Tuesday, 28 July 2009


SORRY.............. I'm always going on about how the ' all white ' look can be rather uninspiring but here I am with every picture void of any colour !!!!!!! They are all rather beautiful though , aren't they ? Isn't this first one pretty ? I do like showing pictures that are easy to replicate at home and don't cost a fortune. This is just a really simple shelf but , whoever owns it has a great eye.
I guess that this one is the same...... lots and lots of simple and , I don't think , very expensive crockery , looking lovely on wonderful shelves.

OOooooo....... I'd like this to be in my bathroom !!

I find it amazing , the way people put things together and how good they look. I don't know what that sign is or where it came from but doesn't it look great ?

Here is the larger picture of the one above........ a mixture of random objects that look great together.

It seemed that ,when looking for pictures of shelves , they all seemed to be white !!!!!! Will try harder to find alternative ones with a bit of colour !!........... BUT...... this does look fabulous.

I would think that this is a staged picture ( as most of them are... it's not real life you know !! )
I don't remember having a pink cake to match my espresso cups , roses and book !!!

More gorgeous shelves in a fantastic bathroom..... OOoooo..... a little bit of beige crept in there!!

Here's a pretty one that we could replicate in our own modest homes. Doesn't it look pretty ?

..................................and finally a bit of a cheat.... if you look hard enough , you can just see the shelves !!!........ but what a beautiful photograph of my favourite... peonies. I quite like cherries too !!!!


  1. So many stunning looks here. I love the mix of items to give character and charm! x

  2. Lots of lovelies here Jacqueline. I could replicate the linen closet if I hired someone to iron and fold my laundry. You know it is very annoying when every single picture is adorable. It just makes it all the more difficult to choose! Beautiful images.. i'll take one of each thanks. xx

  3. And it all looks so lovely and rich up on these pretty shelves.

  4. I adore all of your pictures! Your blog is great! I am so glad to have found you!!

  5. Hmmm very hard to pick a favorite, I know I'm deviating from the purpose, but didn't that cake look great!

    I love peonies too, just gorgeous.


  6. those are all great, and I would even be inpsired to actually match my cake to the espresso cups! lol

    my fav. picture is the one with the 'canton' sign......loving the texture.....

    you should have a shelf party you know.....

  7. Once again, a terrific collection of beautiful photos, Jackie. You know how to pick 'em!

  8. I'm in love with that grey teapot with the white flower! Where could I find such a gem?

    And the pink cake and pink peonies...hmmmm, maybe you should do a pastel pink day? :)

  9. Jacqueline
    White is graceful,stunning, stylish & sophisticated.Great pics.Ram

  10. I adore the teapot in the 4th photo, it is so lovely! These are really gorgeous photos, they make me want to start collecting more white objects here and there.

  11. Jacqueline,

    I adore your blog. It is always good post, beautiful images. Very inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Just found your gorgeous blog and what a wonderful place to loose myself in. Will be visiting daily in my morning tea break, thank you.

  13. Ahh....where shall I start...they are all so lovely! What wonderfully cool and refreshing pictures for a HOT day in the Pacific Northwest!

    : )

    Julie M.

  14. I think you have me falling in love with white again, after all the kids are grown now, so I might be able to keep the place clean.
    I really love this collection of photo's.
    Much love,
    Lia xx

  15. You silly girl- you don't have a cake on a sweet pedestal iced to match your tea cups, I sure do!! Oh how I wish my life was that beautifully staged. You are so cute. Never fear, I adore all the white design schemes. It's so refreshing & calm. Hey, I love all you do. Hope your Tues. was a good one dear friend.
    Xx deb

  16. I also love white. :) The white pitchers are especially lovely! :) Haven't seen you in my neck of the woods for a bit...I so love your comments! :)


  17. stunning!
    oh..how i love white.

  18. I can't help but like all white either but a bit hard for me to accomplish at home. I have a friend who has a double sink like that one and it's to die for. Need to get to her house and take pics before she sells it. Love the white and gray shelf with all the STUFF...stunning!!!!

  19. Oh just a reminder....you should join white Wednesday at www.fadedcharmcottage.blogspot.com
    or just change the name of the post. lol

  20. LOVELY items... LOVELY shelves!

  21. I've always loved white and these photos are great. Love the shelves with the photos lining the back, and the pop of the pink cake through me over the edge!! It's that pink that always does!