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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

TO AUTUMN ..........

Autumn is in full swing, here in the UK.........

time for hot baths ..........

Candlelight ..........

Cosy beds ..........

Comfort food ..........

..... and for digging out your thermals..... oops,

..... thermals !!!!

Enjoy this season of mists and mellow fruitfulness and the joy that it brings.

image 1: via inspired designs, image 2 & 3: via visualize.Us,  image 4: via we heart it, image 5: via brown dress with white dots, image 6: via chateau de moissac, image 7, 8, 9: via heart of glass, image 10: via the paper mulberry, image 11: via tumblr, image 12 & 14: via pinterest, image 13: via zsa zsa Bellagio,  



  1. You have helped me to admit that autumn is here Jackie. I am slow in letting go of summer but your post brings out all the best of the cooler temps. Just lovely. XO

  2. OK, you win . . . I am officially distracted.
    Yours is my "post of the day!"
    What beautiful, tempting photographs.
    (Anyway, I've got this thing for redheads.)

  3. Oops indeed. I would enjoy those ruffled linens. hugs♥O

  4. Gorgeous images definitely felt very autumnal didn't it!! I love it, my winter boots are out of the wardrobe and not going back in now!!!

    So funny that your husband was at Borough Market the same time as me!!! There were an awful lot of handsome men there - managed to drag myself away from the delicious food long enough to notice that!! - he was obviously one of them :) I love it there....the selection of food is amazing and it's just so "London". The best of London.

    Hope you & your family - and that gorgeous little grandson of yours - are all well xxxx

  5. If you wanted some decent candlesticks, all you needed to do was ask...

  6. hi Jackie - How I love that red hair. I so wanted my children to have auburn hair, I thought it was a realistic prospect because my mother does but alas it was not to be.

    Enjoy autumn. My favourite favourite season.

    Hope you are well xoxo

  7. J,
    this was more like a movie.
    i loved it.
    how do you ever do these posts??

    love r

  8. Well Jackie, you did it again! I was thinking how sweet and lovely the black ribbon looked with the red hair. Then I get to the thermal photo, you're going to give me a heart attack someday!

  9. I like your creative style and consistent bit of zest!

  10. Gorgeous pics Jackie :) And I think it's the candlelight I miss most in spring and summer. Still, I'm looking forward to a bit of's been a long winter here.

  11. Hello Jackie

    What a heart warming post. I adore the ruffled dress and bike. Can I come over and live at your house for a month?


  12. LOL, I like the frothy undies rather than thermals. Summer is on its way where I live, thermals get to stay in the cupboards for a few months . . yay !

  13. Now those are my kind of thermals ~ the first ones of course!! It is indeed a time for comfort food and cozy beds ~ love those pillowcases ~ of course I have a weakness for ruffles. xo

  14. I can only imagine how beautiful it is over there in the Fall Jackie! Someday....
    In the meantime I am enjoying the beautiful images I always find when I come to visit you. thermals don't look like that...where did you say you bought your frilly ones??????

    I can wait to light every candle in the house and have a fire burning in the fireplace.
    This post is just dreamy my friend!
    hugs from here...

  15. Yes to everything autumn brings! I am so ready for it! Have a fabulous week, Jackie! xxoo :)

  16. Oh Jac's I'm still laughing about the thermals...or should I say lack of them. Love it!

    Isn't the red hair and black ribbon sooo beautiful and the steaming bath...always good. Thanks Jac's.

    much love DJ

  17. Hi jackie,

    You always find the most beautiful images! We will need those stylish thermals. They say it's going to be a long cold winter. Just bought some fur lined boots. Hope they get my feet through :-)!

    Happy day,

    Madelief x

  18. I am impatiently waiting for the cool fall to arrive here. I am growing restless for the cool, the soups, the sweaters....Damn long summer!
    But you've earned it <3

  19. Very beautiful images - every single one!
    And my favorite one is the first!

    Happy Autumn and greetings from the Périgord,

  20. Beautiful, beautiful photos, Jacqueline, and so timely - had I not spotted your post this morning, I would, in my forgetfulness, have left the house without my branch on my head.

  21. Ahhhh, beautiful post - loving the autumn so far - it's beautiful here in Wales!

  22. So many gorgeous pics. Hard to pick a favourite, but I think the candles dripping wax win.

    Autumn has been absolutely beautiful this year. Perfect. xx

  23. Gorgeous with a great sense of humour - lovely thank you.
    F x

  24. I love your photos so beautiful!!!!
    Have a nice day!

  25. Hi
    What a beautiful pictures you put on your blog again.
    Every single one enjoy ... Then the autumn suddenly not so bad anymore.
    XX Hetty

  26. Love the first thermals! Cute but I don't think they will keep you too warm! The soup and bread looks wonderful! That really is comfort food! I love fall, but dread the snow that comes after! Ugh!

  27. Hay Jackie,

    What a wonderful photos let you see us, I enjoy it! Autumn is a great time if the sun is shinning..

    Enjoy your day ☼
    XX Patricia

  28. You have such a beautiful Blog... very unique and fun !
    I love it !
    Thanks for sharing it with all of of us !

  29. first pic reminds me of Jane Asher. I just redid my hair bright red. looks kinda kooky but I like it. Your pics are so beautiful as find the best. warm wishes.

  30. Hello darling...yes autumn is here and it is great all that colors....candles.....warm it !!...have a nice day from

  31. I love these photos! So pretty for a cozy fall feeling!!

  32. Can I just say? Thank Goodness For You!!!! You give such sound advice, I love it. Thank you. Oh and this post is lovely too. I raise my (top) hat to you!! Lou x

  33. Arggghhhh! I so want a stair case like that but have been waiting for the kids to grow up so I don't burn another house down!!! Amazing :) THe bottom's not bad either.

  34. The pics make me really longing for autumn! Here it arrived today - the temperatures have fallen and in some regions people will wake up with snow tomorrow... lucky them!

  35. OOOhhh wooow, love your blog!! It´s a great inspiration for my illustrations!!

    Follow you!!!


  36. Bonjour Jackie,

    De bien jolies photos pour célébrer l'automne.
    Belle journée

  37. You have a wonderful blog, I'll put myself as a follower...

    Have a nice day

    / Linda

  38. Dear Jackie,
    I enjoy this beautiful images!!!!
    Big Hugs,

  39. Lovely photos as always and that beautiful colour hair with the bow. Where do you get your thermals from, think you might be a little chilly!!! Have a fun week Jackie

  40. Dear Jackie,
    thank you so much for the link to my Giveaway!
    I´m so glad about it :-)!
    Wish you a wonderful weekend,
    Big Hugs,

  41. Hi Jackie! I love autumn!!! and this year more than ever! baby is coming.....!!!!

  42. love those bath tubs but then my friend moved into a house with one and burst my bath bubble because it was quite uncomfortable being so upright.....thanks for your very lovely comments...what lessons I'm learning not least about myself!!

  43. You've captured the moodiness of Autumn so well... I now feel as if I should be in a country manor, cooking up a warming soup, whilst trouncing around in my frilled up fall gown (with frilled up 'thermals underneath of course).
    Lovely as lovely can be...
    xo J~

  44. Ooohhh Jackie, I never see England in autumn, but I'm sure that must be fabulous!!!!!
    Lovely pictures!!!!!
    Have a nice weekend and tank you for passing and leaving your sweet comment.
    Warm hugs from Italy.

  45. oh jackie... sooooo cozy... that soup looks heavenly... i am watching the ambers in my fire glowing as i write this... i so love fall... hoping this finds you and your family doing well...xoxo

  46. All the kind of images that make me remember how much I love this time of year. There is nothing quite like hunkering down with comfort food in a cosy warm bed with the leaves falling outside!

  47. A fabulous post with fabulous images!!
    Following you:)

  48. Your photos are always all inspiring and just down right beautiful...
    Fall is here and soon to be gone, I am afraid... I really don't know where the time goes!
    Have a wonderful week

  49. Hello Jackie:
    Gosh, we are very late to your Autumn party as for some inexplicable reason we seem to have missed this most mellow of posts.

    Such beguiling images, laced, as usual, with your own beautifully individual sense of the quirky, the absurd and the humorous. Oh, how we should love to light our way to bed with a battalion of candles, but then we should need an army of servants to snuff them out. Much more realistic is the digging out of the thermals. After all, Siberia is just down the road from here!!

  50. DE TRES BELLES PHOTOS;..merci et bonne soirée

  51. je note mon adresse ,blog..

  52. Beautiful images, and can you believe we are getting Snow in Maine before Halloween!
    I am getting all the heating checked out
    now , Generator etc.. I love the Fall it gives me PEPPY WAYS, tee hee......

  53. Great combination once more... wondering if you come up with a halloween special this weekend ... nice and dark like the Alice Cooper show I went this week LOL It felt like a halloween night in London Soho back in the nineties!

    PS A nice giveaway to keep you warm this autumn!
    You are welcome to join in ;)

  54. These pictures are marvelous. Thank you for sharing.

  55. Did anyone ever tell you that you're naughty!! ;)

    Hee Anyway, I'd love to take a hot soak in that wonderful tub while some hot hunk plays me a lullaby on that gorgeous piano, then tucking me in underneath all of those cozy blankets on that WONDERFUL bed! :)


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