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Friday 5 February 2010

LAVENDER and OLD LACE ..........

Lavender and old lace ..... a beautiful combination don't you think ? I have always loved the smell of lavender and have collected vintage lace for many years. Now, I don't want you all to think that I'm some white-haired Victorian dowager, sitting in my rocking chair, surrounded by lace doilies and smelling of a mixture of musty old lavender and other dubious aromas !! ... and, I know that lace is not 'de rigueur' or 'en vogue' at the moment, but it can still be beautiful.
Oh, and apologies to any of the guys out there reading this....this one's a bit girlie !!

Love these old wooden boxes, don't you ?

I am not interested in the renewing vows thing that seems to be the fashion nowadays, but I could be persuaded if I could wear a dress like this.
Isn't it just too beautiful ?

Not quite lavender but a little bit !!


What do you think of this chair ? Very dark lavender with lacy, crochet pattern. I quite like it.

Here's another beautiful dress. If only I went to functions where this little number would be appropriate ........ unfortunately, I don't. Has anyone got a spare ticket to the Oscars ?

I love iron beds. I've got three and am looking for another !!

Hanged up in houses,
it doth very well attemper the aire,
Coole and make fresh the place to the delight
and comfort of such as are therein.

JOHN GERARD.......1597

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.


  1. What a beautiful images...all of them.I fall in love wtih dress at #13 just a dream.
    Thank you Jacqueline,
    Happy weekend to you,

  2. I cant imagine you as an old lady in a rocking chair Jackie!
    But I can certainly see you in those gorgeous black lace stilettos!
    Yes please ... and a pair for moi!

    Have a fabulous weekend!

  3. That wedding dress hung up on the cupboard is just breath-taking...lovely images, a real pleasure to scroll through.

  4. Another stunning post from you, Jackie! Well done! You, a dowager - are you kidding!??? no such thing! I love lavender too and I find the fragance can often calm my migraines..I also managed to find a lip balm which is lavender flavoured - I know this may strike one as strange for a lipbalm but it really is groovy! AND lavender (the colour) is a shade of purple so I love it for sure (my favourite colour!) oxox AJ

  5. The images you choose are really beautiful,and it's also true for the ones you did yourself.The combination of lavender and lace is romantic but I could'nt think that you were on old-fashionned lady!That chair coulb be ok in my house!
    Have a nice week-end!

  6. It's all lovely, and if you're a white-haired dowager, so am I. Let's swop memories of the war over madeleines and rose tea. I love iron beds too, and have a great dislike of divan beds. They don't leave enough room for the dust. xx

  7. I am loving 'lavender and lace' and there is nothing granny about this post's fab. Have a happy weekend. xv

  8. Oh Jackie,
    you have such good eye to find beautiful inspire me so much...
    it is always a pleasure to visit you!
    Have a lovely week end my friend!
    Magdalena/Color Sepia

  9. Hi So nice to meet you! I discover your fantastic blog tanks Manon21!!!! You choose fantastic images, I'm in love with all!!!!
    Also if I'm in late I want say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!
    I'll add you on my favurite bloglist!!!
    Have a nice weekend

  10. Love the photos, Jackie. We have the bed that you have shown in the photo 4th from the bottom :-)

    Wishing you a very happy weekend,


  11. Hello Jackie,
    my english is bad, but I try. That Wedding Dress is so beautiful. And I like the picture with the running princess in the Garden with the castle behind so much.Can I post it on my blog with your link????

    lovely greetings Kathi

  12. Très beau Jackie j'ai une préférence pour ces clés avec la dentelle ,celle du paradis??!!!


  13. I love the two gowns they are gorgeous. Beautiful images as usual. Have a wonderful weekend.

    xxx, Michelle

  14. Absolutely gorgeous Jackie, I love lavender too.

    Happy Week-end.....I can see sunshine and blue sky out of my window right now, yippee!!


  15. I adore lavender and lace.......nothing old lady about it. Now, if you were keeping moth balls and cats that ould be a different story. Very lovely Friday post and have the best weekend.XO

  16. I love visiting your beautiful blog and seeing what new gorgeous images you are going to share...the beauty you post is always inspiring and never disappoints :) Besos, Rose

  17. I love love love your photos!!! My best friend has the same bed from Laura Ashley, I have to show her she will be so proud!!!

  18. I am totaly in love with your chosen realy know what beauty is! :)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Regards, Veronique

  19. As always you have the best pictures! Love the cameo though. I have a thing for cameos. They remind me of my grandmother. Such a wonderful lady. Cameos, tabu and black velvet.

  20. Hi Jackie,

    The pictures you show us are so beautiful! I wish I could wear dresses like the ones on your photo's as well! I like Iron beds too. At the moment I am trying to find a small French Iron children's bed for in my garden, but it is more difficult than I thought!! But... I haven't given up yet!! Perhaps this spring I will be lucky.

    Wish you a happy weekend!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  21. Gorgeous Jacqueline
    I don't mind a bit of lace myself.. and could be persuaded to marry if I had the dress in #3... in fact I love everything about that image... just put that dark lavender chair in the room and an iron bed or two [i guess one would make more sense if I was getting married!!] and I'll be set!! I hope you'll be my maid of honour!!! haha... Beautiful post.. Have a beautiful weekend.. xx Julie

    Okay... word verification is Peter!!! Is it telling me something?? hahaha

  22. Ah. This was the perfect reverie.
    I scent my linens with lavender. Nothing smells cleaner, or more serene.

  23. Love those photos! You have sucha great eye for details and aesthetics! Especially love the one of the tutu and the ballet points! gorgeous! love your blog:) x LZ

  24. i do....i have a thing for old keys, peonies, and toe shoes.
    i loved those images.

    thanks jax

  25. Oh, lavender and lace are as made for each other.... pictures you show us are so georgous!
    Have a great weekend dear Jackie!
    Warm Hugs

  26. I just found your blog, it is absolutly gorgeous! These pictures....and the dress is amazing!!! I will be back!!!
    best regards Anja

  27. Jackie, do you mean to tell me that you don't garden in a dress similar to that lovely little Oscar worthy lavender number? Me neither, but I can dream can't I? Maybe I could find those beautiful lacey shoes to wear to the next ball I'm invited to?
    As always, your post is enchanting!

  28. Well there ain't nothing wrong with being a dowager surrounded by memories in fact it is one of my aims in life to live that long. And NO lace is never out of fashion (name dropping about to commence - I have a pure black guipure lace Collette Dinnigan skirt with an orange jersey underskirt which I bought about 9 years ago and it still looks current and wonderful. Never never dates) Love that chair too- great fabric xoxoxoxo

  29. I would most like the legs in the ballerina photo please! ... Beautiful they are! All the pictures I mean ;-)

  30. Alright you get me that dress and I'll figure out someway to get tickets to the Oscars. What's sad is that the fashion police probably wouldn't have the sense to like it.
    Those shoes wouldn't match but I'd risk it. They might be the most gorgeous shoes I've ever seen. Yummy post!!!

  31. Such beautiful photos, lavender, iron beds and that fabulous chair, just to name a few....!!! Have a fantastic weekend! Enjoy the sunshine!! (we are having a bit of rain here in LA.) xxoo

  32. Somehow I don't think the image I have of a doddery old dowager & you jackie would ever go together. The fabric on that chair is fabulous. Do you know whose it is? I love old linen and lace myself, and have a huge collection from my great grandmothers efforts. Sadly no-one else in the family could perceive any value in keeping them. Their loss was my very happy gain. xx

  33. Loving the old keys hung from the lace and I have that shoe in my picture file ~ it is stunning! I love lavender too Jackie although mine did not grow that well this past summer ~ hopefully it will do better this year. Happy week-end to you! xo

  34. Oh yeah, couple of very nice dresses there and just love those lace!

    That last room is a work of art, love it. Gorgeous post my darling, have a fab weekend.
    ps how about those legs in the ballet shot!

  35. What a gorgeous combination! And those goodness!

  36. Great post ! love lavender and lace it one of my favorite things!~ lulu

  37. Hi Jacqueline! I also love wooden boxes and of course SHOES!Ive never seen shoes like that before, but they are stunning, I want...hihi. I love your pictures! Have a great weekend, hugs from Siren :)

  38. Bonjour Jackie,
    You are the exact opposite of an old dowager. Lavender and lace - what a combination. I've always been in love with lace, it's so romantic and feminine.
    Yes I can definitely picture you in those fabulous lacey black stilletos - who needs the Oscars to wear one of those dresses, I know you could pull it off for a quiet dinner at home with your sweetie!!
    Bonne week-end!

  39. Oh how I love this post...lavender has always been my favourite and I adore the colour of it. Did my daughters room in it....grey lavender. Your images are so lovely..sigh..oh how I love visiting you. You have filled my morning with happiness. I now want to spend my day in lace and other pretty to find the perfect girly outfit..xoxox

  40. I'm a huge fan of both lavender and lace. And the furniture featured in this post is just divine - I really think that I must have that purple chair! And the beds, too.

  41. those dresses! how feminine you would feel!!

    you could pull it off Jackie - if anyone can -

    lovely post for the weekend - and I am not a huge fan of purple, but lavender I can a 'dusty' tone -

    have a great weekend yourself.........

  42. I love lavender and old lace...and your Blog...I have put you in my favs...have a blessed wk'nd...

  43. although I am not a lace girl that much.. I do enjoy the pictures as you have a good taste in finding beautiful things. I love the combination of lavender and old wood.
    x desiree

  44. I love lavender and laces...but you allready know this.
    What you may not know, is that I do have a couple of those old wooden boxes at home, and by mentioning it in your post, you gave me an idea for my future post, hehe.

    I love the image of the keyes, hanging on laces... That´s a nother good idea, that I will try to do with my keyes...

    I´m sure you´re right, Jackie, about my gorgeous car. It will come to a good home...=(
    I´m still feeling bad about selling it, but what to do? It has become to expensive... There are so many other things to spend money on, isn´t there?

    I wish you a great end of this cold week.


  45. the lace is so beautiful!

  46. I adore your site...
    You mentioned that you have 3 iron beds and looking for another one...I can so relate as I have 3 iron beds and am always looking for more. I have been known to buy my next favorite iron bed and sale one to replace the new one. I will be posting beds soon on my site...As I am new to the blog world.
    Be inspired.

  47. Jackie, your post is beautiful. I love lace and I think it can be gorgeous even in more modern settings, not old ladyish at least not the lovely way you are showing it in your post. I was so thrilled to see a post on lavender and lace today. I was filling little sachets from France with lavender earlier today and then I was obsessing over the Dolce and Gabbana campaign with Madonna in it...the lace on the tables in the photo shoots and on the windows are downright stunning!! So I have had lace on the brain today!
    love love love this post.

  48. soooo pretty... i will go to the oscars with you if you find a ticket... my sister's boyfriend is playing in the orchestra ... i wish my sis could go with him! can you imagine... i would be in shock all night... xx pam

  49. Dear Jackie,
    I think lavendar and lace go hand in hand~ They are a pair especially when you are the designer! Wow! This post is Most BEAUTIFUL and you know...makes my heart sing~~ Gosh, to get married today and be able to where one of those dresses...
    Sweet dreams my sweet friend!

  50. So beautiful Jackie. I love lavender, always have, always will. A fragrance that is evokes nature to me & subtle. I love lace, just not on me..I think that's a subject for a 'shrink' someday!? If I were ever to have a ticket for the Oscars it would go to you, just so you could wear that fabulous dress. You buy the way, I know(even @ 100) will EVER, NEVER be an old Victorian dowager; not our Jacqueline xoxo deb

  51. hi from canada
    two of my favourite things

  52. This is a beautiful post. Love the dresses and shoes you featured...STUNNING!

  53. I can FULLY understand why you have so many followers....the Weddding dress is OH SO LUSCIOUS ...the other images devine...and such a beautiful layout to your blog.
    I am rather new to blogging, so am learning something new I travel blogland.
    Am DELIGHTTED to be one of your new followers..


  54. Dearest Jackie,

    Swoon worthy pictures and dream worthy life styles. Our garden is full of lavender as are two large specially built planters/boxes/whatever they're called next to the front door.

    The bees camp out here in the summer.

    So glad you had a wonderful birthday. It's divine to really, really enjoy your birthday. I'm working on it. Maybe I'll tell people. Could celebrate being alive and happy and not do any math. How does that sound?

    Wonderful post -- again.


  55. Soooooo great pictures, my dear Jakie - i looooove them!!!!!!! Thank you so much for all this delightful impressions and have a wonderful week,

    Hugs Jade

  56. So I am IN LOVE w/ your blog, seriously all the stuff you post is AMAZING :-)

  57. Beautiful Photos - Love it !

  58. What a gorgeous collection of pictures!
    Thanks darling for all your lovely comments. Florence was great yesterday, sun and beautiful people!
    Hope your weekend was great!
    Happy new week,

  59. Lavender always reminds me of my mother. She always has the scent in the bathroom and growing somewhere in the garden. Hope you had a great weekend. Over the jet lag now so happy to be back reading your blog and not in bed at 7.30pm!!! Ax

  60. Lavender and lace, what a wonderful combination...all things english in my mind. You have conveyed such a lovely message with these photographs...I can smell the lavender, in fact I am off to find all my lavender pieces around the house, I am inspired!
    Hope you have a nice relaxing day Jackie, a rainy day in London but on Mondays I don't seem to mind :)

  61. Wow, those colors! I love all of these sweet photographs. but the dress....... ow the dress...... AWESOME!!

    Have a wonderful week,

    Happy thoughts!

  62. O, I missed your birthday, hopefully you had a great day, wish you all the best.
    What a great post, I love also laces and lavendel, how sweet.
    I can´t go one a fleemarket without coming back with some lace.
    Have a great week.
    Hugs Gerda

  63. Jackie, my friend, you did it gorgeous and inspiring picture after another!!! Lavender is one of my favorite scents...I stash those little muslin lavender filled sachets in every drawer I can and in the dryer too!

    Hugs ~

    :) T

  64. Hi Jackie,
    great post.



  65. WOW I love all of your photos.. lots of inspirations here. Cheers ..another Jacqueline who used to live in the U.K. but now lives in OZ.

  66. Wow, I am loving that wedding dress, the peonies, the bed, the lavender. All of it. So inspirational.
    Thank YOU!

  67. Spectacular Jackie! Thank you for sending me so much inspiration and uplifting beauty! I needed it! Hope you are having a good week.
    Take care, Laura :)

  68. I love lace! Love those Valentino shoes and the photo with the bridal gown...also love the one of the ballgown in the garden, so romantic.

  69. I absolutely love those wooden boxes. I have been looking for some for my kitchen! Thanks for visiting my giveaway over @ bonbon girls! If you would like anything from Stella & Dot I can get you discounted shipping! Just email me. Have a great day:)

  70. Amazing photos! The shoes are wow, the ballerina in the gown is stunning, the iron bed is beautiful and the overall content is lovely to view! Thanks!

  71. So beautiful, missed my fellow appreciater of Blanc.

    Happy Belated dear. I have no gift.
    Except warm wishes, kisses and

    "A dented spider like a snow drop white
    On a white Heal-all, holding up a moth
    Like a white piece of lifeless satin cloth -
    Saw ever curious eye so strange a sight? - "

    Robert Frost

  72. Such a great combination! I love lavender and looking forward to spring when mine flowers, That wedding dress is gorgeous and I love the old keys hanging up. Have a sweet day! x

  73. I am a french new bloggeuse and... je trouve tes photos absolument merveilleuses !
    Merci, merci !!!!

  74. Hi Jackie,

    I found you through Janet and can't believe this is my first visit! There's no other way to say it - I'm drooling. Gorgeous images. Will see you again.


  75. Dearest Jackie, I keep trying to leave a comment tonight to tell you how much I love this post, but my computer is giving me a dickens of a time. Hopefully it will work this time. I'm late to the party on this post. Don't know how I missed it before, but I love it! Lavender, lace, and Jackie--what a magical combination. And that last photo--sigh. I LOVE it! I want to go shopping with you the next time I'm in England. Now that would be an adventure!

    xoxo Gigi

  76. hi Jackie - My name is Suzi and I am officially inspired - both by your blog and your wonderful connection to others.

  77. I'm glad you liked my post, today the second part!
    Don't miss the Valentine's Day Giveaway, tomorrow on Sweet as a Candy :-)

  78. Oh I know, what a loss ... such a shock. I really feel for his family.

  79. I think you should do the Renew the Vows thingey Jac, I'd love to see you in the that dress when we fly over for the Ceremony!
    Millie ^_^

  80. I love those picture ...So dreamy... You can pull off a dress like this. Some very fancy restaurant s or reception Halls put up little parties for Valentine, Christmas....That's what i do...You stand out a little....Why not?... It's so romantique with hubby :)
    Now...finding one cheap dress is another adventure!!!
    Let's be blog buddies!!!

  81. Wish you a fantastic Valentine's Day!
    Don't miss my giveaway:-)

  82. Your pictures have me melting...

    Happy Friday~

  83. I keep coming back to look at that 2nd to last dress......I will make that some day Jackie - just you wait!!

    have a great weekend!

  84. One divine image after another - my head is spinning with all that gorgeousness! Leigh

  85. Hello! Ahhh lavender! I also like it. I always have it at home.
    It is good to be here in your blog!
    Greetings from Hungary, Éva