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Monday, 16 May 2011


I like a nice cushion or two, don't you ? I have loads spread about the house and they can really make a dingy corner perk up can't they ? You don't have to spend a lot of money to change the look of a room ..... and, if you're really clever, like a lot of you bloggers out there, you can make them yourself !!
Here are a few that I'd like to get my hands on ..........

Oh, and it's not only the cushions I like........ I love everything in these rooms. They are all pretty gorgeous !!!!

AND NOW ..... here are some of my own that are strewn about our house, but they are just the tip of the iceberg ..... I have lots more !!

..... and don't forget .....

.....  just saying !! .....

Note to self : Blogger lost all of my comments when it removed everyone's post !!!!!!!!!!

image 1: via Atlanta Bartlett, image 2: via A Cottage in the Woods, image 3: via Cox & Cox, image 4: via Are So Happy, image 5: via Umla, image 6: via Vintage Kompagniet, image 8: via Atlanta Bartlett, image 9: via Charlotte Casadajus, image 15: via We Heart It
ALL OTHER IMAGES : courtesy of moi !!    



  1. Oh, what a wonderful post, my dearest Jackie.........looooooove those cushions and rooms, sooooo beautiful and full of romance!!!! Think i have to buy some new cushions ;))!!!! Have a wonderful weekend,

    Hugs and Love, Jade

  2. Jackie is back in the HOUSE!!! wow, so good to have you back...missed you sompin terrrible. Lovely images...I’ve got that trunk in image #6 wow now I feel so trendy and groovy and finally with it. Love you Jackie really I want to be you..too cool for school.

  3. i feel just the same!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    one more is never enough!
    so pretty!
    romantic and chic!
    gorgeous photos!
    happy day,

  4. Jacqueline, would you just pack all your own lovely cushions into a truck and send them over to me? It's what the United Nations would want you to do in the name of International Goodwill. I'm just popping out now to clear my drive in case it's a big truck.

  5. I am a true believer that you can never have enough pillows! I love all of the ones you have shown, especially yours - they are fabulous! Have a wonderful evening, dear Jackie! xxoo :)

  6. oooh Jackie I enjoyed these beautiful images today! I love tons of pillows strewn about the house too. I really love the ones you have chosen to live with you.

    I loved the previous post that I had missed. What amazing photos! I would love to welome your beautiful little grandson. What a darling boy his is!
    hugs from here...

  7. Hi Jackie,

    I didn't realise you were back. I am happy to see one of your post again! Glad your computer is fixed at last. In the meantime my husband gave me a new computer as well. Mine was getting so slow. It took me hours to leave comments.

    You have quite a collection of pillows. I love having them laying around too. We even have some big ones on the floor.

    Have a happy evening!

    Lieve groet,

    Madelief x

  8. Yes. Those all look so fresh and welcoming. xoxoxox

  9. Dear Jackie,
    how great to hear from you!!!!!!
    Your images are so wonderful!

  10. Love all the pictures! Just love them all!!!=)

    I hope you'll have a nice weekend!

    Hugs Camilla

  11. Nice pillows darling...i see Dutch fabrics !! so nice !!!...lovely post !!

  12. oh this post hurts my eyes its so good!

  13. Cushions are the easiest way to change a room a little bit withouth renovating,and we can NEVER get enough !!! Love all the pictures you´re sharing,but darn - I would love the cabinet on the first picture!!!!!!!!!!
    Have a nice weekend:)))

  14. Delightful images. I want that kind of cushions in my new house. I love the beds! Just divine.

  15. Flashback!! Hey Jaq...thanks for taking the time to revisit...that was weird.
    But not the end of the world eh...hope you are enjoying beautiful Springtime in England. I have a chance to come over in 6 weeks. I may do it ..not sure but if I do let’s meet up for a little drinky somewhere in the city....

  16. Oh I completely forgot HOW cozy your HOME is...especially during such trying times. My heart aches right now.

    Thank you for your lovely comment you left. Although it's gone/deleted due to blogger's tantrum the last 24 hours, I did get to read it before they deleted everything. tyvm

  17. Jackie, it's been too long since we've chatted!
    First things first: How are you? Hope this message finds you well and in the best of spirits.
    Second of all: I think I need the cushion that says "Louville Sainte Julienne" -- where can I find it?
    (And thirdly: Wasn't the Royal Wedding fab? You Brits must have had a blast!)
    I've missed your blog! Always a pleasure.
    And say, where do your travels take you this summer.
    Just got back from Nice myself a couple of days ago and still have a few days off. I love the French Riviera -- can't get enough!

  18. de quoi se reposer....
    Belle journée



  19. Wat een geweldige foto's!

  20. Hello Jackie

    I so agree with your comments on cushions except for one thing. No matter how simple, in theory, they are to sew - my efforts have all been disasters. So, thank goodness for all the ready-made soft furnishings available.


  21. Beautiful ............ I love these pictures
    I wish you a nice weekend
    With love Hetty

  22. Fab images; your blog is always an inspiration.

  23. Sono stupendi questi cuscini, soprattutto quelli con le scritte, sono molto romantici. Il tuo blog è bellissimo. Complimenti

  24. Perfect! all I miss is a quaint cottage in Oxforshire

  25. There is nothing better than a couch or bed full of pillows and cushions to sink into. xo

  26. Oh, Jacqueline, I do wish we lived closer...we just have so much in common. I adore beautiful linens and have collectyed them from all over the world. As everyone else has said, you are an inspiration!!

  27. gorgeous as always !! you have the prettiest things !
    have a good weekend
    ~laura xx

  28. that first picture was on my desktop for some time .. several years ago.. right now I am not decorating that romantic anymore around the house I believe... mmm altough my bedroom has frnch mirrors french grey tables.. but I guess you know what I mean.. I am a bit over the bussy nordic interiors. But the French.. oh lala that is something else ;)

  29. Oh how I adore Atlanta Bartlett...her style is so all the pillows too! All the best,Chrissy

  30. Those rooms are just gorgeous. And you are right, it's not the cushions in them, it's the throws, the frames, the chippy walls and floors, it goes on and on. I love your collection. You can never have too much pretty cushiness! Jacqueline xx

  31. I can feel a shabby chic summer coming on! jennyx

  32. Oooohhh Jackie, your home is absolutely gorgeous!!!!
    I wish you a nice and sunny day!

  33. Hi Jackie,
    I LOVE cushions (look at my recent post...) and you can trust me, I have a lot more cushions... you are so right, with a little change of some cushions you get a really new look of the room... Your cushions are stunning, I love the cushions from old grainsacks....
    Wishing you a fantastic week

  34. oh..what a beautiful this post! delicate but so elegant!
    nice week,Monica

  35. Another gorgeous post! Could you ever have too many? I just love a bed piled with pillows! All of yours look so inviting. Love the embroidered and monogrammed ones. How pretty are those? I do hope this means you are back!

  36. Jackie, Such a beautiful post. I am mad for that antique twin iron bed, the pillows are just gorgeous..

  37. Love your cushions and all those wonderful photos of beautiful rooms. The colors are so soothing and the cushions look comfy of course! I have several iron beds and one of those in your photos looks exactly like Kate's bed at the lake! Now I need those exact cushions! :)
    Hope you are well...take care my friend!
    Laura :)

  38. Hi sweet friend....I have missed you so! What wonderful images today! I do love cushions/pillows...the more the merrier! Sending you ooooodles of love on this rainy wet cold day...makes me think winter is on her way not SUMMER! xoxoxox

  39. I like your pillows the best!

  40. J,
    it is official.
    you are the coziest kinda' gal around!

  41. Dear Jackie,
    I love this natural and grey tones! The cushions are gorgeous!
    Have a wonderful day,
    We have a rainy and cloudy weather today,
    Big Hugs,

  42. Hello Jackie:
    Cushions, can one ever have too, we think not, especially if they look as wonderful as the ones you show here. Drawing room, dining room, bedroom, even bathroom, we have cushions piled high in them all, as indeed, so do you seem to have.

    We love your linen cushions with the graphic details, they look so interesting and, inevitably, make one wonder about where or when they could have been used in a previous life. Perfect!

    We have been recommended to your blog by a friend of ours, Edith Hope, and are so pleased to have discovered your most stylish and eclectic posts.

  43. Just beautiful. I think I'm diggin' out sewing machine!!
    Thanks for the inspiration!!

  44. I never met a pillow I didn't want to fall asleep on. Spent a little more time with my bed pillow last night.....I really needed it.
    Love all yours....I think I have one just like yours....that cute little postcard one.

    Sorry about blogger losing your comments. I've heard that bloggers been a bugger lately:)


  45. So the gorgeous monograms!!

  46. Hello Dear Jackie!
    so good to have you back!
    Lovely post...lovely words!

    Much love to you!

  47. Love all these cushions Jackie.....xv

  48. Jackie...all gorgeous but I especially like your collection. You have photographed them beautifully as well...such a clever woman!
    Funny that you mentioned Loseley Park ice cream, you are the second person to say that. How could I have missed it?? I will be sure to report on both the ice cream and the interior of the house on my next visit.

    Best wishes Jackie for the perfect 'top down in my convertible' kind of days :) Lovely to think of you as I head out for a day on the road!

    Jeanne xxx

  49. Love everything here Jackie!!! Just that I´m changing most of my bedding, great inspiration!!!

  50. cushions cushions everywhere!! How I would love to dive into some of those and possibly laze there for hours, days, weeks even!!!

    Wish I could sew ;-))

    How GREAT to catch up!!

  51. I just love all those cushions! It's been awhile since we have chatted. Miss you! Hope all is good for you.
    xxx, Michelle

  52. just glorious... from one pillow lover to another... xoxoxo

  53. Boy, I have missed a lot!
    So sorry to hear of your blogger/computer problems ... we really do rely heavily on these gadgets ... dont we?
    I love all your cushions at home!

    Thank you for your sweet comment.
    have a great weekend Jackie.

  54. Beautiful blog! And one of my favorite songs that I sing (Moon River). Love the words.

  55. so beautiful, like you.. xxxxxxxx

  56. Love all of these. I agree..little throw pillows around the house just make a huge difference, decor-wise.

  57. Jackie ~

    if i could have a house full of nothing but cushions and fluffy pillows, I would! in fact, sean might say that we already are at the maximum for 'comfort' when it comes to pillows. the crumb and i love them {and secretly, he does too}. so you can imagine that the pillowcase you sent to gaia has remained a hit since day one. she still uses it and i suspect she always will. i love all of your glorious pillows and especially how you have the necklaces and beads hanging from the headboard ~ so chic! hope you are enjoying every moment of your new grandson!


  58. J'adore PILLOWS they are the BEST decor EVER!!!

  59. Stopping by to say hello and send some love. I LOVE this spread. Oh so cozy and would love to just jump in and get lost for ages. :)


  60. I love a big pile of beautiful pillows. So glad to see you're back lady!

  61. thank you for this wonderful melody of cushions and fluffy pillows!


  62. Thank you for this beautiful collection of pictures. I love them! And I agree with you about the cushions, can't get enough of them..

  63. I think those cushions are fit for to my new bed for our new buy home. :) Beautiful photos you have shared.

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  64. Wow!!! I just found your blog...It is so beautiful!!!! will be back to look again :)

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  66. Beautiful pictures, I love them all! Thank you so mutch for the inspiration! :)

  67. Great photos of pillows, Jackie! I feel the same way about them. More importantly, so do my cats!!! The more soft places to sleep, the better! And I love that quote at the end of the post. Even though Todd and I are in a temporary home this year, I love returning to it because I know he and the cats are here. xoxo Gigi

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