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Friday, 9 April 2010

Oooops, ......I DID IT AGAIN ..........

Once again, I am filled with guilt and remorse, as I haven't thanked lots of wonderful people for their generosity and kindness. Over the last few months, I have won numerous giveaways and received a couple more awards. I apologise profusely and hope that you will all still play with me in the playground at lunchtime !! When my report comes from the Head Blogger.... he who must be obeyed .... it will say that she could do better !
The first giveaway that I won was this photograph from Cassia Beck Photography, entitled New Year in Paris. It was from the lovely Lynn @ Paris Hotel Boutique Journal
Lynn has an online shop and has been selling vintage and antiques for over 15 years. She has beautiful items and is, indeed, beautiful herself, inside and out. There is also fashion, searching for antiques and travel . Go over and see her and tell her I sent you.

The next giveaway that I won was from Michelle @ Petit Coterie

Michelle is so generous and kind. She has more giveaways than I've had hot dinners. Her giveaways are her own creations and are beautiful. She makes the BEST cushions. They are gorgeous and affordable..... I have quite a few ...... so go over and have a look. You wont be able to resist.

Next ..... OH YES !! THERE'S MORE !! ..... was this beautiful, gorgeous, feminine, softest pink scarf from the amazing Janet @ French Blue
If you haven't been to Janet's blog then, you haven't lived !! I personally think that it is THE most beautiful blog in blogland. The images and text are stunning and she herself is kindness personified. It was one of the first blogs that I found and I'm so pleased that I did. Go and see and enjoy.

.......... oh, I forgot !! The giveaway was not only the scarf. First of all, it was wrapped SO beautifully, you would have thought that it was a present for The Queen of England herself ! Inside the box was a little top hat as, Janet knows I love top hats. Then, there was a Ralph Lauren canvas tote bag, that it HUMUNGOUS ! The scarf was in a beautiful bag and there was a delightfully written note on the most lovely card....... but, to top all of that, Janet had put in some old lace that was wrapped around a vintage piece of card and, slipped between the lace was the most gorgeous antique card of pink silk thread that Janet had got from Paris !!

I think it was at that point, a few tears welled up !

Next, yes, next, I've been very lucky, was from the Bon Bon Rose Girls.
It was from Modcloth and is the Madame Bovary Ring. I really do love fashion and have always tried to keep up with what is 'en vogue' so, I do know that, big rings are very much in fashion so, I am now up there with the best of them !!
The blog, Bon Bon Rose is fast, furious and fun. It is full of fashion and Kristin and Megan are always giving great stuff away. From jewellery to clothes and, much more. Go and have a look. You might get lucky.

Oh yes.......... there's more !!
From Anna @ Lona de Anna, I won four of the most delightful little books you ever did see. They are from Ariel Books and consist of,

A Little Book of Roses

An Angel is .....



Anna herself is studying Interior Design and her blog is inspirational. Image after image of beautiful interiors to look at and get ideas from.
Another gorgeous blog for you all to go and peruse.

I won the above from the painter, Fifi @ Fifi Flowers.
They are her frameable note cards. I had to send her my favourite image of Paris, and she would paint it and make it into note cards. Aren't they wonderful ?

This is the photograph I sent Fifi. Didn't she do a great job? If you want a painting done of any photograph you have or of anything, really, she will do it.

...... and finally, yes we have nearly finished, I won these cute little bird cage earrings from Federica @ Sweet as a Candy They are made by Christina @ Down and Out Chic. My daughter has already tried to prise these from me AND the scarf !!
Federica lives in Bologna Italy and studied law but is a wannabe decorator and fashion shopaholic. She shows the most wonderful interiors and you will love her. Recently engaged, she will be sharing her wedding plans with us soon........ they make the most beautiful couple too.

I have also been honoured by Anne @ Decor Naturel
She has bestowed upon me the Beautiful Blogger Award and I am truly honoured as her blog is indeed, beautiful. Anne shows all that is white and neutral ( it does what it says on the tin !! ). She loves Swedish, French Country and cottage gardens. Her taste is eclectic and she loves rooms to include many elements: neutral backdrops, aged furniture, objects d'art. I am quite new to Anne's blog but I already know that I love it. Go and be new too !!

Lastly but DEFINITELY not least, Kerry @ A Tranquil Townhouse gave me the above award. You really must go and see Kerry. She has the best sense of humour and will always make you smile. She has a cat called Buffy the Vampire Slayer who lives up to the name !! Go and make friend's with her, she is really good fun.

So, as I contemplate how to punish myself for such unforgivable rudeness, for being so late saying thank-you, I wish you all a wonderful and lucky weekend.

Oh, and although I did win rather a large amount of giveaways, please don't throw my name out if I enter one of yours, will you ? After all, all's fair in love and giveaways !!

P.S. I am the most RUBBISH blogger in the world. I meant to thank everyone who was kind enough to leave me a message and send me an email, enquiring how I was after my 'oyster incident '. You all gave me lots and lots of sympathy which helped enormously ! I am fine now thanks, and will probably eat them again, so don't be suprised if I get laid up again !!!!



  1. Jacqueline, what a lucky girl, a fabulous hoard, I am off to visit those blogs straight away.

    I hope your feeling better from the Oyster aftermath.

  2. Oh my must be you who is winning all those lotteries that I buy tickets for. You are one lucky lady, but no one deserves all this blog lovin more than you. It just seems to work that way, everything goes around as we all know. Gorgeous giveaway gifts! Have the best weekend. XO

  3. I think you've made up for it now. :) Thankyou for the links to more loveliness. I'm off to follow those links right now! xx

  4. Jackie, Thank you so much for the words of kindness. You are one lucky lady, but we, those who get to partake in your beautiful blog, are the fortunate ones! I can't wait to check out those links. Take care, Lovely,

  5. HEY! What about MY giveaway, you never mentioned that. The one you won, for the genuine brand-new Hermes handbag, and I'd slipped a little Tiffany pendant in 24 carat gold inside for you as a little extra. I'd had it engraved 'To dearest Jacqueline, from Mise, sorry I don't have room for a poem' as a surprise.

    Oh no, hold on, it was someone else who won that particular giveaway of mine. Forget I spoke.

  6. Jackie, you make me laugh a lot girl!!! with such posts no one could be angry with you...

    You're a VERY lucky lady!!! Guess you win my giveaway as well....?????

    I wish you a happy week end xx

  7. Wow, Jackie, you are a lucky girl. So many give-Aways!!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend, my friend!!!!

  8. You ,dear Jackie ,are a true delight. Thank you!

  9. I think you need an award for being the most honest.....and the biggest winner of blogger giveaways!! unbelievable!!

    have a great weekend.

  10. You are just so sweet and funny, how could anyone stay mad at you? I think all will be forgiven after this beautiful post!

    At first I thought you were going to say you had another go at the oysters and lost!

  11. Oh My Jackie!! I don't think you will have any trouble on the playground with your popularity!! YOU ARE THE ONE! Thanks for the beautiful mention and this post is nothing but utter proof how much we all love you!!!

  12. you are one lucky girl! you must deserve it

  13. Dear Jackie, Christmas and birthdays have absolutely nothing on this. What wonderful, goodly gifts have showered down upon you from the blogosphere. I am delighted for you, should like to steal all of them, and will certainly follow up your suggestion to visit these highly creative individuals.

    Just one of these weblogs is known to me at the moment - Kerry of The Tranquil Townhouse. She is indeed a talented and amusing writer with an incredibly eclectic range of interests. She has offered me Buffy and I am now working out the logistics of transporting her from Australia to Europe.

    Have a lovely weekend. With your run of luck, perhaps a bet on the Grand National would not go amiss.

  14. Your Karma must be excellent!

  15. Hi my Friend...lots of gifts...and so beautiful they are...and I´m not are so kind and generous,you give us so much positive are best!
    lots of love

  16. Oh Jackie - what a lucky girl! Congratulations to you and also the talented bloggers who put together such beautiful and thoughtful gifts - enjoy and happy weekend! x

  17. Dear Jackie, This is just by way of a postcript to thank you so much for becoming a 'Follower' of my weblog. I do hope that you will enjoy future postings as much as I enjoy yours.

  18. You are a real winner and very loved, Jackie. I always enjoy your sense of humor and spunk. So glad you've finally got some nice weather there - enjoy your weekend. xo

  19. Oh sweet one I am so excited for you...what treasures you so so deserve every single really are a blessing.

    Thank you so so so much for your caring comment you left me the other day about my daughter's migraines...your words were a blessing to me and I will take your advice to heart...what would I do without you.

    Sending you oodles of love for a happy weekend. xoxo

  20. Oh my goodness you either enter into a large number of giveaways OR you are the luckiest lady in Blogtopia OR they rig it because they know you will do a fab post thanking them.

    Posts like this remind me how much creativity and cleverness there is out there.


  21. there is no question about it,
    you my lady...
    are a winner!


  22. Such goodies....enjoy them. Happy weekend, xv.

  23. Holy heck girlfriend, have you got some kind of winning are SO lucky. What beautiful gifts they are... Oh and I'm sure you won't be chucked out of blogland, we all love you tooo much :)

    hugs Deej

  24. Jackie, OH MY!!! You are a "winner" through and through. You need to jump over the pond and meet me in Las Vegas. I promise I'll bet on whatever you do! LOL. Seriously, these are such lovely gifts and thanks for including me among these great bloggers. Keep on leaving those comment girl! I can't wait to see the next new treasure you win! XO Lynn

  25. Bloody heck...can I say bloody?! Jackie, one of the great joys I've experienced in my very short blogging life is the opportunity to get to know kindred spirits...and you are definitely one. In fact I would like to swap you with my real sister...who quite frankly leaves a lot to be desired (only just joking!)...much like the vampire slayer!! Edith thinks I'm joking about sending her in an overnight bag to Budapest!! Well done on your haul..I'm convinced that nice things happen to nice people, and that winning streak of yours is a clear indication. Thanks so much for the mention of my little old (I mean young) blog...the pleasure I get from writing it is more than matched by the wonderful comments that lovely people like you make on my mad mutterings. Love ya loads! xx

  26. Jacqueline,

    You are one lucky girl!

    All who know you understand your busy 'commenting' schedule. You should receive an award for being the most faithful and loyal blog follower. I'm always amazed at how often you leave a sweet little note on by blog, and I know you do the same for many others. So if the Headmaster of Blog gets too mean, just remind him of all the good deeds you do throughout Blogland.

    Have a wonderful weekend! Rita

  27. Oh my can you repeat after me..SCORE!? You my dear Britt have the luck of a leprechaun. I'm thrilled for you as all those lovelies couldn't go to a more perfect person. Glad you are feeling so much better & haven't given up the oyster all together. When we finally do met, I think raw oysters and champagne is on the menu.
    Wonderful weekend to you sweet Jackie xoxo

  28. Holy moly, Jackie! You have hit the jackpot! But I have to say, all those wonderful gifts, awards, and prizes are well deserved, for you are the most generous, witty, and fun blogger I know. If I lived near you, I would try to nab that scarf. It's a beauty.

    Wishing you a happy weekend. Glad to hear that you've recovered from the evil oysters!! xo Gigi

  29. Look at you! How exciting and no doubt you deserve all these!!

    I'm happy you like Cru and thank you for visiting :-))

    much love,

  30. You lucky, lucky girl! Today I also want to thank YOU for all the fabulous comments you always leave at my blog..I appreciate them all and love "meeting" with you every day!! xx Gypsy

  31. Wow!!!
    You are really a lucky girl, recieving and winning so many beautiful things!!!Congratulations!!

    Really love the cushions from Michelle!!! I was in there yesterday, looking and drewling!!!

    I wish you i really lovely weekend!

  32. You are one lucky gal, dear Jackie!
    Can I buy a lottery ticket with you?

    You so deserve winning all these wonderful giveaways. Well, you've got to be in it to win it ... dont they say!
    And congrats on your awards. You definitely are the most sincere blogger around ... thank you for always leaving such lovely comments.

    Enjoy this beautiful weather we are having .... its heavenly!!
    Sending you hugs and xxxxx

  33. are just the funniest and cutest rubbish blogger I have ever met :) Thank you darling for the mention...and HELLO...did you strike a deal with lady luck? All these wins!!! Amazing!! You deserve it darling ..enjoy x

  34. far out brussell sprout, what a haul!! fabulous luck and such gorgeous giveaways!

  35. you received a haul of goodies didnt you?? and you certainly deserve them all... sorry i have been a sad blogger and didnt know you were sick... i know one bad episode and i ruins it for life... bummer. congratulations on all of the loot! have missed you xx

  36. Gosh Jackie, you are one lucky girl!! I love it all!! The pillow is incredible, I am drolling over that one :)) But you deserve it so very much!! I am over the moon every time I read your messages, my heart is filled with so much warmth for you. Thank you my sweet blogfriend for every single word that you leave me, I appreciate your visits very much. I have added your blog to my list, I was suppose to do it for a long time ago, but forgot it again.

    Have a lovely weekend, I hope the weather is great!! Hugs from Aina

  37. gosh you look like a spoiled kiddo ;PPP
    wouldn't it be nasty just to only comment the above sentence LOL

    Nahh I think you deserve all presents my deaur friend ;)
    have a great weekend

  38. Jackie...congratulations you very lucky thing!! All beautiful gifts and it looks like the all suit you perfectly. What a very lucky woman you are :) I have to go and read about the oysters...I missed that one. I can only guess and hope you are feeling better :) Fantastic weather these past few days!!! Hope you have a glorious Sunday :)

    Jeanne xx

  39. I am with you... for shame. I NEVER remember to acknowledge blogger awards... and I always forget to mention give aways that I have been blessed to win...
    What a nice tribute you have made here to those who love you!

  40. Best complement and it. Thanks lady!

  41. Congratulations for your awards and your beautiful blog. Travelling

  42. Jackie, all I can say is... I need to eat less oysters and enter more giveaways. Or - YOU MUST ENTER THE LOTO THIS WEEK!! Hahaha! beatuiful images and congrats to you!!

    Watch out - all sorts of things arrive when you least expect it ;-)

  43. WOW amazinge things, its just karma you know that, right? for making this blogland such a sweet place, very well deserved!

  44. Love you blog, especially the photo by Clementina Hawarden - I admire her very much. I'm dutch and a photographer myself and am a fan of the old masters. Please have a look at my blog.
    Kind regards Marjan

  45. You ARE a lucky little bugger aren't you?? lol I am sure you are forgiven as you are a forgivable sort yourself.... I too have won a giveaway here lately and have yet to post about it. All in good time Jackie ~ I promise not to wish another tainted shellfish upon you for you bad behavior! xo

  46. Jackie, thank you so much for your darling comment!!!! Maria was a sweetheart I really couldn't expect she would choose to feature my humble blog... And it's all for splendid people like you that it was possible!!

    A warm hug from me!!!
    take care, Zaira

  47. Congrats on all the wins, darling! You scored some major prizes, enjoy them :)

  48. OMG! You have some of the best post I have come across, Congrat's on your awards and gifts. I do believe you deserve it. You and Carole from Maynards Garden are my first two blog friends and have become my inspiration to continue on here. I am glad you are doing well and I am grateful for your blogging friendship. XO MARY

  49. Hi!

    Congratulation to you for your awards!! And I just love that pillow!!!

    I wish you a sunny day!

    Many hugs Camilla

  50. I have never known such a lucky blogger! Just how many giveaways have you won? And on top of it all Mise has you on her payroll as chief jam jar designer, or some other such important title. I will weep! xx

  51. Wow! You won so many wonderful things! Congratulations! You definitely deserve everything and more! Jennifer:)

  52. Bonjour dear Jackie,
    You are the reigning Queen of Blogger Awards and Giveaways - and you deserve every one! No worries Miss Jackie, we're all just happy you are okay after those slippery oysters!
    Happy week!

  53. Geez Jac, I'm on the next plane over & when I get to your place the first thing I'm gonna do is give your head a very big rub for luck!! I'm bound to win Lotto straight after touching you Miss Lucky.
    Millie ^_^

  54. Beautiful blog site you have! I can see why you get (& deserve) so many awards!! I am a recent blogger and have lots to learn, so the blog master would tell me 'I could do better' for sure! :-) So glad I stumpled upon your site so I could follow! HUGS, Coreen

  55. I've just found your blog. I love it all and am now following. I have to say, you look fab for having grown kids...I too am a recent empty nester, and blogging is very new to me. Glad I found your inspirational piece of blogland.
    p.s. the pillow you won from Michelle is g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s