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Thursday, 28 July 2011


Summer has returned to the UK once again, after a couple of weeks of rain. Par for the course here, and we take the weather as it comes. I'm out and about everyday this week so, here are some lovely summery images and some random ones to feast your eyes on ..........

                          DO IT ALL THIS SUMMER !!

images 1, 13 & 14: Lillies and Lace, 2 & 8: Are So Happy, 3 & 7: An Angel At My Table, 4: A White Straw, 5: A Cottage In The Woods, 6 & 17: Umla, 9: Better Homes & Gardens, 10: Cannelle & Vanille, 11: Fashionising, 12: Jeanne d'Arc Living, 15: Plumo, 16: Rosies Armoire, 18,19 & 20: Vintage Rose Garden.



  1. What a great summer post !!





  3. Glorious post Jackie! Feels like I've let the sun shine in on my winter home:) I'm sitting here with my well worn ugg boots on and a big, thick cardy. Wish I could throw off the cardy and put on a summer dress!

    Hope all is well in your sunny corner of the world. Meredy xo

  4. Such a gorgeous - and summery - post Jackie...and we do have sunshine in London today, hooray!!!

    I've just looked at your post below about your sister's beautiful home, your old photos and your day out in Brighton....totally lovely!! I did laugh at the shot of you in bed taking photos in the mirror LOL!!

    I took the children into town on Tuesday and we strolled along the South Bank and had a good old wander round town before heading to Chinatown for dinner, we had a great day.

    Have a great week!! xx

  5. Lovely pictures, Jacqueline, ever so uplifting. I want to be as beautiful as that first girl with the buttoned up back, and I have resolved to keep fresh flowers permanently in my kitchen sink. To hell with the dishes. I hope the sunshine lingers and you get to lounge about contentedly, perhaps munching peas and potatoes.

  6. Heavenly selection of images Jackie....just the right esprit for now....Glorious...xv

  7. Hello Jackie:
    You are indeed true to your word!! These are the most wonderful images of summer, and are especially welcome today for us as summer, rather unusually for here, appears to have deserted this land and we are experiencing much cooler days with frequent showers rather in the manner of April.

    We do, of course, love the galvanised can with its frothy arrangement of flowers and are now very tempted to attempt to copy and do something similar in the Front Hall.

  8. Hurray, what a wonderful summer-post. I shall make a list for myself and do-it-all!

  9. De bien belles images.

    Bonne vacances Jacqueline,a kiss from provence


  10. Oh love the words in the last ... and all the flowers and greenery. I'm feeling quite summery now...Hmmm sadly still winter here.

    I'm thinking ... green and a turban... what do you think ha ha.

  11. this is a yummy post.
    there are too many things in it that i relate to to mention.

    and i do love freckles.
    when i was a kid i would get freckles in maine.
    {i don't know why-never got them in florida on the beach}
    i can still see one or two on my face from those lovely days.
    my daughter has a small patch on her nose from her young summers in maine as well.


  12. Love love love this post! Lou x

  13. Love those images! I love the one with the ferns in the mixed bottles!

  14. It's all so pretty! What a great summer post! Love the first dress. Maybe if I ever get rid of the innertube of fat around my waist! I think you should do a tour of your home! I bet it is filled with lots of beautiful things. Have fun on your short summer!

  15. Happy to see you back Jackie and it sure sounds like you are enjoying your summer. Love freckles..............of course I do have a redhead and some freckles of my own. Much love XO

  16. ooooooh Jackie, I want to sit at the end of the dock in a pretty white dress too! Lovely images, every one. I am drinking in the Summertime here, and never want it to end.
    I loved the list...I think I'll do a few of those today.

    I am glad you were the first friend I visited this morning!
    hugs from here...

  17. Hi Jackie,

    Such a lovely summer post. You chose well! The girl with the spots, white summer dresses and that beautiful with mantelpiece with all those aqua coloured bottles. So pretty!

    Have fun tomorrow at the RHS garden. I have never been there and look forward to your photo's very much! Have fun!!!

    Lieve groetjes van Madelief x

  18. Ooohhh Jackie, such a great summer post!!!!
    Tank you for these peaceful and lovely instats!!!
    Nice day to you.

  19. Hello you love, you are on the photo. I believe and now I will grow the hair, so that I can also have thus a nice plait.
    Some time ago I saw a photo of queen Margarete (DK) with twisted plait, I found this quite nice and now you.
    They are already medium-length. In 5 years it is created.
    Completely lots of love Rosine

  20. Gorgeous images, makes me want to get out in my garden (which I have seriously neglected this year!) That last quote is fabulous - definitely sending it to my daughter! Have a beautiful day, dear Jackie! P.S. Please save that gorgeous London sun for me, I'll be there soon! :) xxoo

  21. Fabulous summer images, Jacqueline! I enjoyed looking at them!


  22. utterly gorgeous.....I want to live in those pictures!!!

  23. The young woman with the freckles could not get any prettier. Love, love the farmhouse sink.

  24. Love those freckles!! What a great post Jackie ~ I love all the images you chose ~ especially the quote. Wishing you a wonderful week-end full of sunshine and smiles. xo

  25. Today IS the Day! AND it just doesn't get any better than this! AND I miss you!

  26. Love your sweet images today my friend...happy summer! xoxoxo

  27. Gorgeous images. Summer is such a fleeting thing in our beautiful country we have to grab it with both hands while it's here.

  28. Dear Jackie,
    wonderful summer images :-)!
    Wish you a nice weekend,

  29. Hello dear Jackie

    You have such a talent for lifting the spirits. I particularly loved your handwritten note on what to do and I must tackle an unfinished painting - you have inspired me. Wishing you a joyous weekend

  30. It's good to know you are enjoying the summer. No reason to stay inside when there is so much to take in this time of yr.
    You do find the pretties images. I love the simplicity of the ferns in jars and vases. Makes me want to try it at home. God knows I have enough plants to pluck from:)

    Did leave you a comment on the last post but it never went thru. My fault I was showing G something and forgot to check if it took. Clicked off too fast. I should know better. I blame George!

    ps...your photos of your sisters house were incredible!!!! really

  31. hi jackie
    UK weather must be like PEI. it just started to get nice there. im back in ontario for the summer and it is H O T.
    im lovin it
    ~laura xx

  32. I'm even going to make it to London today after all. Talk about doing it all - even with Summer Strikes. Don'tcha just love the French. Will be thinking of you as I while away the hours waiting for my flight home to Toulouse- if it's not cancelled!!!

  33. Hello Gorgeous jacki, That is a wonderful list, I'll try to do it all. Yvonne

  34. You always makes a mix of the finest pictures, dreamy and summery ;) Just back from Paris.. see my unplugged pictures
    Have a great summer you !

  35. oh darling... i love all of these.... love love love... esp the flowers in the sink... it is sooo fun... our summer is like yours... take each sunny day as it comes and wrap our arms around it tightly and dont lt go! xoxoxo

  36. Happy summer! A lovely post Jackie...such beautiful blooms It is great to hear you are enjoying some beautiful weather. Axx

  37. Thank you for sharing these lovely pictures.

    Greetings from the Netherlands,

  38. hello Jackie, how are you???? I am from the Caribbean and Miami. I love living in the sunshine and I just found your blog with its lovely images. I am a new follower as well. Take care.

    Lisa x

  39. Gorgeous photos as always - who would think that we had those lovely summer days when you look out of the window today, but that's the beauty of our summer weather. (although I would like sun everyday!!!)

  40. Lovely images Jackie ... sorry I havent been over lately.
    I'm sure you've been enjoying the heat of late (I sure have) and I hope your time spent with your sister went well.

    Enjoy the rest of the summer ... hope it lasts!

  41. Such inspiration! I especially fawned over the vintage book jacket!

  42. Thanks for the coment Jackie, beautiful post. yvonne

  43. lovely !
    so pretty!
    happy week,

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