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Monday 28 February 2011


It is now time to draw a line under my birthday. I have milked it for all it's worth and it's now time to call it a day. ......but, not before I tell and show you all, some of the things that I have been getting up to over the last month..........

First, it was dinner at ' The Sun ', a local restaurant ..........

Then, it was off to Harrods in London..........

We went straight to the Food hall and to ..........

The Champagne and Oyster Bar. We made the most of that stop and then it was off to The Royal Albert Hall.

We had tickets for the Cirque du Soleil.

Opposite the Royal Albert Hall is the Albert Memorial, built by Queen Victoria, in memory of her beloved husband.  One of Mr. Home's relatives had something to do with the design or building of if but, I'm not sure which part he was involved in !!

I also went to see 'Priscilla, Queen of the Desert'. It was brilliant..... funny,  fantastic music,  quite rude and a whole lot of fun.

Then, it was dinner at 'Brown's' ..... I won't bore you all with the finer details of all the meals that I have consumed over this past month.

Oh, another restaurant that I went to. This is Smiths of Smithfield. We went there with our children. It is one of John Torode's restaurants....he of Masterchef fame. It was lovely and had the most wonderful view of St. Paul's Cathedral and The City.

I then went to The Champagne Bar at King's Cross, St. Pancras. This was to start off a few days stay in London.

We stayed in an hotel very close to Buckingham Palace. It was just a short and lovely walk through Green Park to get to .....

...... The Ritz, for tea.

This was our waiter and the man sitting down to the right was there with his wife,  for his 80th birthday !

They bring tea and sandwiches and the most delicious cakes you ever did see. The middle tier is empty and they bring warm scones, clotted cream and strawberry jam when you've finished your sandwiches. They are the most wonderful scones you have ever tasted in your life....and, I've tasted a few in my time !!

They then surprised me with a birthday cake and everyone sang Happy Birthday !!

Said cake is then put in a beautiful 'The Ritz' box for one to carry home. How lovely was that ?

As we were so close, we thought that we would just pop into Fortnum and Mason. I used to work in this area and always went into Fortnum and Mason to buy Christmas present's, especially for my Mum and Dad.

We finished that day off by seeing 'Wicked' at The Apollo.

Had to go and have a look at Anthropologie of course.

The wall's are a living wall of lush, green plants.....

.......... it is just worth going there for the displays alone.

Back at the hotel, it was time to get ready to go  .....

Back past Buckingham Palace ( with a little wave to Her Majesty as we passed !!)

down a little Mayfair cul-de-sac to .....

* The Icebar * !!

Self explanatory, I think !!

Cocktail's in ice glasses ....

That's me in the cape that they give you to keep the chill off.....and gloves that are on elastic, just like you had when you were little, to hold your glass with. Not the most flattering of outfits but, nessessary ! It was great fun and we met lots of people from all over the world.

Then, down to the restaurant, 'Below Zero'  to have dinner.

Well, I'm partied out for another year..... although, maybe just one more glass of Champagne wouldn't hurt !!

image 1 - via visualize.Us, image 36 - via go london, image 37 - via daily news, image 39 by Daniel Jackson..... all other images by me.



  1. WOW What a wonderful trip!!!!!! We are going to London this year and by the sound of your trip we are going to have a ball. Happy belated Birthday to you:)
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  2. We were at many of the same places! I wonder if we passed each other in Fortnum's?? Next time, let's plan better and get together!

  3. Wow, that's impressive!!! Was there anywhere you DIDN'T go!!!??

    What fantastic birthday celebrations Jackie, how brilliant!!! The Icebar looks does Smiths of Smithfield, will have to remember those.


  4. Wow can I come next time.... you have such fabulous fun ha ha
    Glad you have totally enjoyed it.. nice to have you back
    Lynn xxx

  5. Gosh, did you find time to sleep???!!
    I've never been to the Ice Bar, I think it's a must now. What a fab time you had, so nicely spoilt on your Birthday!! xxx

  6. Wow what a wonderful, amazing and jam-packed birthday celebration!! Congrats!

  7. Wow you certainly live life in the fast lane!! We stayed at The Ritz for our 25th wedding anniversary and had afternoon tea it was wonderful, Lucey xx

  8. Dearest Jackie,
    Wow! A birthday fit for a Queen for sure! May your year continue to be laced with royality in all things big and small that You so deserve in the beautiful life that YOU have created!

  9. What a great birthday you have had !! wowwwww....all looks very beautiful loys of drinks and lot to eat......London is the place to be.....The next time i be their in Londen and join your birthday love have fun !!

  10. What a fab time Jackie...and so memorable....Lovely London...always a treat, xv.

  11. i'm exhausted just reading that ... wow. happy-happy (i'm sure it was!) ... just know that a day like that is only from the movies (and, yes, does indeed take a month!) took my two sons to see Wicked a few years back and they LOVED every second of it (great kids). great post. i'll be back to re-read it, that was so much fun.

  12. Boy, am I doing my birthdays wrong! I don't think I could keep up with you though Jackie, but sure do like watching you celebrate your 21st birthday (your real energy level age). So much fun and good for you! Much love XO

  13. OMG!!!!! I will show this to my husband....I want a birthday like that!!!!:D


  14. What a grand celebration. Looks like you had a wonderful BIRTHDAY! Thanks for sharing....I so want to do this! Well, just tea at the Ritz would make me happy. :) Mumzie

  15. Jackie what a fab time you had. IN fact! I feel like I've just eaten and drunk so much I won't have dinner :) Raise another glass of champagne for me. I remember going to the Ritz for afternoon tea, then I compared the Ritz London with the Ritz Paris. When you asked for a non smoking table at the Ritz back in the 90s… they put a 'non smoking' sign on your table. The others around you could do what they liked! Long live the Ritz and it's clotted cream and scones :)
    Much love

  16. WOW lady, I've been up to some pretty fabulous things...Thanks for sharing all the gorgeous photos!

  17. Well Jackie you certainly celebrated in style, how amazing - if you are still drinking the champagne then cheers!!

  18. Hooley dooley Jackie...that was a veritable birthday festival! I now want to do the same when I turn 60. And don't you look cape and all :) xx

  19. Dear Jacqueline, Well, that was certainly the birthday that was!!! So many treats and everything so beautifully stylish...perfectly fitting for your 'coming of age'. You really do know how to party and, it would appear, that you are very lucky to have someone who knows how to give a girl the time of her life!!!

  20. What a way to celebrate! Congrats to you lovely lady. x

  21. Wow, that is what I call a FABULOUS birthday!! I am tired reading all of this...haha...Glad you had a wonderful time, Jackie!! Warm hugs and sunshine to you! xxoo :)

  22. Ah, it was only a month, Jacqueline; we can keep that spirit going a while longer. Let's you and I sneak down to the sea with some low-alcohol lemon spritzers laced with gin and throw pebbles at the ocean and sing the theme tune to Fame. Others can join in too! Anyone who has gin.

  23. Oohlala...what a lovely place to celebrate your birthday. My best friend from high school lives in London. Her sixtieth was Feb.11 and my sixtieth is coming up in August. A happy belated birthday to you. I think you should drag your birthday out to the end of February.... a girl can never have too much champagne!

  24. That is an important birthday done RIGHT. You are loved! hugs♥O

  25. Can not wait until next year!

  26. I would say someone knows how to bring in a birthday! I want to come and spend my birthday with you. I hope you were sampling any oysters! The ice bar looks like alot of fun.

  27. You sure know how to tie one on! Happy belated birthday Jackie. I can't believe it's been a year since the last one....or is that the one you've been celebrating?

    Jennifer xx

  28. Wow what a wonderful time you had celebrating your 60th year. How fabulous to go to all those wonderful places.x

  29. All I can say is WOW!!! that is one way to celebrate my sweet friend! So glad you had an amazing so deserve it. xoxoxo

  30. What a magical month you've had - I'm tired just reading about all your fabulous outings. Leigh

  31. Hello dear Jackie,
    Wow, that seems it was a beautiful birthday celebration... your Post is so wonderful, and thanks so much for the many suggestions for London. In May we will visiting London with my mother and parents-in-law to show them this gorgeous town. There are so many things to see, so we have to concentrate to the famous sightseeing points, but for dinner I will check your recomended restaurants, if there could be for us. Oh, I'm looking forward so much, cause I will visit the Celsea Flower show with my mum, jippeeee!!!
    Many thanks again, take care
    Warm greetings

  32. Wow Jackie, you certainly know how to celebrate a brithday! Glad you were able to have such a good time! You have given me some ideas for my next bday!

  33. You didn't do all of this in just a day, did you???? Or have you been trasformed into Wonderwoman? Great way to celebrate your birthday, Jackie! I've left my hearth - also something else - on the Ritz afternoon tea!

  34. But wait, there's more!!

    I loved loved your birthday celebration! Just loved it. Each and every step was such an amazing event. Tea at the Ritz!

    I hope the year ahead is as wonderful as the birthday celebration! Happy Birthday!

  35. wow, what an amazing journey. you are one lucky lady. rock on !
    ~laura xx

  36. Dear Jackie, what a wonderful celebration!!!!!!
    If I'm next in London, then I will visit the places you show us.
    Big Hugs,

  37. Congratulations for having the most wonderful husband! I think this could be the itinerary for anyone's fabulous London visit. The ice bar looks like so much fun, but I think you're braver than I would be. Sending love, precious...

  38. So happy to have you back Jackie. I see you used your time away wisely and had yourself some fun ( for a change haha)
    Thanks for showing us these incredible places!!! WOW I'm speechless. well not really but when I come back in another life can I be YOU??? not only are you gorgeous in your outfit but you know how to enjoy life to the fullest.
    I'm just happy to be here to witness it!

    Happy Birthday Jackie one more time!!! for good measure.

  39. Wow Jackie,

    You really did party! I am quite envious ;-)! Tea at The Ritz, the Oyster bar, Harrods, all sounds great. Your husband knows what a woman wants!!!

    Happy evening!

    Lieve groetjes van Madelief xox

  40. bloody el mate....sweet, sweet Jackie...amazing goddess are my devine inspriation to all things lovely and glorious. Long may you wave...take me along next time...yanks are alot of fun.

  41. F A N T A S T I C ! I´m soooooo happy and excited for you! That´s the way to celebrate! Wow!

  42. Very cool! You certainly know how to celebrate a birthday!!

  43. Wow ~ Wow ~ Wow ~ my birthday is next month so if I can make it across the pond can we do it all??!! You sure kept busy and all of it looks amazing Jackie ~ cheers to you as you can never have enough champagne. xo

  44. Oh Jackie, what a tremendous, marvelous, stupendous, birthday. You are the rock star of birthday girls!! For an American, to have tea @ the Ritz and then have them sing to you, would be the dream of a lifetime. I'm so very happy that you had such magical moments as you deserve them all. Just wish I could of been there for just one of those events. Maybe..hopefully next year you & I can go out for champagne. I'd love to buy.
    Big.big hug to you xo xo Deb

  45. Wowee! That was certainly one hell of a celebration! Think I'll show hubby this post for when I reach this age in 2013!

  46. Sounds and looks absolutely wonderful! I would love afternoon tea at The Ritz. Don't you have to book a long time in advance?

  47. Oh Wow!!! Did you have a magnificent time or what?!!!! Thank you so much for sharing. You lucky girl it all looks so wonderful, and to get to see Cirque de Soleil AND Priscilla Queen of the Desert, and Champagne Bar....s, and the Ritz!!
    I know how great Afternoon Tea is there, I stayed a week-end there for my 50th,and it's "Truly Scrumptious!" Seeing your photographs brought it all back!

    Happy restful Sunday,
    Hugs Jane

  48. well....your birthday celebration beat the hell out mine
    i am so happy you did so much.
    now you need a long luxurious weekend to recuperate.

  49. WOW! You are a hardcore party girl! I think it's fab to milk birthdays - it's mine next week but it's a paltry 37 years so will not necessitate nearly as much fanfare as yours! What a wonderful whirl of places - I love the idea of making the most of where we live - London is such a metropolis - I have to remind myself I only live an hour and a half away. It could be a million miles some days when I am in my more rural place! Ah well - live vicariously through others... Lou x

  50. Jackie, this has to be one of my all-time favorite posts of yours; a veritable best-of-London with a special, personal Jackie twist. Gotta love it! Graet pix, great choice of venue throughout. And that particular corner of Harrods is one of my favorite; great memories lounging there with my Dad, sipping on Sancerre!

  51. OH MY LORD! Can I have half the birthday you had...please. This is just fantastic, at least I got to share a little bit of your wonderful few days in London. You did everything I'd love to do. Just fantastic.

    Hey, even posting a little streetstyle pic too...go girl!

    lots of love Deej

  52. I have lived in London forever - and these are some of my favourite things about the city!

    Really lovely blog, I'm following!

    Last day to enter my amazing giveaway:


  53. Dear Jackie, I want to congratulate you a whole lot with the day already celebrated with great fanfare, you are amazing!! Happy birthday to you! And certainly you deserves a celebration that not so easily will be forgotten. So wonderful to just let your hair down and jump on the carousel.

    Sending many many birthday hugs, so sorry that my wishes came so late. But better late than never, right?

    Lots of kisses for you my friend, and thank you so much for spreading all the warmth and inspiration to me and many others.


  54. What a wonderful birthday you had! I'd love to taste the scones with clotted cream at The Ritz...


  55. what a great party you had! So many things you have done.. and your little birthday cake is smashing ;)

  56. WOW What a great celebration!!! I will definately have to spend one of my Birthdays in London.......Lise x

  57. Loved your trip pictures. Nice birthday! Glad you have a great time.

  58. Sorry I missed your birthday... looks like it was FABuLOUS!!!!
    Hope you get your computer situation figured out soon!

  59. Thank you so mutch for thise pictures, you`ve given me a lot of new tips where to go when Im in London. AND, you made me miss London with these pictures! ;)