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Wednesday 6 January 2010

HAPPY 101 or 10 THINGS THAT MAKE ME HAPPY ..........

My dear friends, Simone @ The Bottom of the Ironing Basket and Lori @ Wildflowers have both bestowed on me ...............

..........The Happy 101 Award. Many thanks you two, for my first award of 2010. I now have to tell you 10 things that make me happy, so here goes ...............

The first thing that makes me happy are my children. They have been the best. They have never given me any trouble and have been a delight. They have given me so much pleasure over the years and I have loved looking after them. At this point, I think that I should also mention my husband and all of the other members of my family, too !!!!

The next thing that makes me happy is my home. I love being in it, decorating it and, looking after it. We are, after all, just caretakers of our homes. Someone has been looking after my home since 1895. One day, someone else will bring up a family in it but, for now, I look after it. It has been known that, after decorating a room, I turn all of the lights on, go outside, run over the road and see what it looks like !!!!

I love music and music makes me really happy. I was brought up in a house that was full of music. My Dad was a musician and played saxophone and clarinet and my Mum was a singer. Just before a gig, my Dad would limber up on his saxophone, under the stairs. This had something to do with the acoustics !! We would all sit and watch films like 'The Glenn Miller Story' and 'The Jazz Singer' and Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. My son has followed in his grandparents footsteps. He was musical in the womb !! and studied music at University. He now works in the music business. Our house was always full of music, from classical to hard rock and from Kylie to Nirvana, depending on their musical tastes of the time. My music taste is just as diverse. It has to be loud. There's nothing better for lightening your mood than playing music in your car and singing at the top of your voice !!

My friends make me really happy. There's nothing nicer than lunch or dinner with good friends and changing the world or discussing the trials and tribulations of life.

I am lucky that I have the disposition of liking good and bad weather. I don't think that I could live in a country that had hot weather, all of the time. I love the rain. How nice is it to be snuggled up in your warm bed and hearing the rain beat against the window pane ?. I like being out in it too and getting wet. By the way, I absolutely LOVE hot weather, too !!

As much as I like company, being alone makes me happy too. It's a good time for contemplation and reflection. I really like my own company and am comfortable with it.

Something that doesn't make me happy is housework but it's something that has to be done and I do it reluctantly. ...... but when it's all done , there's nothing nicer than ..........

.......... going out and buying a big bunch of flowers and taking them home for that final, finishing touch. Flowers make me happy.

This is a bit slushy, but I do love giving presents. I like thinking what people would like, I like wrapping them beautifully and I like seeing their faces when they open them. Don't get me wrong. I also LOVE receiving them too, but, giving makes me happy.

While I am writing this post, it is snowing and, we are supposed to have the coldest winter for 100 years. Snow does make me happy. There's something so special, when you wake up to that strange silence and, when you look out of the window you're normal surroundings have been turned into a wonderful, white wonderland, and it all looks so pretty.

Laughing obviously makes me happy. The two go hand in hand. My friends and I laugh all of the time. It is the best medicine in the world and I suggest that you all laugh at least once a day. Dr. Jackie's orders !!

............... and the final thing that makes me REALLY happy is Sgroppino. It is a 'digestivo' drunk mainly in the Venetian area of Italy. It is bright, fresh and clean and is made by whipping together Italian Prosecco, lemon sorbet and vodka and,I can tell you that, after a few of them, I am the happiest girl in the world !!!!!!
Oooops.... I got so carried away I've given you eleven things that make me happy !!!! I am obviously feeling extra happy today. I hope that I haven't broken any rules. Let's hope that the blogging police don't come and take me away !!
Right, now I have to pass the award on so here goes :
Julie @ Being Ruby
If you girls feel so inclined, we would all like to hear about the 10 things that make you happy



  1. Can I tel you how much I adore "how to really love a child"???? So fabulous was this! The dude bangs on pants and pans daily! Ah ha ha

  2. "Go see a movie in your pyjamas." Love that! And did you know, that our 19th century movie theatre allows pets! Yup, you can sit back and eat your popcorn with your pup! Isn't that a happy idea?

    : )

    Julie M.

  3. Oh Jackie,
    your post is soooo wonderful - you´r such a lucky girl and to read your words and look at the pictures makes me happy too - what a lovely start into an new day, and a new year!!!!! Life is just wonderful!!!

    Have a very fine day, Hugs Jade

    My son (living in england) told me yesterday about sooo much snow - much more than in bavaria ;)

  4. Oh Jackie!
    It is so good to be back - especially to visit you and your 'blog home' of such happy perfection! Sure wish I could cozy up in one of your comfy chairs, watch the snow fall and toast this new year with one (or two) of those Sgroppinos!
    Hoping your holidays were spectacular! Mine were over-the-top wonderful....the magic of Christmas has returned to my soul now that the little crumb has entered my world!

  5. Oh, Jackie - this was absolutely beautiful.....I have to say that I have yet to go see a movie in my pajamas (which I plan to do now...) but I have flown on an airplane and walked thru the airport in my pajamas, robe and slippers (on a dare) and it was fabulous fun! haha....:)

    I am going to have to give your favorite cocktail a try, that also sounds wonderfully delicious!

    Thanks for putting a smile on my face....I just loved this post....! Have a beautiful day full of love, laughter and flowers! xxoo

  6. Jackie,
    Your list is fabulous. 'The most wasted of days is one without laughter' - I love that, my favorite thing to do. Congratulations, Simon and Lori could not have chosen a better blogger.
    Enjoyed hearing how you met your husband - you are right you know, about Valentine's really being about unrequited love - shhh, I try to forget about that and just concentrate on the lovey-dovey stuff!
    Merci for playing anyway my friend!

  7. Great post!
    Love the photos the sayings the texts!
    Great smile on my face!
    Happy day, Jackie!

  8. Another beautiful post Jacqueline!!
    So many simple yet DELIGHTFUL things to bring happiness into one' life!! I can relate to quite a few of your happy moments and definitely to saying NO to housework ha ha. Sadly I wish I could relate to waking up surrounded in snow!!! It must be absolutely magical.

    Now although I don't have children I think the 'How to really love children' is an absolute gem! and surely this can be applied to all .. young and old and even oneself!!! I do have a pj story which i had completely forgotten until now... so more joy in my day at remembered moments triggered by your post!!

    Thanks for bringing many happy moments into my life over these past ??? months... We've had some good laughs together too... and now I am off to unwrap one very DELIGHTFUL present received from one very DELIGHTFUL friend!!!! hehehehe... lucky ME!!!!! love & happiness xxx Julie

  9. Great post. Your message is entertained and deeply simultaneously, with an enormous happiness for the life.
    Thank you for make smiling and valuing the things of my life.

    Good day,


  10. Such a cheerful post, can't help but be happy after going through your list :)

  11. I don't know how you manage to come up with the most beautiful and original posts. Your writing and pictures are always fantastic. I just love seeing first thing in the morning that you have a new post. I always know it is going to be a good day!

    Thank you for the award. You are too sweet! I feel so honored that you even thought of me. I truly treasure our friendship. Thank you again for everything!

  12. That is just lovely. I have to send a
    congrat. to Magpie..
    I enjoyed this post.


  13. Hi Jaqueline,

    Congratulations on your award!! I see we have a lot in common! Putting all the lights on in you house and going outside to take a look is something I do as well. Flowers are one of my indulges too. The house feels so empty without them :-) Have a lovely day!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  14. Holy Giggling gerties Jackie - seems like I have a twin! Spooky! As I sit here listening to Tom Jones at earbell splitting levels I read your blog and giggle. I don't have a road to cross - but I doooo love looking at what a room looks like from the outside with the lights on. I do however also LOVE hot weather as much as Snow... As long as the climate goes with its environment. Wonderful post and wonderful getting to know you. Look forward to more laughter

  15. Oh my goodness - I just went back and looked at the list of people you sent this to and saw to my surprise that I - MOI - I was on there!!! I'm not only extremely touched but wondering what I could possibly add - you've covered it so well ;-) Well - I shall just put my thinking cap on! Send you a big hug and MERCI and hope I can bring up something as beautiful as you have!!!

  16. Oh Jackie, this was GORGEOUS!!!! I really loved reading it....beautiful quotes and so well written - I am BEYOND glad that you have a blog :)

    And how have I never heard of Sgroppinos??!! I will be asking my husband about that tonight!

    Isn't the snow gorgeous??!! Preschool was shut today and my daughter's school shut at 1pm....she is out in the garden now building snowmen with's beautiful out there!!

    :) xo

  17. Bravo! This is a super list, Jacqueline, and I feel extra buoyant after reading it. The child one is so true, and I'm enthused by the wonderful Sgroppino, being a lemon fan - I need to buy the ingredients as soon as the ice thaws, and then I'll drink your health. My presentation skills will probably decline as I go on, but I'll make sure the first few have that artfully placed slice of lemon (I'll turn on all the lights and check how they look from outside the house).

    And thanks for kindly passing on the award - I'll mull it over carefully and cheerfully!

  18. Dear Jackie - you are such a sweet girl - I love your list of happy things & am not surprised in the least that you present them in the most original and gorgeous all these images...I am honoured that you include me in your pass it on list (also slightly alarmed as being the 'new girl' I'm not sure how these things work!!!) I'm putting my happiness head on and getting to work....! Love Susie x

  19. that "how to really love a child" is fabulous We will plan to build a rocket ship soon!


  20. Hi Jackie
    Happy Happy New Year! Speaking of happy I loved your list, thanks for sharing - it is nice to get to know you better.

  21. Congratulations. What a wonderful list of happy things. This is my first visit via Simone at BOTIB. I knew a site receiving her award was worth visiting..and I'm loving what I see. Beautiful blog. Rita

  22. Hi Vale, which is really beautiful post. I be happy to read all the fine writing. Many of the things that make you happy makes me happy too. Hope you have a wonderful new year and lots of hugs to you / Ingela.

  23. I absolutely loved your list Jackie and I feel the same way about music! I find it interesting seeing everyone's lists as they are all so similar ~ maybe that is why we are drawn to each other.
    Thank you so much for your comments today ~ they mean a lot. xo

  24. Dear Jacqueline~
    A BIG congratulations to you! Your heart is such a large part of our blogging family and your heart is our home here~ Thank you for having such a big & beautiful one! Without you this world would not be the same~
    It would feel like a house without a home...

  25. this is good stuff.

    i am laughing and smiling.

  26. Hi Jacqueline, I'm so glad I found your blog. I had seen your post on Julie's Beingruby's blog and you seem like you have such a great sense of humor. I didn't realize this was your blog until you posted on mine! It was so nice to learn about things that make you happy. That drink looks really good! :)-Jennifer

  27. love this post! made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! :)

  28. There are so many things you listed that I totally love and make me happy too.

    I would really love to try Sgroppino, it sounds delish.


  29. Now your post makes me happy...happy to learn more about my sweet friend...happy you are so happy...happy you don't mind rain...just like me! Thanks for spreading some happy thoughts today. xoxoxo

  30. Reste heureuse et passe une bonne année 2010.
    j'adore vraiment le Scroppino ,un bon souvenir de Venise.
    Merci pour le partage que l'on a ,je suis prête pour continuer!!!



  31. Oh , Jackie!!! You just made my day!!!

    Thank you, for giving me this wonderful award. You are such a sweetheart!

    My plans for my next post, just changed! I have just recieved my very first award for 2010, and it´s from you!!! Couldn´t make me happier.

    Family and friends, are really the most important things in life. But I also agree, that being alone, can make one happy!
    You really diserve the award!!! Congratulations!

    Have a wonderful day!

    Love /

  32. Jackie one thing that makes me happy is YOU! And these eleven things are the very reason. What a delight it has been getting to know you better reading these things. They all would have been on my own list as well, but I could never articulate them as well as you have here. So thrilled to know you friend!

  33. You outdid yourself. What a wonderful post. Let me say, getting to know you this past year has made me very, very, very happy indeed.

    Congratulations again for another well-deserved award. You bring happiness into our lives. What more could one ask?

  34. What a great post! Your blog is so enjoyable :)

  35. Jackie ~

    Well of course you won some more awards :) Congrats my dear!!!!!!!!! And you did your list in the most fabulous way posssible! Where ever did you find that adorable poem about how to really love a child??! LOVE it!

    As for the stencils, email me and I will give you some tips, they can be a little tricky, but so worth it (I'd send you an email directly, but my computer is acting up again and it's not letting me access your email address)...

    :) T

  36. You do the best posts....i mean it and i'm kicking myself that I'm so late to the Happy party! i need all the happy i can get....not really I'm pretty happy right now....just sans computer yet. Going right now and going shopping for one tonight!!!
    I totally agree on the laughter thing.....I can laugh so hard it gives me a headache...then I have to calm myself down so my head doesn't explode. Can you imagine if we couldn't laugh???

    And I love the rain!!!!

  37. Dear Jackie - I am returning the compliment and nominating you for the 'Kreativ Blogger' award - would love to hear seven things we don't know about you! Love Susie x

  38. Yeah what everyone else said before me.
    Brilliant post Jackie. By the way thanks to you I now have another blog I like to read and that James@man of the 50s, he's such a sweet heart.
    Much love

  39. Dr. Jackie - YOU are what makes me happy.
    Scary that we have so much in common..scary.

    J'adore you xx deb

  40. funny... just like deb... scary how much we have in common... and i have the best housekeeper in the world! he he it is the best feeling to walk in and have it all neat and tidy... best $$$ i will ever spend... aahhhh x pam

  41. That's a wonderful post and a wonderful blog that I discover,that's one of my surprises of this new year.I love everything you love (except the rain,I live in South of France)I'm going on visiting your world,I really enjoyed this moment!

  42. What a great list, Jackie! You are such a nice person with a positive outlook. Have a great weekend. xo

  43. you happy gal ;) I really enjoyed reading all things that make you happyu.. especially the music part was really touching ;) I like hard music too. I have certain band for certain moments and I have angry records that I put on when I am a bit irritated.. I like the guitars very loud and feeling the R&R spirit ... cleaning my head, thank you Velvet revolver for that.... PS Ain't Duff McKagan just totally the one for us older ladies haha (sorry mister home) ;)
    Anywayyyyyyyy I got carried away a bi I think... have a nice weekend and enjoy the winter wonder land
    hugs, desiree

  44. You sound like one of the happiest persons I have never met!

    I would love to make the list but you have already listed my top ten, and so beautifully!!

    You have a wonderful blog! :-)


  45. Ah yes. home makes me very happy too. x

  46. Oh, my sweet friend, Jackie! I'm sorry I'm so late in responding, especially since this post did, indeed, make me happy! I am touched and honored that you've passed this award on to me, and this list of 10 things is just what I need to think about right now, so I am sending you a huge hug. You have a magic sparkle that seems to spread joy to all who encounter it. xoxo Gigi

  47. Dear Jackie, what a wonderful post, and so many things, that makes you happy!!!!
    I heard it in the daily news that you have so many snow in the U.K. Today with us it is also snowing continually and it becomes more and more snow!
    I wish you a wonderful sunday!

  48. Congratulations on your award. I love music as well. Does so much for the heart and soul. And those mittens with the snow heart?! ADORE it. :)

    Hope you have a SUPER week! Love you. xo

  49. HI Jackie - thanks for passing this on to me. I have to say I doubt very much I could better your list, I also love most of the things you have mentioned. I agree with you about the weather too. What is the point in complaining. You are such an optimistic person, it is a pleasure to read your posts. xoxo JANE

  50. What a wonderful list! It's made me happy! I too adore the pic with the snow! Have a sweet day!

  51. How to really love a child... I love this beyond words. Beautiful!

  52. Each one of these is simply AWESOME!!!

  53. This is a terrific list! Is it bad that I want to try that drink and it's only 1130 in the afternoon? Marija