ribbons at the back :)) for an otherwise white wardrobe?
    Merry Christmas: Have a great time.
    Warm Regards

  49. The grey satin number totally has me swooning!

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